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5 Things I Learned at MySpace that Could Help Google+ (Reprinted from Techcrunch Post

This is just a guess, but I'd bet money that +Vic Gundotra and +Bradley Horowitz probably feel like their heads are going to explode. Anyone on the G+ team who really cares about G+ is probably getting very little sleep, and are annoying their friends and family with their one-track G+ minds. There's been such an amazing amount of feedback, the Google+ team can't help but be overwhelmed-and what we see is just on the site and in the press. Imagine what's coming into that 'send feedback' inbox that's at the bottom of every G+ page?

At MySpace I tried to digest that "inbox" and "community" by myself, and that worked pretty well for a few years. It was a little easier back then, but today's G+ users are an entirely different breed. There are a ton of early adopters, technologits on G+ - and they've all been through the social networking ringer before. G+ users are offering powerpoint slideshows, illustrated screen mockups and long-winded essays on what needs to happen. There is genuine, high-quality thinking going on in the "free advice" that G+ is receiving from the global community. How can the G+ team cut through the noise and decide what's important? (Especially when there's some really high quality noise being directed Google's way.)

Here's a few things I'd do right now, if I were Google.

1) Start seriously courting the journalists, tastemakers, and celebrities that are using and/or pontificating about G+. This doesn't mean Google should ignore "regular" user feedback, or even that Google should do what the triumverate says they should do. It just means they should have a real, personal relationship with those people. During MySpace's run-up, journalists continually got their facts wrong about MySpace. They wrote story after story about how Facebook was bigger than MySpace when in truth Facebook wasn't even 1/10th the size of MySpace.

Why? Because the journalists' Ivy League educated children were using Facebook, and journalists have deadlines and other things to think about. If you get to know people, they think of a real human being when they write those stories, and they care a little more. I don't want to say people are "sheep," but if the general Internet population believes G+ is happening and here to stay, then they'll committ the time to try it out. Popular opinion is the biggest "filter" for most people--they don't have to try something if they've already been told its not cool. Popular opinion is the ultimate "social search" if you will. (This doesn't just apply to user counts (G+ hits 20 million!), of course. Popular opinion will shape every aspect of people's G+ perception.)

2) Exhaustively think through the privacy issues and tie up any loose/ends that G+ has on this front. I've seen multiple people share their phone number with me without knowing it. They may not be wanting to share other things as well, though those things have been less obviously private. I'd make sure that people understand how their posts can be shared/reshared, and how their other Google accounts (profile, Gmail, docs) and content (Youtube, Picasa) are connected to G+. I don't believe Privacy is a real issue to most people, but most people think it is a real issue to them. As thus, it plays a big role in pscyhological justification for defecting from competitors. "Safety" hysteria destroyed MySpace in the press. It got MySpace banned from schools, Apple stores, and by well-meaning parents who had been terrorized by what they were reading. Privacy advocates have tried to destroy Facebook and Google in the past. You need the best PR person in the world on your team, Google, but even more so, you need to make sure the software doesnt give the privacy hounds something to be rightfully angry about.

3) Move Google's top analysts (probably focused on monetisation right now) onto the Google+ project to form a skunk works team. Mine the data about G+ usage like it's Gold, because it truly is the future of Google's long-term revenue and profit growth. (And I actually don't think there'll ever be advertising on Google+, theme for another article.) Facebook was really good at understanding their onboarding process, knowing what key activities led to later usage (adding x number of friends, putting up a picture and getting a response, etc.) Google needs to closely track users who are not adopting the service, those that are, and try to understand what type of user is the one that is ahead of the curve--identify the user who is illustrating the future "common" use case through their pioneering activity. G+ needs to understand all three types of users and develop a plan for each of them.

4) Hire the best product executors & visionaries in the world, something that clearly has not been Google's forte in the past. (In fact, it seems that some good ones have left, because they felt they weren't valued at Google. ) I'm not referring to run of the mill product managers and UI developers or "social media experts," but rather that rare breed of people who have demonstrable experience leading users down the path to internet nirvana. Google has the engineering talent and ability to scale the G+ service (more valuable than people understand, right now, I think). But does Google have the product people? Google's technical infrastructure will allow them to do things that other social sites could not do--in fact, they're already doing that. They need product visionairies who can understand that. Though I love G+, some parts of G+ are really a mess right now, and two that are incredibly important at this stage are in need of much work: onboarding & photos.

5) There must be one ring to rule them all. One leader making decisions. Maybe that's person is already in place at Google; I don't know the internal hierarchies within the company. But the leader himself, and every employee must understand who this is. Making a website is similar to making a movie--hundreds of people work on it, one person makes the final decision, and they make them every minute of the day. I use the LOTR analogy because there may be 12 extremely important product people (point #4). But someone needs to make the decisions. And to further that analogy, if the ring goes bad, the Hobbits need to throw the ring in Mt. Doom and find a new leader. OK maybe this analogy doesn't work, but you get the point. All the opinions and analysis will paralyze anyone who is not up to the task. That person has got to bring it all together and make decisions based on his gut and understanding of the overall companies mission. No that leader won't always get it right, but the clarity achieved and time saved is crucial. The Internet moves at lightning speed. If you mess up, a resolute leader can iterate and fix. This is worthy of its own dissertation, and Randall Stross makes and extend this point about Steve Jobs/Apple vs. Google right here:

You learn a lot when you mess up. I messed up a lot, so these are just a few of the things I learned. These lessons can be applied to any startup, so good luck everyone. I'm hoping to see you all make your mark on this world.
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I'm not sure if Google is listening, but I am.
What the heck is the first one in that image? EDIT: It's livejournal. derp.
I keep seeing this graphic going around, I'm baffled by how people think twitter is more evolved than facebook.
Brilliantly well-said as always, Tom. Let's hope they listen.
6. Don't let your users ugly up your UI with nasty animated/flashing graphics
Well said, Tom.

And I love that G+ is represented by an android in the chart. That's so transhumanist. Lol
+ChipPatton Live Journal!
As I said before, MySpace could be successful but the failed interface has led to her failure.
Myspace should be after Friendster.....LOL
IRC must be an invertibrate... and what was AOL?
Adam M
Love the Pic!
And those old news boards... what were they called... in the infancy of the interwebs universe????
cool but then what's next?
Nice.. It's great to see top entrepreneurs sharing experience and opinions to help the web community as a whole
Tru 8lu
i def like this..the way u put it makes sense!
+Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz +Tom Anderson Why can't Google just hire you? Great ideas by Tom as always-- but how about start by making the comments and sharing of post not showing up at the top of my stream? It's seriously annoying. A notification should be good enough for me! Overall awesome project/product.
I might switch twitter and Facebook in that evolutionary trail, but the rest looks right.
I'm glad that +Tom Anderson is still informing this market in meaningful ways. He is talking about the things that I want to see happen within Google+, and that is a good thing.

This is a Google Moderator Series aimed at meaningful suggestions for improving the Google+ Platform. I apologize if I am out of line, but the proper etiquette for sharing in this circle is not clearly defined yet and I don't know how to properly utilize this new tool to promote my personal brand. So here is the link:

Thank you.
Google is very fortunate to have you here sharing your incite and past experiences in this area. Thanks +Tom Anderson for taking the time to put into words what most, if not all of us are thinking. I believe the first topic you pointed out regarding celebrities if it is not, it should be Google's #1 concern at the moment.
somehow it bothers me that so many people are patting themselves and the google <brand> on the back and proclaiming g+ as the most evolved social networking method possible.
This reads like something to do with how to start any business. Get best people onto it, get celebrities to endorse it, deal with customers requirements, look to create an oligopoly situation (which Google already have).
I would have to say Facebook is better than twitter though.
+James N I'd agree. The pic helps illustrate the post, but if you've been reading my posts. I think there's positives to FB & Twitter (and yes even to LiveJournal).
Interesting point there.. I never thought about the size comparison of MySpace and Facebook.
Teenagers seem to be more into Tumblr these days than anything else.
I like the graphic. Very ingenious.
Such a great image. Implies that G+ is the end game - there will always be something afterwards ;)
I think the image will make angry lot of brazilians who use orkut lol. I'm kidding, actually I would put Facebook after Twitter. Well, I try and try but I will never be able to understand twitter at all. That's it, I said it! lol
There are no more journalists. Only bloggers. Bad bloggers at that. Love the cartoon except it's missing the start.... 1980s BBSs
This picture depicts social networking in chronological order, but the evolution is actually backwards. Blogging > Micro Blogging. Twitter encourages people to butcher the English language in order to conform to its ridiculous character limitations. It's basically "Blogging for Morons". Also, MySpace allowed for more personalization and freedom, and it came out before Facebook. Why everyone switched over to such a bland, horrible interface like Facebook is beyond me. I'm just glad we have Google+ now, where we have the best of everything. :)
well said Tom. I must say I absolutely love your notes about G+ and its social evolution. I guess even though you are "retired" as you say, G+ seems almost like a 2nd innings for you, from a product vision perspective.
Hilarious graphic. I wonder where Wordpress would fall under? Same spot as Livejournal? I'd hope not!!!
I think +Tom Anderson wants a job at G+ now as a product owner to prove to us that he can actually build a successful social network, rather than just a MySpace. :-)
I find it funny that LJ is shown as the least-evolved of the bunch when LJ had the tightest, most well-integrated access-control system of any of the "more-evolved" services. LJ also was the first to have open/portable data (how much more open do you get than them offering you their code-base so you can set up a private LJ site to host your data??).
facebook>twitter anyday. other than that, this is awesome
It's a terrible illustration. Twitter should not be considered more advanced than LiveJournal. It is a site for people with low attention spans who cannot spell.
Right now, what I see is a specific mind-set with people when talking about Google+, since most of them are on Facebook at present. They are apprehensive about moving on to something new and better, may be because they are not sure if they will get the same or even better feeling when they start using G+. I have never used the "Send feedback" button on G+, may be because I am busy trying to light the shaded parts/features of G+ which are not really clutter free right now. As an experienced social media enthusiast, let me tell you, people fear changes with things they start develop a liking for, however, they do accept changes when they feel comfortable with. What I see on G+ is that, Google has no doubt spent a lot of time and money developing this social media platform, but I am not sure if they know what is to be done with G+ in the end. I see no comparison between Facebook and Google+, however, I am sure that Facebook will lose its charm once the right mind-set develops among the people. Once you call G+ crap, you are forcing your friends to accept it as a fact, and that will be the end to any social media, website or other services. It's strange though, people do show "sheep-like" behavior.
The idea that twitter is even a biped is insane to me. What a joke of a service. I'm still completely beside myself with how it has the staying power it's demonstrated to this point. Totally self absorbed broadcast tool. Bunch of people screaming into an echo chamber...
These are good suggestions. Google+ is pretty good, but they will need more effort to defend against Facebook and Twitter-Apple.
If Google isn't listening to this, they definitely should be. Great post!
I totally agree, especially on the privacy part. Getting the privacy right should be their top priority, you lose a lot of respect (kudos, if you will) really fast if you don't.
I think the Twitter guy's wiener should be showing....
Fascinating and probably good advice here though I don't know much about it all yet. Perhaps now I will try the send feedback button soon.
There are a lot of little things I'd like changed, but the only big thing I want is for circles to support Boolean
Tom, each of those five points are worth their weight in gold, and can easily justify a book on their own. I don't envy the G+niuses right now. They must be working 24/7. No wonder Google needs to hire massage therapists, and people to do their laundry. An hour doing laundry is an hour not plugging into the social layer.
i wish there was an easier way of finding great people to follow here on G+, well until then i have your posts to read! keep up the great work Tom.
p.s any recommendation on who to follow on G+
Is this just a round-abouts way of Tom saying to Google "Please hire me?"
I really thought xanga would end up on this. That was a major boost in interest in social networking/blogging
My only complaint are these long winded posts that G+ allows. It makes the layout look messy and myspasish. Im down to read a blog post, but not while on my damn newsfeed.
I wanted to share this... but I guess over 200 people already did ;-)
Thanks Tom for sharing your thoughts.
Plurk is still the best place to have a conversation, though. :-p
Some very interesting points. I do think the privacy issues should be addressed before anything else though. Analytics also seem like they are going to play a very important role in G+. Alas, as much as I agree with points 4 and 5, if Google were to implement these ideas, they would be changing the core structure of how Google has been working for the past decade, and I do not believe that is likely to happen.
Diving into that Paul Adams slideshow and Learning Stuff. Thanks for the thoughts and the links.
Not gonna lie, I think twitter should be further down the list. It's pretty much Facebook's wall for people with short attention spans.... explains why I have one.
Bobby W
Proof that evolution ≠ progress
Looks like someone wants to work at Google...
Martin, he doesn't need to work!
won't ever be ads on g+? can't wait for your next article
I do agree with all of that. But mainly, I would love to have on Google +, the possibility to customize your own page, with wallpapers design by the G+ team. And a little more care, as pointed out, about the privacy rules and issues.
+Tom Anderson you are cracking me up with these photos. I swear I would just stream the photos if I could.
+Tom Anderson, when you say "I don't believe Privacy is a real issue to most people, but most people think it is a real issue to them." Are you referring to "them" as "the people"?
this may sound trite, but i honestly believe that G+ won't take off with the key wave-making demographic, the Teenager, until we can apply neat-o stuff like Hello Kitty Wallpaper to our profiles (like MySpace had, but even better somehow!)

truly, Google's got to get teen girls in, or this thing is mom-n-dad boring dead (like LinkedIn ; )
Don't forget - formed in 1997, the earliest that I know of...
google+ is a fucking terminator, google+ is way pimp. I already like google+ better than facebook... I got over 800+ people already n my circles. Meeting new friends and connections is super easy on google+...5 stars!! woot woot!
Best article I have ever seen on the present and future of social networking.
So.... we're saying that G+ is not only totally erect, but hard as steel? Man this place really is a sausage fest.
+Maria Alva Roff the current age requirement here is 18. They're not making any effort in recruiting that demographic at all. But it's still beta, may change in the future.
Twitter is a more advanced evolution of social networking than Facebook? That's preposterous.
+Jerome A. F ... not that i particularly Want this place to be taken over by young 'uns (and i think the age limit is a great idea) but i live with a teen and teach social media theory at a college here in Reykjavik and so get how absolutely RABID that demo is re: fb and now tumblr. absolutely unstoppable, almost spastic usage all day, every day.

come to think of it, maybe it's just best to let them have their playground while we silently move over here to sip our cognac in style, eh?
I'm thanking you TOM if Google hasn't - very considerate of you to share!
as one of the developers who built and maintained that custom inbox, Mr. Anderson, I am insulted that you would say you did it 'by yourself'. the entire team had their fingers on the pulse of myspace during those critical and successful first years. not recognizing that back then helped you lose myspace to new blood - the same kind you now recommend g+ should hire. 6221, bro.
I will create a social network someday, and the privacy police will be: "EVERYTHING IS PUBLIC".
+Tom Anderson Maybe next post you can define the word 'evolution' since it clearly is misunderstood. Then the debate on the order could stop. Smh.
Tom, your insights into things are always incredibly interesting to read and I'm surprised that nobody has asked you to help with the Google+ project.
5) One circle to rule them all...
I honestly can't believe so many people are commenting about the picture.

How about read the post and comment on that?
I have come in true Social Media circle. My first friend on MySpace was obviously you Tom and MAAAAN I hated that you forced yourself on me so I de-friended you right away but now on G+, after doing away with Facebook, I find myself adding you to my "Worth Following" circle. Insightful and deep thoughts here.
Gooood work Tom.
P.S: G+ team maay need to consider using you as a consultant...Just saying.
This is awesome!!! The more social networking sites like Google+ and the new myspace popping up, the better for my new gig, :-) Social media is here to stay for good. Given vast variety of the existing channels to choose and stick with, it’s time for such a hot space to enter into a new category. Here is my 2cents on this whole internet -> search Engine -> Social media things and my rational on why there is a need for a portal to provide a quick and intelligent decision for both the consumer and the companies about their online connections. A Platform to Help us to Distinguish Our Quality vs. Quantity Friends, Fans, Followers, and Companies:

- Early 90s: WWW was born…
- By mid 90′s: millions of sites popped up on the Web…
- Mid – late 90s: Yahoo & Google were born to help us to find the right information of the right pages on the Web…
- Early 2000: Social media was born…
- Late 2000: Millions of pages created by people, companies, and organizations on all these social media channels.
- 2011: Deja vu all over again… we are back to early 90’s…
- 2012 and beyond…the days of just setting up a website or blog to promote yourself, your talent, your business, and your solution offerings AND creating a page for them on Facebook, LinkedIn, are Twitter are O-V-E-R!. Your social media pages and sites should be on a place where the vast number of users and communities can easily find you, learn about you - AND - express their opinion/rate you and your goodies. If you are confident you are selling something awesome, you need the power of the crowd to promote you (and your company) anyway.
where's xynga? is that the missing link?
really good.. i miss myspace and the whole being creative and making your page your own!!
Did you ever think you'd be writing articles for AOL? :)
Nice... what would facebook have to say if asked what their company produces? ...... nothing..... google I salute u :)
Sounds to me like G+ needs hire MrMyspace. That's some good advice....well if they can afford him.
Tom is now the Old Man of Social Networking... lmao
This is by far your best post +Tom Anderson. All of these services are unprecedented and a great deal of what they have evolved into could never truly be envisioned. The impacts on them as businesses, perceptions by the general public, the benefits and the issues surrounding them are all extremely interesting to observe. MySpace broke open the doors fro a great deal of these services really becoming mainstream but is also a great example of the magnitude of negative impacts in the press and public perception. You also raise a great point with the significance today in the marketing area of getting public celebrity use. That piece is one that is easily missed but very significant. Great thoughts and thank for sharing. Your story is definitely one that would make for a great business book today.
i just believe google+ is such an easier and simpler format. It is all preference. For myspace was great for integrating your own personality into your page while Facebook just has a great integration of connecting you to people you most likely don't want to talk to.
Funny! but Just a robot??? this means that it can never be independent and develop its own capacity ;-))
Statuz that i look back "social networks" evolution was just like that, can we add icq between the 1 and 2nd.. ;) just asking...
I would also add to that list and say that Google should...

1. Allocate resources to quickly iterate and update the Android and iOS apps so that features are on par with that of Chrome. The G+ experience on smartphones feel very crippled compared to Chrome. I would argue that more people would be using G+ on the go than on Chrome... perhaps.

2. Allocate resources to refine the Chrome experience frequently. There are some major niggles with G+ on Chrome at the moment and users are looking at a variety of different extensions to get G+ working the way that they want it to work. I would expect the next updates to resolve a majority of these user experience issues - like having the ability to exclude circles from the main stream... or stopping posts from constantly reappearing at the top of the stream because people keep commenting or +1'ing them as it just feels like spam.

Ultimately, Google have made a very good start with G+. Let's just hope it continues improving at a quick rate.
Twitter doesn't belong in there and I don't think orkut was any better than myspace...
I deleted my mom's cousin's address from my wall after I sent him a message. G+'s default privacy is wonderful, as posts double as posts and messages. With FB, I am forced to choose those with whom I don't want to share through default. With G+, I choose those with whom I DO want to share, from the beginning.
Can't believe they left out Prodigy and America Online! THOSE were the dinosaurs! :)
+Ron Festejo Not bad ideas, just that I'd subsume them under #4 (i.e. was trying to imagine how'd I'd handle this overload of "things to do" right now)
+Tom Anderson Oh yeah, of course... I was just numbering them as they were things that I saw needed doing. They should totally be added to your list though - that way Google will end up doing them ;)
heh :) also reading through the comments, a lot of people have mentioned the image. I didn't make it (wish the creator would have put his name on it), but it seems to be based on terms of chronology. I agree it's not the right order to show the value of the services in any way. Interesting to hear everyone's opinions though.
Here we observe the evolution of modern day geekiness with the end result being that melting metal dude from Terminator 2
Yeah. I looked at the image, too and thought, it makes sense. I mean, everyone know the icons very well, right? does the order really matter? it's just like choosing one cloth that fits you most this morning.
so just how obvious is #4 a 'hire me' pitch? pretty obvious.
i think microsoft's new social network will go straight to back of the line! :D
+Tom Anderson Orkut more advanced than Myspace? o.O I was on Orkut YEARS before I even learned about Myspace; and the current version of Orkut seems way worse to me than when I joined...
Phil C
this needs xanga!
In terms of competition there were many others that appeared during the run: anyone remember MSN spaces and Yahoo 360?
Personally, I don't agree with the Darwin theory
Very good input here Tom. :)
Well said, Tom.
Honestly Tom it's vastly apparent that your theory in Darwinism is flawed. I mean look at the incongruent leaps from one totally unrelated genus of social apperatii to the next
Twitter is definitely evolved beyond facebook because it is much broader and less confined, allowing sharing with a much greater audience.
facebook and twitter need to switch places. and orkut needs to go to the end of the line because I've never heard of them before. lol
Wondering how long your passion to G+ will last... Your posts are always so amazing, and get a reason for me to stay on G+...
one person making decisions? clear direction is crucial, but I believe one person making decisions will quickly stagnate any effort. High level direction, influenced by core principles/values (privacy, integration, be good not evil etc.), with responsibility spread across small teams that are empowered to make their own decisions. Think agile (
Tom is back! Great note, Tom. Thanks for sharing. I always hated the privacy issues with MS and FB. It looks like G+ addresses this problem with circles.
I have to say Tom, every time I read one of your posts, I just see myself gaining more knowledge that I can personally use. So thank you for sharing your opinion with us and describing what you believe is needed for ANY successful startup as you put it. Keep it up!
Leader himself? You mean themself? :P Great read though :P, rly enjoyed this :)
crap ... fb still rocks then this fucking google+
I think FB still popular with ZYNGA POKER!
כמה שתום אנדרסון מתלהב מגוגל פלוס! באמת נראה שזה הפך לחנופה, ועושה רושם שהוא מת שבגוגל יציעו לו עבודה אצלם.
+Justin Freitag Yes, one person clearly can't make all the decisions. I wouldn't disagree with your description there.
i havent checked google + in like 5 days. the last time i checked it was kinda bare with a few posts here and there. now its bustling with people everywhere. it reminds me of that simpsons episode when lisa creates a society of microscopic beings and every time she checks they have entered a new era. im pretty sure it was a parody of an old outer limits episode. regardless google + is evolving at an awesome pace. i love it.
Tom- I think this post is awesome and I think you are very generous in giving your advice and perspective to make G+ even better. I'm saving this post and applying it to how I produce music and media. Thanks dude!
I find it interesting that Orkut is more upright than MySpace in the evolutionary chain.
fcebook twiter in one side and goooooogle in the other side cause google make your world at this time!!!!
google is improving symbol NOW!!!
Thanks for these great advice. You are soooo generous for sharing your personal experience. Thanks again.
get $500 and try it again, you have too much time on your hands lol
These are very exciting time, i cant wait to see what they come up with next. Man i guess i am a technology Geek.. But i luv it
Meh.. I like your posts, Tom, but to sum it up:

1. Get good PR, court media.

2. Focus on privacy

3. Put the best people on it (if you feel this is your future)

4. Hire the best people

5. Don't make decisions by committee.

This isn't revolutionary. It is marketing, management, and common sense 101.

I expect more from you.
Brilliant points across the board! Thanks for sharing!
Just did the 1001st share on this one, not bad mr. Anderson :)
Hmmm apparently the counter is stuck at 1000
You've got some great posts Tom, I hope people in the right places utilize your suggestions.
I love how you compare running a website to making movies
+Francesco Maestrelli I got a license for free of a software that costs $35 on Twitter. Twitter is good to follow companies and that is all.
somthin wrong abt myspace and orkut...........
Great, beautiful article. Thanks for sharing.
wait... Google Buzz and and Google Wave didn't make the evolution chart?
Love the graphic. Visual says a lot about the experience. Interesting to note Google is the only company with two entries in the evolution of web-based social network design says something about their tenacity and the value of iterating until you get it right even if you do so under a new brand (which is smart from a positioning standpoint IMHO)
This is so cool... I'd love to see Google+ kick Facebook out of the social networking realm.

Overall rating
what twitter is in front of facebook!!!!!!!!
Great article Tom, thanks for sharing!
Tom you did not mess up, you revolutionized the internet world with MySpace and now others are following in your foot steps. Facebook was there to pick up the pieces where you left off and Fox all but destroyed MySpace as they didn't know what to do.
Orkut shouldn't be on there, AT ALL.
You're so right Tom. This has really inspired me with my site also so thanks! I hope G+ read this and take your advice on board. 
JoPa Mi
Great article. Will be interesting to see how they go about this. The invite only thing was kind of genius. But if they dont entice the everyday FB user soon then I see the possibility of people starting to get bored on this site.

One really good thing that Google+ has going for it is it happens to be a genuinely good social networking site. It hasnt stopped impressing me since I got my invite. BUT, it does still need a lot of work. Some of these extensions should be made standard. Like the top bar that follows you down the page, etc.
More like Facebook should be at the bottom. It's just as crappy today as it was when it came out to the public; Twitter butchers the English language, so it should tie with Facebook, but since it doesn't have the same overbloated software, that gives it an edge over Facebook; I can't hold an opinion on neither Orkut nor Friendster since I never use their services, so next comes LiveJournal and Blogspot for me - never cared for either blogging service, but never hated either as well; MySpace being the only website that's actually true to the social networking platform is just barely below G+ due to the potential G+ has.
I'm sure there is a lot going on behind the scenes making this so much more complex that it looks, and I can only hope that what 'they' are working on involves making it easier to communicate with other social networking sights like Gowalla or, or having my G+ show up on my Tweetdeck feed .
yeah this is true! +1
where is the "like button" here?? LOL!!
Szerintem mwg csak most kezdődik a közösségi kommunokacio...
Interesting that Twitter is after FB. :)
I knew I recognized you from somewhere. Waving at Tom~~ lol Read your article here and found it interesting and enlightening. Mmm hmm if Google is to rival other social sites it will have to continually stay at the top of its game. So far I like the ease of navigation here. Couldn't resist seeing what Google had come up with. Good to see you here Tom and love the evolutionary pic you put up.
I think you should keep the same number of evolved figures but drop orkut and twitter from the list.

Orkut didn't inspire facebook.

Twitter is a social network, but it's not a profile network, its a messaging layer.

I'd like to think that we might have 2 more giant steps left in social networking.
buddy you should unretire and salvage that mess of code you sold Ruppert
I wonder if G+ can serve as a platform for the poorest to run for office; via webcam baby :)
Interesting how diagrams of human evolution always feature a male.
Great! Grow up! Changing!
totally agree..what's next though..or is there a next at all?
LOL that's my friend is so true, I"m sure....




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so true googles simplicity is going to be a major factor in its success it should never crowd itself like facebook
i like this.. but at least you need to give a dress to facebook................
ple if you can change ...... that..
bcoz fb is a famous site more than twiter
so give it
Google+ is still buggy...
love the graphic. does this mean i'm to get the droid bionic stead of the iphone5 ?
the third is means???
past time people says facebook are georgous, now gooogle,next?
G+ can be the first truly effective "knowledge sharing network" if they just make a simple change in their commenting mechanism. I really hope they're playing with this and considering all the options...... and seeing all the potential. Imagine nobody had to figure out the same valuable insight twice? One thing's for sure - if they can't/don't do it, someone sure as hell will. Also, instead of having a stream, they should make your "stream" view more like a database of what you find interesting. They do this in a way, but nothing as simple and neat as sites like Anyways, who am I to know anything, just an internet nobody like everybody else. It's not that hard to put the power in my hands, and let the other nobodies effectively decide whether I'm talking sense, without drowning me out if they're wrong...
whats this?dont tell me that this is where people came from.
tru evltn is bn geared by the pple with vsion like us
common man....facebook is great than twiter....i think is ahead than google+
Facebook is good and easy to cmmon man, i like..............
Anyone who believes in Darwinian theory has got an ape sized mind.
Science has already refuted this theory and declared the bible a more realistic approach to creation. God being the master creator...
If you sorta believe that you evolved from a gorilla,  why not cut the suspense,  visit  a zoo  ask the keeper for permission to french kiss one of the 320 lb girl gorilla  that you believe you came from.
 Before you get permission  warn by standers to clear the area because your new girl friend will throw your head thru the bars if she doesn't eat it.  That entire lie about the so call accent of man was a big lie,  several of the skeletical  items  were not even of humans, and one was from a guy who had had severe  syphilis.  Everything comes from its own seed,  humans came from  their dads  sperm seed,   monkeys came from  their dads  seed.   Thats why we will always have monkeys,  and always have  those of you who have the  logic of monkeys.    
+Lorenzo Taylor Sr. You definitely came from a Gorilla. In fact, you've probably still got a Gorilla brain by the sound of your reasoning. Look, I don't mean to be mean... yes, there are lots of things that aren't right with the academic institutions that most vigorously push the frontiers of science, but science in its simplest form is a list of things that we have seen and can show you and that is repeatable. It's not a gossip column for smart people, it is universally collected knowledge. If you can show that something supposedly proven is false, then you are furthering science. Science says that something is only true until proven false. If you take the time to prove any scientific theory false using scientific methods, then you are a scientist and you are furthering science and everyone following the scientific method will agree with you.
It's funny that i actually had an Orkut account once, but now i am a loyal subject of the Twitterverse.
You all non muslims living in fools paradise ,just read your HOLY BOOK ,which is better than Darvin 's theory .you all are the generation of adam not gorrila .
I'm going to guess only a Google+ user would read this entire blog share status. Thanks Tom.
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