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I've been in San Francisco for a few days and have had some surprising adventures, including getting field access at the SF Giants stadium. I haven't really had a chance to work on the baseball photos yet, but I just finished a shot from today.... This afternoon +Thomas Hawk showed me, +Trey Ratcliff and +Karen Hutton this cool spot in his office. I went a little crazy with it and also saw the chance to create a fun self-portrait. Can you see me over on the side there? :-) Thanks to Trey for playing human "Auto-Timer" :-)
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Very COOOL Love the colors and highlights on the black!! Very Neat!!!
Man, how expensive must Trey be as a 'human auto timer'?!? (thinking, if anyone can afford it :P )
That is one hell of a cool looking picture and place!
tekku molo hu attusi,,,

bujang ngi dal dal ma di hamu sude
The complexity is compelling and your processing superb to bring out the retro surreal vibe. I am so impressed with your leap into photography and short bound to professional. This is amazing.
thanks +Lee Daniels these photos (unlike most of my RAWS) actually looked pretty cool before any processing... I almost put up a shot with zero editing which I've never done before.. but then I went completely 180 and had fun with it... +Thomas Hawk has a cool office, but it really doesn't look like this. :) haha.. If it did, I think he'd be Batman or something.
I think he is Batman anyway. Have you seen his secret car?
I want to believe it looks like this, so I've suspended all disbelief for the evening. Great stuff!
haha.. hmm well we were there around 2pm. Maybe towards night time it starts to look like this? :)
Office???Wahhhhhh~What a great place to work and what a great place to find so many inspirations!
I was happy with the happiness that you get today
I definitely spot a Tom Anderson there. ;)

Great shot. I love the reflective effect at the lower portion of this shot.
Wow Tom Anderson... that is soooo cool looking!!!
Nice perspective & architecturally stunning
what is this, amazing
is there water that reflects?
this is nice,in china we have a lot bridges,they are nice ,too .
i hope so.
but our bangladesh is too nice
Too much HDR in nowadays photos. In my opinion.
Tom are you really the one that handles your g+? Tom, how many pictures did you take to get "the perfect shot" or the shot you were satisfied with. I want to say they are really good, but you already know that.
excellent,by the way how is san francisco
dude, this is awesome... i love the colours and the composition...
amazing piece of architecture..
Cool photo!!! Would you believe the Giants are playing the NY Met's this weekend!!! I'm not sure whether they're playing in New York or San Francisco. I'm a New Yorker by the way :-)
was it beautiful there did you see the golden gate
it a too oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!! great well !
it looks like an illusion! great work. :)
yaa we could spot you in black dress. Nice editing is been done by you
Ngoc Ha
o dau ma dep vay ta ?
Okay i will be waiting for more pics. Take it easy my friend just enjoy your day and keep smiling.
todos los que amamos las cosas bellas le damos su valor real y para mi todo lo que es el arte fotográfico es una maravilla encantadora que me alimenta el alma y me sustenta el espíritu,cuando nos deleitamos en una foto reconocemos que nuestro planeta tierra tiene muchos artistas expertos en el arte fotográfico, yo les rugo a todos mis amigos que son amantes de la fotografía que le demos el merito de la grandeza a nuestro Dios padre creador de toda las artes
What exactly are we looking at here? A bit more context would be useful, what's real, what's retouched. Is this a composite?
waooooo wat a colors..... <3 nice shot
Tu Le
very good.
a perfect sun light.
there is no dept.that eye for painting only
Hey +Tom Anderson , I've been admiring the photographs in your last few posts. You're a very talented chap, aren't you? You'd make a great website designer. Have you your own website?
Serendipity, I suppose that you have a roygbiv thing going on there with the color blocks between the lines. See what I mean? Blue, then green, then yellow, then follow it around counter clockwise orange, then red. And white for good measure.
the perk is the guy gets paid too? knowing how many hours I spent daydreaming at the office really trying to not get anything done and, dang, AND he gets to, ya know, step outside to check the scoreboard... that's kinda alright! You sir, have taken an amazing photo as well... framed under Corporate Jealousy Realized.
wish I could see the cool and the beauty in person. if the sun impacts the color variations.....the spectrum changes can you get other colors depending on the sun?
You motivate me to go out and shoot.
So if +Trey Ratcliff pressed the shutter, who really took the pic? Just kidding, I know this was your composition +Tom Anderson. As +David Bell said, this is great inspiration to "go out and shoot." Thanks for sharing.
Stunning work as usual +Tom Anderson. Great version of this shot and fun hanging out and catching up yesterday! Where you're standing is right where I get my coffee every morning. :)
they got some big ass spiders there.
Really great shot Tom. Great lines, composition, and processing...even cooler that you got an awesome selfy out of it! :)
You are at the desk? on the image I look on from the screen.The play of the light is making a wonderful effect.Ciao
interesting play of light,you are on the left first central window?
very nice pic and also nice way to enjoy when we sad
spend hour's at this place with out any tension
Guaauuuu Genial la tranquilidad de todos los colores trabajando en armonia
+Thomas Hawk has a pretty cool office! Really well done. I love everything about this, the compositions, the perspective, as well as the exposure and processing. Very nice Tom!
can you post the panoramic picture my friend
Perfect angle and Awesome Shoot~! (Y) congrats n_n ♥
Keep up the good work Tom Anderson.laudable work.the photos u take are jubilant so don't intermit go on..:-)
oh, wow.... whats a cool pic
I just decided. I'm gonna be a photographer
it's a complete symmetrical image that it looks like the half circle is the whole thing floating in space. cool =D
please tag locations on these photos. i would like to see it in person one day.
Hola Tom, es una bella obra de arte...aunque no entiendo para qué nos servirá. Me puedes explicar. Gracias.
i love those pictures you have it reminds me of Sedona, Arizona when i was there and where i want to move back to
Nice wiev, Tom, must come to Chile... the most beautiful place in Earth
Great.!! It's a photographic plate, plastic arts, impressionism, contemporary.
thatz interesting
İçerideki ışık ve renkler çok güzelmiş.
oi tom bom dia como vai voce meu novo amigoquero falar sobre a sua pagina eu gosto muito de suas postagems sao bonitas ok parabems abracos e ate
Surrealistic mirror: Seems to be a particles accelerator
OMG TOM?!?!? we used to be friends?!!??!? tear but no for real are all of these shot yours? do you do photography?
anh vu
very nice!
you are really a gifted always have a nice and wonderful shot..
where is it located ?????
i really love it i want to visit it
I believe I see you in the corner there +Tom Anderson. I really must see this place if I'm ever in San Francisco. You say this is where +Thomas Hawk works?
Very good i Love the colors and highlights on the black
Quite strange and unique! I like it!
amei as fotos do mar uma mais linda que a outra
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