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Note: Before I begin, +Dallas Nagata White created this photo, I did not. I know people tend to comment and +1 something without reading first. :-)

I've been traveling for almost a week now, which is why I haven't been online or posting much. I'm in the Southern-most point of Taiwan. It's a beach town here, and I drove in last night from Taroko Gorge, an awesome place with towering cliffs, beautiful green mountainsides, and the most unique shade of blue water I've yet to see. I hope I got some good shots, we will see. :-)

I specifically went on this trip to capture photos. Which is how I specifically and purposefully have done just about everything in the last couple of months. When I look back on my new love for taking photos, there have been many milestones. One that really put me into overdrive was setting a simple goal for myself. I wanted to capture one good photo a day, for a year. I decided to exclude weekends, to give myself some "catch up" time -- because it really is difficult to come up with something you like every single day. The idea was 52 weeks x 5 photos (one per day) which would net me a "massive" portfolio of 260 photos when I'm done. (If you want to see the "goal" in action, add me on Instagram "myspacetom" (its coming to Android soon!) or if you don't use Instagram, you can see the photos here:

So I'm out here in Taiwan, slogging away at it. It's been a bit rough because though the trip would be perfectly enjoyable on its own, I've set up this pressure to capture at least one photo I like every day. I'm not complaining, of course, but now that I'm on a mission, I have to say it's not going so well (hehe). I haven't been able to uncover the amazing shots I'd hoped for, mostly because it's been raining and the sky is overcast, with a very dull gray cast . It also doesn't help that I don't speak Chinese and it isn't easy to get around / find the places and things I'd hoped to capture. :-)

Which brings me to this photo I'm sharing that created by +Dallas Nagata White. It's a photo of +Dallas Nagata White and +Ed White kissing in front of an active volcano, in the rain, on the Big Island in Hawaii. Pretty spectacular isn't it? I met Dallas and her husband Ed at the Oahu Photowalk I hosted about 3 weeks ago. We've since become friends and gone shooting landscapes together while I was in Hawaii. Dallas shoots a lot of things -- fashion, weddings, events, but as I've gotten to know her a little better she's shared that "secretly" she's a landscape shooter at heart. (Just don't tell her clients haha…)

Dallas is a voracious learner (as most nerds are, and yes, she is a nerd), adding every technique she can to her mental camera bag. It's inspiring to hear and see how she does this. Often the results are very subtle, but important. Sometimes the results are immediate and stunning, like in this photo, where she uses a technique you mostly only see indoors and in a controlled fashion shoot.

So this is what you get when someone with a unique perspective and experience hikes 8 hours to a volcano and it starts raining. Amazing. Not to mention Ed's exuberance in kissing her at that moment. :-) Go Ed!

This photo is a symbol for me -- I know it will always remind me to be more like Dallas. If I want to get my "one shot a day" I've got to learn more, try harder, and take advantage of the situation that nature presents. Since I know a little about how this photo was taken (and you can read about it here: it's also an important reminder of how working with your friends and loved ones can lead to something memorable.

I've got a few more days here in Taiwan and though I don't expect to happen across any volcanoes or anything, I am heading out this morning with a new boost of energy. Thanks Dallas :-)

Here's the original post of this photo:

Here's my favorite photo Dallas has shared so far from her trip:

And, of course, go circle her: +Dallas Nagata White
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awesom photo, it really gives a powerful vibe
Sometimes moments happen, the trying sounds like a wonderful journey
This is the best picture you've posted, in my opinion.
This is an amazing shot. Thank you for posting the story behind it.
I`m digging this idea. Lots of travel and 1 special photo every day. I need to try that!
Whoa, that is pretty close to the action right there! Incredible shot, Tom.
Thank you tom for this wonderful photo approaching, and all your works are very meritorious I am with the expectation that to see your future photos, good fortune, an embrace
awesome use of a back light to silhouette the subjects.
That's one AMAZING photo! WOW! Thanks for the story! The learning curve with this digital stuff is somewhat overwhelming in the beginning (for me anyway...and even over a year later)'re right, you just have to push yourself to learn more (which typically isn't all that hard with all these G+ and other geeks around--I mean that in a good way! ;)...Go get em +Tom Anderson ! :))
+Gabriel Yanagihara in my mind you will always be the guy holding the light behind them ... I'll just use selective memory for this one :)
+Tom Anderson Haha. Next time I will be. I was too busy for this trip, but the Whites got invited back! I haven't been to the big island in years!
Well said +Tom Anderson. Shooting with friends is life changing. I've been shooting sporadically with no one else since I started about two years ago. Last weekend I met up with several great friends I've made on G+ in DC for Photoshop World and had an awesome time shooting with them. I got more great photos in the 2 days I shot with them than I have in the entire previous two years.

TLDR creativity breeds creativity...get out and inspired!
True +Dave Veffer ! it's fun to watch people inspire each other... photography is very viral. I've seen people pick up a camera who haven't been shooting in years as they get inspired by others :)
+Gabriel Yanagihara I gotta go now... I didn't know you could get up that close to the lava! When I went a few years ago I flew over and it was much too far away ! :) Maybe we can all go next time
Wow, was the Oahu Photowalk just 3 weeks ago? So much has happened since then, but meeting you, +Dallas Nagata White +Ed White and +Trey Ratcliff was very special for me.

Seems like the rainy weather followed you from here to Taiwan. I'm sure you'll get some great photos there just like you did when you were here.

Thanks for sharing the photo by Dallas. Looking forward to seeing your photos and you on Instagram, too.
It's an amazing photo -I've never seen it! Dallas is great.
thanks +Ali Alcon time flies.. I feel like I've had enough experience to fill a few years since then. Thanks for reminding me :)
That sounds like the best place ever, I wish I was there!
Wes Lum
Beautiful shot! Hey Tom, if you go Big Island, can I tag along??
Very nice, love the lava and the bright light, couple kissing is also nice!
thank you for sharing your words and of course, Dallas' picture. Lovely all around. Best of luck in Taiwan and to come.
clearly the whole myspace thing worked out
Everywhere I am, Tom follows me! Like an obsessed gum stalker on my shoe...
Lucky me I live here in paradise! Unfortunately my sister in law broke my Nikon DLSR camera and has no remorse whatsoever to even care to offer to get it fixed, the C***! I would love to be out and about shooting this lovely island esp now that my camera's broken, of course!
Glad you had a great time! Come back soon!
does anyone have a apple id can someone tell me please
I don't think people truly understand how amazing that photograph is....
love at volcano......u must be kidding... everyone loves their lifes.
Hope you enjoy the hospitality of Taiwan +Tom Anderson . We're a small island of beautiful scenery. Enjoy the rest of your stay, and try out the delicious small eateries of Taiwanese cheap eats.
Amazing photo by your friend Dallas +Tom Anderson Keep shooting! Half the fun is finding and shooting and the other half in processing to me.
In case anyone didn't realize, the photographer (+Dallas Nagata White ) set up this shot herself, had friends release the shutter and hold the speedlite, and the two people in the photo are actually her and her husband. That makes the picture all the more amazing. Brava!
wow. is that a lava flow back there??
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
So. Much. Awesome!!!!
What a wonderful adventure, don't be hard on yourself as many artists are; you are doing very well.Keep safe and peace.
very cool,how did you do that?
I am plussing Dallas's shot but also your post...maybe you can also think of your year as an 'academic year' in other words it's up when you get those shots +Tom Anderson it's great having goal it's what spurs one into action but life always throws curve balls and we need to bend and adjust with's so nice to see a couple working together as it is so rare...and so inspiring when you do...thanks for the tip she does do amazing work I'm glad her shots will decorate my stream. I want to get a Distinction average for my first 'academic year' to get into honors so I aim for high distinctions and so far it's working, but I know it won't always I understand the concept, thoughts and feelings...yet I've no doubt you'll get there and your portfolio looks amazing!!!! ;)
Awsome, you did it again. Great shot.
jest two words-absolutely awesome
This looks like the Last fight in star wars between Obi Wan and anakin skywalker!!
beautifull nothing to say about it
Lily L
This is hot. My monitor's about to melt. Can't handle.
Oh, they are just beautiful!!!All that's very nice, very poetic
Look forward to seeing what you've shot from Taiwan. Any chance you get some shots in Kenting? Safe travels
What is +Danny Ikard ??? Explain...if Tom is seeing this year as a learning curve not all years when it comes to an academic year is 12mths, but rather when you get points...that's how it works in Australia. Two if using my own experience to relate is the issue - that's your issue not mine it's how I am...
very beauty,..i can take this picture
Have it all and don't forget time persist.....
+Danny Ikard Yes, please do explain...I didn't see anything inappropriate with +Donna Magnay's post either. I found it encouraging, thoughtful, and tasteful...not sure what your issue with it could have possibly been!
+Sachin Vishwakarma That comment is really funny to me (I'm the guy on the left in the photo) because +Dallas Nagata White and I fell in love because we were both fans of the zombie genre. Funny that cropped up here, too! :D
Thank you +Ed White :) oh your Dallas's husband! LOL the provider of the heat...I just saw your work too, it's really interesting seeing what you notice...I've added you as well, I am glad your both going to decorate my stream....and thank you both for showing how amazing love can be and working together as a couple, I hope I can find that too.
AB Dice
awesome, nice scene
good fhoto to say spanish love is hot¡¡ and in tango glamour¡¡ woww¡
,may i have your yes to put it in my hot fire candle masage?(its a masage to came whith the preety an relax the back)
The Burning love....................gr8 pic..
hr syed
melting rocks/hearts?, aloft and alone
Hey Ed! nice to hear from u :-)

...and about the zombie part .. i dont know whether to call it a coincidence or a comment destined to be here :-)

u nvr know .. mysterious r the ways of nature :-)
this picture is created,composited by merging few photos in photoshop.
But this photo is nice
can someone get a perfect moment than this ? love the place and shot
+Ed White the problem these days is people depend too much on tools to add details than spend some quality time to capture great shots.
I live on that island! I love Volcano :D
beautiful...................lovely photos......
+Raja Sekhar Reddy Mullangi I kind of see it both ways. I have a definite appreciation for digital art (which is what I call composited/photoshopped images), as there are just some things that can't be done without that kind of artistry. On the other hand, +Dallas Nagata White and I enjoy the challenge of being very raw photographers and working to capture and maximize what's there, without compositing. There is something about that kind of photography which cannot be captured by even the most elaborate photoshopping. On a non-composite, you can let your eye wander forever and capture new things, which I think isn't true of a composite, since it is limited by the author's imagination. Both have their strengths, but we prefer to avoid compositing unless it's absolutely necessary (i.e. for a client) :)

I do see what you mean, though...sometimes it can be hard to tell, which can diminish the impact of a shot like the one Tom linked due to cynicism.
very cool!i love this picture!

Tom this photo to me is simply......priceless!!! Im a romantic this shows me true love can even withstand anything. Thank u for sharing. :)
Nice photo dear, wish you a nice time in Taiwan
Ni Gang
Review these interpretation above found out experience boosts grow up.
+Tom Anderson, your instagram portfolio is looking amazing! You are really committing yourself, and it shows. I would love to move as quickly as you have with this.
Sara T
hey add me im brittany lee im in year 10 and i go out with tom hes the best boyfriend ever.. i wont to now people on this.. because my world is free.. im feeling sexy and free:)
+Tom Anderson I love Taiwan (and the food!) and the southern tip beaches is a hidden gem that most travelers don't know about.

Agreed on the language, the further away from Taipei you travel, the greater the need for Chinese! I only realize how quickly my language is slipping with each of my subsequent return to the island.

Hope you're catching some great photos!
For us Photo buffs what type of camera lens are you using? And how are you editing the pics?
WOW that's one kick ass shot +Tom Anderson !!

You got everything going on there!!!

I didn't notice the lava at first, but OMG LAVA!!!
wowwwwwwwwww so nice !!!!!!! ^^
Kudos to Dallas for setting the bar for risk takers and romantics. Amazing results especially with minimal post editing. Thank you so beautiful!
Well +Tom Anderson then you've got some scouting out to do for "Stuck On Earth" now don't you? hehe! :)
ds i d best picture in my life tha i have ever seen
Are you near Kenting, Taiwan? +Samuel Bavido loves that place! Speaking of which, you should definitely go see Kinmen, Taiwan. Samuel can tell you where to get the best shots.
I really don't know what to say other than that is simply a spectacular image crafted by incredible creative vision. Safe travels Tom. It is a journey that you will continue to enjoy the rest of your life. As you are finding out, photography makes your world bigger in so many ways.
this pic reminds me of the song "when a man loves a woman". i started singing it in my head when i saw it..."he can think of nothing else...he'll trade the world for the good thing he's found". it's startlingly beautiful.
Like the hell I am reading all that...too long my brother
epic capture. kudos to +Dallas Nagata White for some epic light capture and +1million style points. Tom, I'm glad your travels are going well and I really enjoy your captures. The photo-a-day bit can be quite difficult to keep up with. I only travel maybe two times a year, so I try to make those trips count, capture wise.. Somehow manage to drag out the work throughout the year. Probably makes my warez boring but there ya are. :) Keep up the great work!

BTW now that Trey is getting a D800, you going to jump over to this camera too? I'm digging mine.. I think you'll like it. A good deal smaller than the D3 and the extra resolution may come in handy :) You can probably pick one up in Taiwan. Chances are better over there than over here right now! Good luck - have fun. Be Safe.
hi +Bill Dodd thanks! I broke my D3S and was able to get a D3X. I'm planning to get a D800 for the tripod and then move the D3X to my hip. So far I've got to say I miss the speed of my D3S, though... I feel like I'm waiting around forever in low-light bracketed shots :-)
That is so amazing, you are so talented. God has truly blessed you with an eye for showing His wonders to others.
I love this photo: It’s dangerous, beautiful, and creates a big impact on your senses. Thank you for sharing this with us.
hey this is what you doing hhahahha do you like beauty
really nice,,it's like a 3d
Beautiful! and Amazing! Its like the birth of a species: fire, lights, passion, glory, even sexuality! Amazing photograph.
from what u said about her i m kinda liking her myself,though not knowing her myself!!!!!!!!!!!1
wowwwwwww u r so happy...I'm jealous of u......I wish I could travel alots ...:)
gone through the note first, +1'd and only then commented..... awesome piece of creation with simple photoshop tools ....
+Tom Anderson Needless to say amazing shots!
I got a question. You seem to use both Nikon and canon. I'm trying to choose my brand as my first dSLR. usually people choose one, how come you use both? and what would you suggest a newbie to go for, and why?
I actually only use Nikon +Paya Ebrahimi -- from what I understand, they're pretty much the same (Nikon/Canon) and it's kind of arbitrary what you choose. I'd probably focus more on the way the menus work or how the camera feels in my hands as a first step. The quality differences are minor according to the experts I've spoken with.
wow!beautiful picture and some image in it
AMAZING....and yes, igniting ;) Splendid work. Thank you!
you earned it , i always admired the master peace , i was always observing your pictures from the begining
wow.. very good...
i like it...
very very good!
Did you put the light in the background or was that part of the scene?
Nice work!! Truly inspiring!
This is amazing wish i could see for myself.
,,,,Oxooooo  vauuuuuuuu,,like a latino amerikano.
it,s a new way of love, truely daredevill
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