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Techcrunch/MG just posted this article on the Chrome browser / Google+ integration-identity play. Article here: Some people don't want to be tracked online (see photo), but we do want to easily be able to login to things, buy things (one-click buy), and comment on things. MG uncovered some important changes being made to Google's Chrome browser, and based on the limited reaction to his post, I think people are underestimating what is going on here. Take advantage of his detective work, check out his story, and put on your thinking caps. You'll see where this thing is going :)
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Thanks Tom - you'll always be my friend!
tom anderson making me think. didn't see that coming. or this chrome business, although i suppose we all should have.
I am so happy when you post things, Mr. Anderson.
this have anything to do with my offer to you ?
Ward A
Google should automatically add Mark Zuckerburg as a friend like you did with yourself at MySpace.
i lost mine... can anyone donate a working thinking cap?
Just what the world needs: A browser from Facebook.
Facebook can't even make a website; they're going to make a web browser? Ridiculous.
I hope they bring Google single sign-on to the Chrome browser. It works great on my Xoom!
I think that you wear that tshirt every day - It's almost an Ice breaker... Hot chick in a Cali accent "omg I thought u were that MySpace guy... my names Bethany"
At any rate, good article, and it this point it seems nothing to get too worked up about.
You should sue that guy Tom lol
call me crazy, but hasn't the 'profiles' part of chrome been there from the start? ..i have been using it since they implemented the linking for bookmark roaming and other profile specific features.
Is there a lab feature or string that kicks on multi profiles in the dev version of chrome?
Chrome Profiles, as implemented, don't require having or being logged in to a Google Account. Fundamentally flawed assumption in the article.
There is one big thing about Chrome that makes me unconcerned about this. It's open source. If and when I start feeling that Chrome is intruding on my privacy, I will simply switch to a version of Chromium that someone will undoubtedly create, that has had the "Googleness" stripped from it.
They already have our data synced, so I'm not sure that having more or less private info from people is going to change anything...
To me, sharing my mail and contacts to them is a much more important concern but hey wait ... they already HAVE my contacts and mail... woopsy daisy
+Benjamin Rowell Didn't see your post there. Actually, Facebook partnered with them and this will be their official browser.
rockmelt is also built ontop of chromium...
I think I confused people with my "not Tom" graphic. I'm not suggesting this is going to be an invasion of your privacy... I'm suggesting this is going to a huge boon to G+ and a major point of contest between G+/FB.
the graphic and the sentences "Some people don't want to be tracked online (see photo)" and "You'll see where this thing is going" made me feel suspicious :)
meh, rockmelt sux... if im not mistaken, MS had a share of FB... so why not stick to IE... G+ integration with all it's product, including GC... will just strengthen Google's gameplay of social interaction.
yeah... if facebook does it better then .. that browser if produced by FB will unfortunately be breaky.
+Tom Anderson Roaming settings, Apps, personalizations etc. is something browsers (even OS's) should have been done ages ago.
Google is in a great place to tie all this to various id services (openID, email etc). That identity is personal & private I doubt Google would tie that to Google+.
A Google Chrome profile is and should always be different from a G+ profile.
hey tom i just wanted you to know that i'm forever grateful to you bro. i banged alot of chicks from myspace. thanx're still number one in my book!
Jesus! ^ Inappropriate; as my teacher used to say.
By now I've allowed myself to drink enough of the Kool-Aid (or is that Goog-aid) being a Gmail, G+ Picasa, Docs, Reader etc. user. So the thought of having that experience unified at the browser level no longer scares me. I think I have given up on living a hidden life socially. I do my best to control my identity by what I put out so I am down for the simplification.

If they can tie it in and make the user experience more seamless and easier for the non-tech crowd I think they can actually start to chip away at facebook. It is a good first shot over the bow to get their attention.
Your the original killer of the social world the godfather

You can't fool me man! That's Mark!
could be huge for monetization
Here's my question about RockMelt... where is the source code? It's built from Chromium and Chromium uses the BSD License, MIT License, the LGPL, the Ms-PL, and an MPL/GPL/LGPL.
Good read man. It sounds super convenient, but scary. Is Skynet finally here?
Chromium is the source code... just so long as you dont sell it... you're not required to share your own code...
+chris fuentes I believe you may need to take a look at the GPL and LGPL. You can mod, mix (including with any other source code), match, run, compile, etc. GPL code any way you want without any obligation as long as you don’t redistribute it. If you are distributing it, you must release your derived product's code. You can distribute GPL code any way you want (including for a fee) as long as getting the source code is not made harder for the user than getting the executable.
@Jeremy: Chromium is licensed under the BSD license and all the libraries they use are either licensed under permissive licenses like BSD, MIT, MS-PL, Apache, etc. or under the LGPL which doesn't require redistribution of source code unless the library itself is modified. IANAL, but it looks like RockMeIt is complying with the licensing requirements just fine.
Google have been defacto ruling the Internet for quite a while now. I have been writing blog posts like these 5 years ago and people used to call me mental and talking sci-fi bullshit. I had seen where Google was going a long time ago.

The only solution for any big, mega successful corporation is to become an oligopoly, which is where things like Facebook, Twitter, Google and maybe a few others including Apple will end up.

Once that happens the concept of 'Internet' will be completely different. Getting out of that 'box' will be virtually impossible and people will think you don't exist if you are not on Google/Facebook/Twitter as it is already the case with techno-geekery lot like us.

Once the oligopoly thing really grabs hold of all of our lives the 'oil is new data' proposition will start doing to the world what the current oil is doing to the world - destroying it.

Once it becomes unbearable for people to be paying to maintain their virtual existence online and people start creating virtual revolutions of the type similar to current Arab Spring, there will be Microsoft style demise of the whole infrastructure and business model.

Some other cat will come across with the next 'revolutionary and liberating' model which (once it gains mega popularity again) will become the same big oligopoly and so the cycle will continue on and on.

Need I say anything else?
If this means no more creating a login for every single site I want to use or comment on ...I'm in
+Stacy G Yes it does. Open ID leveraged in in the same way RFID is leveraged in the wireless payment credit cards you guys use in USA.
I feel as though Google has been building up all the surrounding pieces to a social portal. Plus could be the inter-connector for them all. Look at how Facebook has been trying to implement some of the things that Google already has. (Events, email, groups, IM to name a few.)
Thought provoking stuff, but not surprising.
As we move towards a web based society, we'll naturally head towards one or a few online IDs/profiles that are accepted widely, akin to how driver's license works in real life. Though I foresee (and wish) that these IDs will become the domain of the government, or at least a non-profit third party, as opposed to corporations, despite how much I like and respect Google.
Will it be the center of the end user experience on the web? Do you take the red or the blue?
Ironically, Tom, I have a friend that looks a LOT like you. He could use a shirt like this...
@jason grant I never really found openid to be universal enough and I refuse to link to the facebook acct I hate having. I don't need my web surfing visible to my MIL and co workers and I've never trusted Facebook with any level of privacy.
I'm sick of all this negativity surrounding Google.
+james pope you are asking Tom if he's on facebook? Really?
Well they do want Chrome to become an O/S that is very much dependent on the internet and the cloud right? It kind of makes sense to have this. It's a little bit scary, but hey how much of your identity are you already giving up to the internet voluntarily for the sake of being connected? In order to avoid getting into some privacy issues, perhaps there could be an "Anonymous" profile where you simply didn't get logged in with Gmail and you could browse without worrying about identifying yourself to the Overlord Google.
+Stacy G He gets harassed every time he posts in this place... even when they do it in a well-meaning, positive way. They have to say something; it's like they can't stop.
+Tom Anderson MG is connecting the dots (he does it very well covering Apple), first time I see him doing it for Google insightfully. Bravo. I've been saying in tech debates for 2 years now that Chrome is a huge story for Google, irrespective of how well chromiumOS does on netbooks (i really think everyone who wants one of these darn things should just get a Tablet -- either one is a serious developer/producer and hence needs a MacPro :-), or is a consumer and hence needs a tablet.)
Back to the main point, Google has now clearly established that it is fully attacking the 3 areas that matter most in the digital world --
a. The mobile App-eco system (Android & Chrome AppStores) + mobile ads
b. web-eco system (Chrome & adWords), and
c. online identity/social (G+) & +1
And they all fit together and cross-promote very well. Apple has a & b with no clear path to C. Facebook has C. It needs a second play, and I think it should be mobile-focused.
Let the battles begin.
OK A rely from +Tom Anderson just made my day and its 6:07 AM!

+Daniel Rice +James Pope I just found it ironic that you are on G+ asking about Facebook.
I'm just a bit angry at myself for not knowing that +Tom Anderson was still so deeply involved in the tech world or I would have been stalking him on Twitter and RSS feeds too!
The privacy issue has been a concern for us for a long time, but FB is not any better in that regard. My husband gets really unnerved by Google gathering information, but I've just never been that worried about being followed as I'm surfing. Gathering information from my email is a little concerning though. I also have Google voice and my hubby said he'd never allow Google to record voicemails. My question is, what would that do with the information that really hurts me? I understand a robot picks up key words for advertising, but it's not like I'm being stalked by a real person. And, if I am they'd probably be pretty bored with my life anyway.
your not tom, but you may need a website,.. ring 8773662041 !! ask for someone who is NOT JASPER !!
But I never really liked Chrome?
Google SSO (single sign on)... Unbelievable potential!
Yes you are! dont be a lier! TOM! xD!

i want this shirt!!!! xD!
Tom on Myspace will always be your friend, but Zuckerberg has his friend button disable.
Thanks for the article link and your updates as Google+ evolves.
Tom Anderson did the smartest thing ever! sold MySpace to that dumb guy! who resell it for such a cheap price!
huh , congratulations tom ,so many people (guys and girls) love you ,you are not alone ,the man in picture have black hair maybe that's you ?i don't want to say love you ,because you have got many love yet, good night
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