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Here's a shot from the mountain above Lanikai in Oahu, Hawaii. Most people climb this mountain to shoot the iconic Mokuluas just off the coast. I did too, but my shot was a little boring. I like this one better, which I caught on the way down the mountain... It's looking out over the beautiful valley of Kailua. Mother nature wasn't cooperating but there was a brief moment of sun peaking through as we were hiking back down the hill. The moment was gone in a minute, but I climbed up on a rock just in time to catch this. I've been in Hawaii for about a week, I have been so busy shooting I haven't had time to process any photos. Hope to get more done soon!
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That's surreal, I wish I could go to half the places you've gone to!
You are getting really good at HDR tom! I mean you do have the king of HDR(trey ratcliff) teaching you but still, ive watched your photography change dramatically as you learn
Love the shot of the landscape, and a very nice shot of the sky itself!
What is this?
I confused
This is like a graphic image right
It's so beautiful! Is this true? 太美丽了!这是真的吗?
Ooh, I'm glad you guys got a glimpse of sun while shooting today! :) The light beams are gorgeous. Hurry up and process so I can look at more of your photos...selfish request. ;)
Veny NN
beautiful photo
I like the almost not real but yet real, but then not real, but real... the constant circle of emotion and thought and doubt and believe going on here. These photos keep me amazed. Well done +Tom Anderson loving it.
Nice photo capturing the rays of sunlight. Real but the landscape looks surreal.
U มีความสวยงามมาก และไม่น่าเชื่อ ว่าในโลกนี้
Apik temen sih bos pemandangane,kwe ng yomani apa??
nyc pic hey planning oof going there soon
beautiful 太美了~
Tom, great shot, colors are amazing
It seems to be paradise!!! is it real?
Great job, you got "the" shot! Hope your having a great time! Mahalo for the share!
wow, this is just awesome..!!
You can get some nice shots at Lyon's Arboretum in Manoa.
Too bad that the beautiful natural landscape is presented in such *un*natural-looking picture.
Can't a photo be shot nowadays without processing it as HDR? :/
wonderful way of taking photograph of awonderful light phenomenon occuring in the sky its luking awesome how beautifully the light have been scattered through clouds wow ! It is really really wonderful
Even me i have ever went there but u would have stood at the northern of that mountain at Hawaii u would have got the hiking bark ground which is more than that with green , grass and beautiful sun set at the bark ground eventually and hopefully
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Excellent it.. great job Tom..indeed!!
that is a lovely look of nature.good job
wow i want to go this place where it is???
very very very beautiful,My god make this.
Just came back from Oahu. Thing is, the place is so beautiful that even the nicest of pictures (like this awesome one - +Tom Anderson ) can't quite describe what the eyes really see...
That is fantastic.... I'm amazed at this picture
Wow. Surreal.

+Muhammad Khalid I'm wondering... Are you capable of appreciating anything without the accompanying religious proselytizing? And do you also say the same thing about ugly pictures showing ugly places?

That goes for you, too, +Yash Patil
hii paul do you know be i mean jean bowen!!!!!!
Tom+ , hiya+..I saw this mansion on portola valley Rd off Hw 280 , which i thought you could turn into a GG (Gallery of Greatness )....I'm serious man.... awesome
natural scene 4 us on this beautyful universe
hi,Dost Wish U A Happy Holi.........
Oh God, when I see shots like this I feel so goddamned envious. I think I will chuck my camera in the nearest lake. This has just blown my mind.
This is a slice of Heaven. Thanks
Nice job brother!Want to see more....
The sky, mountaints and mid ground look real. The foreground, trees and vegetation look a bit photoshopped. How edited is this image?
r u ryan anderson of the olando magic?
Thanks for sharing that beautiful shot!!! Right place, right time!
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hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and good evening
That's a picture? O.O from a camera? It looks like a painting 
Wow this is beautiful..... It looks like heaven on Earth..
That looks breathtaking.....what a sight, GORGEOUS!....Thanks 4 sharing!
dun believe this this for sure not edited on photoshop?!! its lovely.
That picture is amezing.....,what'ver sun ray's are there in cloud.i like this types of picture's
WAOO its really osm
If you are still on Oahu try the stairway to heaven hike. The best hike on the island for photos and the experience!
Absolutely a stunning shot. The depth of the light coming through the clouds is amazing. What really amazes me are all the non-HDR comments. Your eyes see in HDR. Why not just appreciate great art when you see it?
well may be your first going their..
it let me feel the power of the nature
really neat...similar, a bit, to how I am putting photos of performance art through virtual process, thereby changing them into pieces on their own. ElaineS
Spent a lot of time on that image then Tom. Would like to have seen the original.
Wow lol is so... i dont know if there is a word to say that would fix it
wow you are an awesome photographer.. its so beautiful.. way beyond words..
nice photo, u did it in a professional way
Love, love, love ur photos. Please keep on shooting and sharing! You take me home everytime.
garbage photoshop. Looks like a screenshot from avatar. This rich kid loves stripping photos of any real beauty and just photoshopping to death. Must have learned that trick from the fat ugly girls on myspace who photoshop their pics too
I've been there! Nice picture!
this is awesome and heavenly, wish i culd see this myself and take a snap shot too.
really amazing photography superb
Wow?!?! That cant be real. So beautiful!
Looks like a nice HDR pic. Most pro/ proam cameras allow multibracketing and then you just bounce it around mobile between a few good apps and it turns out nice. Nice
Wow, that can't be real, that is so beautiful! to Ono..the restaurant is excelent...very etnic...
I want to learn photography too. I use a Nikon D60 so I m really really beginner!!! Amazing photo Tom!!!
its so real it look fake, this is Nice i like how the Colors compliment the LandScape Nice pic Mr. Anderson...
thats great but it kind of looks like something of war of the worlds just needs a thew tripods and then that well be bad ass
wish all over looked this beautiful(:
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that's cool,cute, pretty,and sexy!
God's Nature....Human's FaVOUR....
I'm one of those, seeing is believing in live, but this is remarkable!!!
awesome, fantastic, adorable, beautiful an what not.
Wow! It just proves over & over again how awesome God really is..... The heavens declare the glory of God & the earth showeth His handiwork.
wundrfull seen yaaaaaar.........................
hideous i'd rather have an oil company there. lol
Example of hdr done wrong. 
I like it, very nice!!!
This is a beautiful picture. Love it....
Not a Real Picture Its Painted .-. Fake
Looks like a real heaven on earth
#HDR *Google Plus is sooooo polluted with HDR, it make me wanna hurl' #SorryTombutHDRhasreachedthepointofcliche!
This picture looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings movie... or better yet it reminds me final fantasy computer rendered movie. Great job!
never seen such an amazing scenery! good job!
Wow! I love this shot! It's not the typical Hawaii 'beach' picture! Awesome :-)
not tryin to make you look bad or anything...but is it C.G.I.?
Incredible colors! Super photo! Thanks for sharing.
Just as a FYI people... it doesn't look like that in real life.
that looks so amazeing weather or not its looks like that not
What up Tom how's it going over there at still look the
seems like dawn nd dusk have come up together to share a beautiful landscape
fantastic - like a painting - so extreme
WOW! It absolutely looks like a painting. Shear Beauty! Nicely Done...
The composition is very nice, but the whole picture would be much enjoyable if you left the colours natural and just increased contrast/clarity a bit. Especially the sky tones really have no way of being there, in my humble opinion...
issobeautiful gorgeous pic Awestruck face
From Okotete Justina

Real life begins by committing yourself completely to Jesus Christ. If you are not sure you have done this, all you need to do is receive and behave Him. Jesus is the light of the world.
Sometime we can forget that some places here on earth are pieces of heaven. Love the photo.
Wow, that looks like a painting!!! :O
yeah it really does look like a painting
Before I opened to full resolution I was about to accuse you of over processing but I won't. I like it. 
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Tom.
Beautiful picture and there is a lot to do in Oahu, enjoy your stay and add some pictures.
that is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty
awesome photo, I like clouds surrounded by the sun light passing through them.
absolutely breathtaking. Great job.
Wes Lum
Tom...why are you getting more plusses then you know who??
Jae T
WOW !!! amazing!!! sikkkk photo!!
I can't believe, is that really real pic ? OMG
This photo is amazing, what software are you using Tom? I am starting my own photography site soon and would love to know the stats on your camera, lenses, software, etc.
so lovely, i very very like it.
this picture look like paradise. the lights in picture make me think about beautifull life.
so cute, i love it.
What were you using? Settings?
Looks amazing! Any post edits?
Kailua looks weird in HDR. Love the angle of the shot though, what did the raw pic look like?
you absolutely have a good sense about shooting clouds. great work
with your photography ohh look.. how many eyes didn't miss that clouds wow! great shot! keep posting
+Tom Anderson this comment is actually in reference you your image above. You comment were maxed out. I really dig it. Since you are shooting a bunch in Hawaii and LA, I thought I would pass along this little gem to you. It is a Reverse Graduated Neutral Density (RGND) filter. Basically, the middle part is the darkest, and it slowly fades to brighter towards the top. It is perfect for shooting sunsets when the sun in neat the horizon of the ocean. FYI, you will need to get a Lee Foundation mount for it. It's the perfect tool for the environment you have been working in.

Have a great one!
+Tom Anderson she might have been talking about a circular polarizer, but I'm not completely sure? The RGND filter is good for balancing bright skies and darker foregrounds in a single exposure. HDR handles it by expanding the dynamic range in post production, a neutral density filter will handle it by compressing the dynamic range at the time of capture. They are basically sunglasses for your camera. Hope that helps! 
Gorgeous, I love the way the sunbeams are shining down o the valley!
amazing bro...waiting for next photos
Ga Line
Great shot, makes me wish I was there.
an anti-atheist moment in time.
your photos transport me to different spaces inside my mind. I wish real life could ever measure up to these points in time that your photos help create. thanks
mari GR
sencillamente ermoso
the above picbis out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!! It isn really beautiful. great job to whoever took it.
ok... honest opinion. Does not look real. Maybe the camera is broken or something.. the ground does not look right
Now this beautiful.
wow... it looks practically from a video game. beautiful
this is the glory shot, i love this whole oahu set AMAZING
+Charles Levy I use Photoshop with the Colorefex pro plug-in. For tone-mapping I'm using Photomatix
I dunno mang, it looks rather gloomy right now... it might rain... - you must have an amazing camera, i never get such views of lanikai with my phone...
Wow! Wonderful photography! Simply beautiful!
My house is off that golf course! Beautiful shot of the Koolaus! Hope you are enjoying everything Oahu has to offer!!
You are amazing for having a God's gift like that.....
You should submit some of your photos to photo bucket for sale. You could make some serious dough, not that you need any... but still
The photos very nice ... good job. thanks.
Is it all present in  our world?
Haha, the mokes is soooo over done...
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