I have a confession to make: I've only clicked on "Sparks" once or twice. Also, I am addicted to G+. The content people are sharing here is so much more interesting to me than what I saw in Sparks. This sorta relates to an issue I made on a Techcrunch post last week: http://bit.ly/pBZo5Y about user control vs algorithms. More than anything, I'm just having fun looking at what people are sharing. I never had that sense of fun on Facebook or Twitter, or MySpace for that matter -- but that wasn't why I was using those platforms. For my own use case, I think Facebook is mostly about staying in touch with a network of 400 or 500 people I know via "weak ties." Twitter is kind of a fun distraction when I'm on my phone and have a few seconds to kill in low bandwith conditions (like waiting in an elevator, ha!). But G+ is basically replacing all my free time -- I've watched less movies, reading books less, less attention devoted to SF Giants baseball (gasp!) G+ has just become the most entertaining thing for me right now, and that's because of all you people sharing cool stuff. Thanks! I am addicted to you all, not Sparks. (Thanks G+ for the platform for my addiction... you're the "enabler" haha.)

Image: +Michael Lee Johnson
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