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Driving up the coastline in LA Saturday I got completely fogged out. My thought of shooting the beach was a bust. Fortunately I decided to head up into the mountains via Mulholland and gradually made my way above the fog. The road was empty and ripe for photo opportunities. I kept pulling ahead of the fog and stopping to take shots from different vantage points. What a welcome break from all the hiking I've been doing lately. :-)

I'd never seen fog like this in LA -- it seems more like San Francisco. I'm not sure if this is rare or not, because I haven't been up in those hills for years. Note: I went for something a little out there on this one, but this is actually not HDR... :-)
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kan wei
Great picture,I wish I could be there to enjoy the beautiful scene!
Wow!!! Tom, this is totally amazing, what a great moment! And props for not having it be HDR ;)
I have found that the best shot, comes not from planning, but from the moment. This shot is very I connect. Thank you for sharing it.
ok... this one.... beautiful...
What an opportunity, and you made the most of it. Great work.
Very nice moment caught. Awesome rays.
Wonderful light and colors!
great picture ..pleasing my eyes..will be in my mind forwever...thanks for he pic.
Wow thanks everyone :) I kinda thought this might be too weird for people :) I sat on it a few days before sharing :)
Breathtaking and so mystical!
Weird is good, weird is unique, unique is extraordinary, extraordinary is magic :)
wu yi
Going to be a LOT of people who set this as their wallpaper!
Yo siempre sabia q estabas en el espasio y nunca me excuchabas,, ;~(,,,Tom Anderson
More than a photograph. It looks like a painting. Artistic.
Thats a great shot Tom. The processing is pretty cool.
Jeeeeeez! That is some epic atmosphere. I've seen more amazing weather since moving here to the Pacific northwest than I had ever seen in the northeast.

Love the shot.
wow.......its such a spectacular view....i love it!!!
Wow! Great shot! Heavenly cool! Beautiful!
+Dallas Nagata White I've had this weird thing happen over the last few weeks... Only small percentage of my final images have any tonemapping in them. I'm still compositing, but I'm more manipulating a group of exposures instead of using a tonemapped image :-)
When taking a road, a path, in the fog. We can not imagine the beauty that we will see. Beautiful color. beautiful photo.
what a hell are you doing here?!? nice pic though!
And those would be stratus clouds Tom, or Strata. lol. And I just wanted to say that your response for some of the comments yesterday were spot on. The nerve of some people. Especially the one who felt that you not responding to his comment was an insult. Wow, You couldn't possibly respond to every comment or you couldn't post great pictures such as this, one of your best by the way. And the nerve of so called professional Photags to complain about us many who are not Pros, who just enjoy sharing apart of ourselves. Are we suppose to be Scientist to talk about Science, Politicians to talk about Politics, Journalist to write dribble like this. Not, that's why it's called Social Media, to be just that, social and hopefully civil. But I digress. Awesome picture.
Wow, +Tom Anderson, this is really spectacular! Every time I check back, you've improved so much more! I'm surprised you felt it might be too weird for's an uncommon phenomenon that was superbly captured...the best kind of photo :)
I have two favorites now...the other reminds me of this shot...which is the sunset and the winding path...I think you shot it in Vegas.
dude! this not being HDR!! Wow, magic is on your side brother! Amazing shot :D the solar flair, the glowing detail <3 absolutely love it
Oh my gosh...such beautiful's like golden cloud up above...
Wow....Very beautiful!! Well done! - Thanks for sharing.
Didn't you just loved God for all His creations? Praise You Dear Lord!
Wow👍👍👍 I want this painted! 
looks like an illustration from a fairytale book. Good morning to all of you.
Amazing shot... Seems like our "Land Before Time"! Beautiful!!!
beautiful pic.
nature has got loads of stuff to show.
I just want to know how you took it! the pupil becoming the Master? Kudos Tom!
A Morning is a Wonderful Blessing,
Either Cloudy or Sunny.
It stands for Hope,
giving us another start of what we call Life.
Have a Good Morning & Day!
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breathtaking shot...nice one..^_^
this is amazing picture of nature. it's really so much beautiful
WooW, Can't believe that! So beautiful!
A Morning is a Wonderful Blessing,
Either Cloudy or Sunny.
It stands for Hope,
giving us another start of what we call Life.
Have a Good Morning & Day!
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thanks +Ed White ! well, yah the fog is special and all, I would think people would like that, but my processing is a bit out there.. as you know, the photos don't look anything like this in RAW :)
its really very beautiful!!! seems like heavenly abode... :)
+Tom Anderson Well, yeah, but Ansel Adams' prints didn't much resemble his negatives, nor do +Dallas Nagata White's RAWs look much like her final JPEGs. Photography, like all fine arts, is all about taking your materials (in this case, light information), and making the most of it, which you've clearly done here :)
subhanallah i have no wordsto admire you TOM i just say you that you are a great photographer
Ah, you gotta love a good smog in the morning ;)
Now there's a drive I would liked to have been on!
Just too beauty to imagine
Really nice simple & brightfull picture.Thanks
I always wondered what a sunrise would look like photo shopped to hell. Thank you.
amazing shot! this seriously isnt HDR??
+Jonathan Chu It's a composite of several images, but I masked them in by hand, and it's heavily altered in Photoshop. I guess HDR is kind of a slippery definition for some, but what I meant is that there's no "tonemapping" in this -- i.e. I didn't use a program like Photomatix that combines exposures for you.
+Max Lanz lol.. You'll have to keep wondering Max. This was a sunSET, not a sunRISE ;-)
It's so beautiful!
I liked your collection, its no doubt wonderful. Is it an original collection, means you owned them ? Sorry don't mind it. Infect its the first time that type of Spell bond images . Beauuuuutiful!
Is this Earth? is this real?

Now try to imagine what's heaven is like.

Thank you for sharing such astonishing picture.

this kind of pics with fog in the nature should be better shooting in the europe, which has better environment and good mountains
it's incredible. What a wonderful.
Listening to classical music, and happenening to stumble upon this made my day. I recommend listening to classical music, while staring at this. You'll be in awe. I love the mountain range surrounding the whole image, with all the magic in the middle, with the sun shining above. Just amazing.
Wow, I feel like being in a desert & a mountain range landscape & being in a sky above clouds to top that off. It's so cool! Awesome job here! =D
Wonderful image, is an art work or real image?
Very nicely taken and processed. I'm loving it.
wow!!the place is totally awesome!!beautiful!!
I agree with Patrick Dacey :)
Great picture! Really amazing ... Really greatness God created this beauty
WOW!!:)) it seems like heaven and where lord is !!:))
Wow! It so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to get some good pictures. I thought you were to busy with MS.
Very wonderful. I want to fly on that
sam lu
Beautiful place.Dream place.
it's great view in morning
i hope if i could breath it's air into my body
I see, yeah I wouldn't that hdr either. Guess I kind of assumed it was single shot when you said not hdr.
so beautiful :)
What a gorgeous good morning!
You keep capture great places
Makes me imagine whenever I can go there
Y u no stop, hahaa joke
Great job, great sharing +Tom Anderson
+Tom Anderson: I did the same drive and got similar shots on SUNDAY afternoon (of this past weekend) on Mulholland drive too. I'll be posting my shots later this weekend on my page +Wandering Shutterbug. Your foreground is simply amazing!
Yang Ge
It's a dream,Not reality.
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Magic, amazing if it's not photoshoped. We are all destroyed by Adobe. When we see a beautiful pic we all think "it's photoshoped / it's HDR". I some sense a "Photoshop moment" is the opposite of a "Kodak moment".
So beautiful ! that is amazing.
there is no limit for awesomeness.. :-)
I love this photo, this is super cool the way the sun is reflecting above the clouds giving it a surreal feel, great shot!
is this for real?? absolutely breath taking
very nice photo...wishing very good morning.
Beautiful work! Way to seize the moment! I'm inspired!
It's perfectly beautiful, an evidence of God's creation! Thanks for sharing.....
The Picture is this painting or else real image ..let me know on this pls...
Oh, wow! Isn't that a superlative shot!
Really enjoyable and ecstatic to hear like experiences..
Hey Tom nice shot, bit of a change from Myspace?
this really looks very nice its like your at peace
Lin Lin
哇 金光普照
i like all the way way you took a pictures.Its shows a real world!!
Tom Anderson Most of your pictures taken on above 3000 meter height from sea level. Isn't it?
AWESUM....get me more of the future... May GOD bless ye...
Wow! I hope my husband and I will get to experience a similar beauty on a hike in our lifetime. I'm happy for you. 
Oh, Nature, how beautiful she is!
breath taking photograph and processing Tom
So nice, it like a paradise
the awesome's nature ;)
Wow,i like it so much.I like the moring too.
so beautiful! it proves the beauty originates from the life drip.
its really a nice photo. the accidental visit to the hilltop surely brought wonderful views for ur eyes:)
beautiful ... like it dude ... i wish i could shots like this in d future ... im still an amateur in photography, guess i got a long way to go ... INSPIRING!
i have not seen anything more beautiful.
Shi Hu
so beatifull
stunning.... i'm an amateur photographer and i really admired people who captures great pix.
i'm not sure that's part of our earth.. just perfect!
I do hate people +Rink Label who make comments that have nothing to do with the post in question but are merely pushing their own narrow interests. If you're not interested in +Tom Anderson 's brilliant photo then go away and do your own posting .......
Hi +Tom Anderson this is a great photo and disturbing too. I thought we were getting on top of air pollution. I love the way the sun seems to be burning a hole in the fog. You feel you could almost walk out to it and dive in.
Unique pic. Never seen this before. Looks like a painting pic.
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Wow, what a cool shot! I can't believe that it's not HDR.
How can this be real? Very interesting
EDGAR ALLAN Prieto - you have truly captured god's creation

5:59 AM
Божественно! Удивительно красиво!
Beautiful  photo. I  like  sunshine.thanks.
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