Yesterday I went to the Batu Caves on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These are massive caves. First you walk up hundreds of steps high into the mountain, then you wander through the impressively tall limestone caves until you reach the center of the mountain and a small Hindu temple. Above the temple is an opening in the caves above where light shines through illuminating the chamber and giving it a heavenly feel. While I was there 30 or so monkeys climbed down from above and greeted us at the temple below... I was so excited but the HIndus worshipping at the temple seemed to find the monkeys an annoyance.  I probably won't put the monkey pics up here on G+ here's one I put on Instagram:

I went there because my Malaysian friend showed me an awesome photo of a temple inside the cave. I thought my trip would be complete if I could go to that place! The link she sent was from an uncredited list of photos on the world's "must see" list... Later in the day I discovered it was a photo by my BFF +Trey Ratcliff Go figure!  I talked to Trey about the photo and he says he's not happy with it... Double go figure! Here's mine, which I'm not entirely happy with either. I think I'm going back today to try and capture it again before I leave tomorrow to Langkawi.

Here's Trey's photo that inspired me to visit, taken many years ago:
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