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I have a confession to make: I've only clicked on "Sparks" once or twice. Also, I am addicted to G+. The content people are sharing here is so much more interesting to me than what I saw in Sparks. This sorta relates to an issue I made on a Techcrunch post last week: about user control vs algorithms. More than anything, I'm just having fun looking at what people are sharing. I never had that sense of fun on Facebook or Twitter, or MySpace for that matter -- but that wasn't why I was using those platforms. For my own use case, I think Facebook is mostly about staying in touch with a network of 400 or 500 people I know via "weak ties." Twitter is kind of a fun distraction when I'm on my phone and have a few seconds to kill in low bandwith conditions (like waiting in an elevator, ha!). But G+ is basically replacing all my free time -- I've watched less movies, reading books less, less attention devoted to SF Giants baseball (gasp!) G+ has just become the most entertaining thing for me right now, and that's because of all you people sharing cool stuff. Thanks! I am addicted to you all, not Sparks. (Thanks G+ for the platform for my addiction... you're the "enabler" haha.)

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No. I tested it today and yesterday :D
I seldom click on "Sparks", either.
Agree with spraks thing, currently useless IMO
I don't think Sparks is quite ready for the prime time. Maybe that will change once the business profiles launch and we get to see what Google's got up their sleeve.
a lot of people are posting lots of photography which is fine with me!
Funny that you post this as I just clicked on my one and only Spark category... I use Google Reader for this sort of stuff. Do you use anything similar?
+Tom Anderson It's funny. back in myspace i removed you as a friend.. now I can't help but following you and reading your posts.
I couldn't agree more. there's definitely a special connection here, compared to FB. I'm a total Addict! (Getting my fix as I type) =)
+Tom Anderson Sparks has the potential to become something that all other networks try to have, real time socially integrated news. Google is king of search and algos, they can make Sparks so much better than it already is if they pay it some attention.
HILARIOUS that you're basically the face of this new platform. keep it up Tom! Love following you!
Um... maybe.. just a little. But I can totally stop at any time. Its not like I'm addicted, addicted.
I have found a couple interesting things through Sparks, but I would have found them soon through regular searches anyway.
I totally agree with this. I think this will be more addicting once more people I know are on here, but I've been finding it very interesting to engage in conversations with people and the lack of trolling is refreshing (knock on wood).
I have not had a lit of time to spend withSparks but needs more user control and filtering, good stuff though
Sparks should be more like a stumbleupon thing
I find Sparks very useful actually, if they somehow integrate that with Google Reader it would be even better.
Actually, +Tom Anderson , you're one of my favorite parts of G+ (and I'm not just kissing @$$ here) Has been really cool to see some of the tech giants interacting so much with us tech peasants. Love it!!!
The fact that sparks isn't in the mobile app too makes that feature kind of useless to me
I personally use the Pulse app on my Android phone to read all of the news, so I usually see a lot of duplicates and spam when I click sparks. Currently, my only topics on sparks are "android tablet" because I am in the market for one and "playstation", which was more of a test to see what I'd find with such a general topic. It's just not ready in my opinion.
I agree about Sparks. If I have free time, I can go to Greader. Or I can just go to Google web search to find stuff. So I don't really get Sparks. It feels redundant.

*I agree about the addiction, too!
+Tom Juntunen Interesting point, Tom. But I think part of what I'm finding interesting on G+ is people are sharing things I'm not thinking of / not searching for. The randomness is good and it's introducing me to new things.
Sparks should be utilized more, maybe as a trending topic sort of deal. I have to admit I'm on G+ constantly and havent really explored sparks.
Yeah, Tom, I think you are more interesting on here than you ever were on MySpace!
Sparks are a good idea indeed, but it would take a real-time crawler and a goddamn fucking smart algorithm to be really useful.
Baa Baa
Vaguely. Sparks needs to be ignited, please.
I'm sure the've noticed the uselessness of the sparks.. but maybe they have something else planned that we don't know about. If not.. HA!
+Tom Anderson, the Giants are still in first. I'll make sure to alert you if there are any threats of change.
I have to disagree with you. The sparks are as good as you make them. It is determined solely on the word that you associate with tour sparks... I have found out very quickly that using Technology as a spark is totally dis-similar to science technology or Internet Technology... Maybe the search algorithms could be better but I have incredibly pertinent sparks from changing the keywords I am using.
I can see getting myself addicted when Sparks pushes content from G+ itself :)
Sparks is OK when I remember to check it, but, I am totally addicted to G+. I went on and on about it in an Apple store yesterday when I bought a magic trackpad. Funny the Apple employee was one of the Geniuses and he wasn't on G+...LOL, not a genius.
I click through my Sparks about once a day. However, it usually a quick click through and scan to seek the same thing I seek in my Stream - interesting content. If I don't see any, it's right back to my Stream. Addiction is surely growing.
I have created them but rarely click on them...twice probably
I only check Sparks to see if any of my articles come up, which they have.
Yeah I think they should find a way to incorporate Google Reader into sparks or just replace sparks altogether with Google Reader.
Sparks has to integrate with GReader. It's a logical move.
+Chris Millikin when I say less Giants time, I just mean that it's on in the background and I don't sit and watch doing nothing else. Prior to G+ my daily Giants ritual was sit back, relax, listening to Kruk & Kup pregame show, then Bruce Bochy show, then watch the game on MLB.TV, then back to knbr online and listen to game summary, post-game wrap. Then go on Twitter and wait for Baggs to update his column. Every Giants game would consume about 8 hours of my day. Now I do all that while I'm on G+ :)
Yeah I tried searching Sparks for information on recording studios. I am interested in techniques, equipment, plugins, etc that other studio engineers might be using. Instead I got news articles about studio artists recording. It seems to be more of a yahoo news type thing than anything actually useful. I agree that it should be more of a trending topics meets DIGG/REDDIT type tool. Something that COULD give StumbleUpon a run for it's money.
Yes, it is great to be exposed to intelligent content(for the most part) again. Not digging the man-cat fights simmering, however.
Google+ is really addicting.
I like the nearby happenings on the mobile app, without it I would of never known there was a Google office in my city area. Haha. 
Clickable trending topics and a feature that functions like the Twitter hashtags for public posts would be far more interesting to me than Sparks, I think.
+Tom Anderson I agree with you here. What do you think LinkedIn could do to seriously be a social business network? Businesses posting daily updates on the progress of jobs so anyone involved in the project can just check the status update and save businesses money by posting one update instead of 5 phone calls...just thinking
I use Sparks in the beginning. I don't really know how it works though since the source seemed to be all over. Now I just check out interesting post from interesting people that I follow.
Really awesome to how many people are sooooo involved on here!! I am really enjoying connecting with people I would have never gotten the chance to with "other" social media sites
I just posted a lot of thoughts in a blog I had directed toward the idea of social networks being the 'enablers of the internet' (i'm a nerd for human-computer interaction, HCI). Perhaps I should post more content with thoughts related to said topic.. and I wonder if people would be interested. Hm.
I'm pretty addicted - especially with Picasa integration. I had an experience where it seemed as though Google recommended sparks based on what my Google+ friends were doing in Reader. Can't be sure, but that seemed kind of neat.
I actually just used Sparks to find some amazingly awesome Doctor Who links... Maybe I just need more Whovians in my circles
couldn't agree more with you, I'm addicted reading has taken a backseat..I am totally hooked to G+
+Matthew Melson I haven't spent much time on LinkedIn. I've heard some good things, but I'll have to go back and check it someday. It just doesn't serve a purpose in my life.
I don't understand why people don't like Sparks. It's basically a keyword search. You can get news on all sorts of things you regularly look up. +Tom Anderson , please do explain to me what I'm missing.
I like the idea of Sparks, certainly, but maybe it's just the content that needs improvement. The only two I have added are Movies and Comics, which actually do a good job of keeping me in the loop and linking me to trailers for upcoming movies. It's a good idea that needs to be expanded or polished in some way.
+Tom Juntunen yea it is really nice. Sitting here watching a stream of people hop into a conversation and just go to town and have everyone interact in a meaningful way over a particular topic ( ALL without knowing each other )
tom..seems like sparks needs to be filtered with circles too and have is by popular commented sure would stay up there lol..hey anybody created a meme for G+ yet?
Yeah I created a few sparks but not too impressed, i don't usually visit the sparks section very often. However, it might a good place to businesses to spy on the competition by creating a spark about it.
I'm so addicted to G+! There are so many awesome people here; it's unbelievable actually. Thanks Google for making such a compelling platform!
+Tom Anderson In the time I've had a LinkedIn account, it has never really been a big hit for me
Sparks are not that bad for internet loners like me. For now I only follow few people and they are pretty quiet. With the correct keywords Sparks find interesting articles.

There is room for lot of improvements thought. RSS feeds would be great. Search in the Google+ public posts is a must (Sparks could become the #hashtag of Twitter).
I think Sparks may be the one place Google+ failed. On one of my interests I have found quite a bit that's interesting--Pulp Magazines. The Movies Sparks have also been good. But I've yet to find anything interesting on Comic Books or Television. What people are posting is so much more interesting!
Im ready for the roll out of new features!
+Esteban Contreras I did talk with people in my blog, but MySpace didn't surface that content the way G+ does so well. +Roy Ruhling thanks Roy. It's harder to be interesting when you're busy running your co. I have free time to hangout now :) +David Crandall thanks David!
feature idea: a chrome add on that has a g+ quick share for URL would be super
I agree. I've clicked on Sparks a few times but I rarely ever find anything interesting. I actually forget it exists most of the time.
Google Reader + Google Alerts is my goto. My fear is that google will kill off/phase out reader and replace it with sparks. Integration would be OK but the reader interface is something I know intimately & am comfortable with. Some change I am opposed to! But yeah, I love G+! And there are very few of my friends here. When they do finally arrive, look out!
I agree... haven't had so much fun following people and reading and sharing all the awesome content over here. There's just so much to see, learn and explore! :)
Really loving your posts lately - some of your ideas are bang-on what I've been seeing in the space. Great insights.
I sometimes use Sparks,
I like it! I still need the cold objective results coming from an algorithm.
Great post, and I agree on many points. Even with the limited people I've met so far (always looking for more! :P), I'm enjoying Google+ a ton :) .
Ditto on the Sparks part - I'm sure it's awesome, but I have other sources for raw information than sparks.
Sparks doesn't cut it for me. G+ should just drop it and integrate Google Reader which already works perfectly.
irish d
sparks is great!! (+) and (-) works there to narrow down searches. so say dolphins -miami -nfl -giants etc... gives me news about dolphins of the seas only. and then you can add those same long search string to your sparks list. it's like a more convenient google alerts for me.

i also have a feeling those +1's and sparks will be connected later when google's social plug-in comes into the pic.
Hi, my name is Andrew and I am a Google+ addict.
...and the (polite) interaction with strangers is something I haven't experienced much on the web. I hope it's not the 'first rush' that fades and people get jaded. Also, as more folks arrive, I hope things don't start to get drowned out. I think circles will help with that immensely.
Sparks is useless. I'm addicted to G+ and haven't even hit 1 week here yet. Don't even remember twitter or Facebook 
How about sparks using data from recent conversations, google news which was read, google reader, or searches performed to provide topic of suggestion. seems like that would keep the content fresh.
David C
I'm addicted to G+, but I'm not even sure what Sparks is? Maybe I've been living under a rock.
Thanks for that tip +irish d., I had no idea you could filter like that!

And I agree +Josh Minear, I haven't really experienced this kind of social interaction either, even with Twitter and Facebook. Just feels a lot more friendly and casual on Google+.
I agree with +Tom Anderson . Sparks needs a bit of a "spark". Google would do well to integrate something similar to their What Do You Love? website within Sparks itself. People would find it much more useful to see just about every type of web media related to their subject instead of just a simple stream of headlines.

WDYL harnesses the power of Google and outputs results from everything you can imagine. I don't think many people even know about it. It's kinda like one of Google's secret projects that they never really went public with (or perhaps I didn't get the memo). You guys should really check it out, I was fascinated.
I have to agree, shared posts > sparks.
I normally use Google reader but I've given sparks a try. I guess since it's integrated into G+ it's supposed to male it somewhat easier but I'd much rather use Google Reader. 
+Tom Anderson I like reading and commenting here at G+, which I never did at FB/Twitter, in FB-most I see only game feed, in Twitter- maybe bot/auto tweet, it's hard to interact with other people in there for me. Until now, G+ suits me, I can real real person sharing, and interact to each other with good behave. BTW Tom, can you suggest google to allow block App/game stream all in 1 option? Do you think when the game coming, this is just like FB?
That's true .....I've also clicked on "Sparks" only once..........It's hard to use it ...
yes, sparks=meh. My initial thought was that is was going to pull out thematic content from your circles, which would be very cool. But it's just google news dressed up a bit.
+Tom Juntunen Exactly. Also would compile info of interest based on what you are reading, writing, and searching
+Wes Walker Ahh... I don't know how I missed that.. Hopefully we'll see one soon... It seems a given being as how it sparks (see what I did there? ;] ) conversations such as these.
I would like to start a "Google+ Anonymous" support group... but we can't be anonymous on here. :-/
I find Sparks particularly useful. It has given me loads of relevant content to read about things I'm interested in, though I clearly spend more time reading others posts.
Sparks are great, I have one for breaking news, and several others for work and hobbies.
+Chris Morozin And google is basing all company bonuses on social... id be shocked if a chrome add for g+ isnt rolled out soon
Farewell myspace,G+ I'm coming
+Tom Anderson addicted to G+. Wow times are changing. Never seen that coming Tom. Keep up the good work your doing !!!
+210 and yes. It happened to me too.
Sparks never show to me anything I like to read, but what others share are what I was looking for. So, now I don't use anymore Sparks and just follow one person to the other, jumping on an endless circle to circle.
+Tom Anderson: Also, I think Sparks are more suited to people who don't really have a lot of content to share. Some people may only want to use G+ as a private social network of family and real-world friends and may not want to follow interesting people.

For them, there won't be much to do apart from having hangouts and sharing status updates. Sparks give them a way of following just topics which interest them instead of following the people who create the content, allowing them to have more control over what all posts they want shared to their timeline.

Atleast that's how I see it at the moment. Would love to read what your thoughts are on this.
+Lov Loothra Good thoughts Lov. Honestly, I don't know. I've just been so fascinated by what I'm seeing in my incoming stream that I haven't give sparks a fair shake. You may have hit the nail on the head for why its there/where it's headed -- in effect to simulate the "incoming stream" if you don't have one in the beginning.
I wish that sparks had the option to see user posts on topics as well as articles.
+Lov Loothra I think you are right on the money with those less interested in reaching out. Also, I agree that g+ has the potential to be the next primary messaging tool whether smaller private networks (like family) or just "the gang" (my favorite circle name)
+Tom Anderson How do you even have time to notice the things you have "incoming" with the number of followers you have already before they're pushed away? There was a point even in this conversation where I felt like it was a fast-paced IRC chat.
I have never used StumbleUpon, but a lot of people suggest it delivers a similar experience. I'll have to mess with it a bit... Interesting to see Tumblr mentioned here too. I never used Tumblr, much but I can see how it might deliver a similar experience as G+ ... Maybe if Tumblr gave you people to follow immediately it'd pick up a lot of users that way. When I got there (several years ago, at launch) I was only thinking about what to post myself.
I can tell you "reading less" now ;P

You need to get off G+ if it's detrimental to your grammar

jkjk ><
+Heather Coleman I think Heather had the best idea yet for making sparks more useful. Cross reference topics with those you are following. Great idea!
+Tom Anderson I think you may have sent Sparks back to the lab with this post! LuLz What awesome influence!
Im loving the content thats being shared too and Im slightly addicted G+ is great and Im hoping the content sharing just keeps on coming :-) too. I am addicted g+,less watch my tv& another social network,g+ spend free times & enjoy people'talking
I know what you mean ;-). Google+ is quite fun! I really like it as a content sharing platform, but I also find the Sparks feature quite interesting, conceptually and for discovering new content.
+Tom Anderson To be honest, I've been getting such awesome feeds from the people I follow that I haven't really explored Sparks that much either! But I do have a few items setup for getting updates on some topics for which I don't have anyone to follow yet.

+Wes Walker You're very right. I find myself coming here on a more regular basis now and find that the essential feel of peer-to-peer interaction has been really nailed by Google (so far).

Oh and btw, I love that circle name... think I'm gonna copy that and use it myself! ;P
+Tom Anderson Untill you said i never looked tbh, i never noticed it untill i was looking for it apart from when it was said we wanted something more ?...Cheers ¬.¬ but i doubt i will be using Sparks if its algo based news as i'm already having issues with a task as simple as on the phone, two people googling the same words and the links are all messed up, Gone are the days it seems you can say '3rd link down typing such and such'.
I seem to be using G+ to spy on you + anyone i aspire too with a simler intrest i can sneakly follow and hopefully learn something as they don't have to accept a reason why i want too or judge me for it, The "weak tied friends" on FB i'm so torn about it's unreal. I can't put a finger on how i feel about FB's way of being social.
I only follow one thing on Sparks and it's not updated that much.
Sparks functioning like Pandora might be interesting. Watching the G+ preview vids I was actually excited about Sparks. Not sure why now.
I still think Sparks has potential, but it needs help from Reader. Adding in a functionality similar to Pandora would help out sparks quite a bit in my opinion.

For example, I could add a trusted feed from Reader into a Spark and let the algorithm build off that feed, suggesting stories from similar sources. Furthermore, having the ability to +1 or Thumbs Up or Down the suggested stories would help the algorithm learn my tastes and what's a "trusted" source.
+Tom Anderson The only problem is what happens when all us addicts start coming down from the high. . .
I actually like sparks! I follow; gardening, recipes, cooking, health and fitness, latest movies ect...I find myself scrolling through many of their articles (some better than others of course) reading a lot of info that interests me.
Sparks are in their infancy stages. Can't wait till they grow up.
I like sparks a lot also. I feel for even the vague categories I put in it gives me some interesting articles to read!
G+ is getting games the down fall of Facebook, how its not the downfall of G+ as well time will tell
I really enjoy sparks though. It'd be better if a)there was a "sparks" button in the toolbar along with the circles, pics, profile, etc.
and b) if the content was more recent and refreshed, maybe with +1's from ppl in your circles.
When G+ was a ghostland, I used Sparks a lot and didn't find them very useful. Maybe they've updated it, but now that I have "friends," I just read their stuff.

I act like that's been months. I guess I should say, "about 12 days ago I used Sparks."
I did wonder when you'd openly admit that you're addicted to G+ :) Thanks for your daily/hourly posts. I enjoy reading them all!

Also, I've found Sparks content quite irrelevant. So I haven't been using it either.
So when are Google gonna give us that Google Reader/G+ integration? I can already find precisely what I'm looking for, and discover new things relevant to my interests, far more effectively with Google Reader.

It needs a UI overhaul anyway. Why not bring that into the G+ fold as well?
Inject the needle because I am addicted as well. I find G+ more fun, more engaging and more interesting than the other networks.
Totally agree! Info overload but I love it! I'm learning so much. Collaboration right in front of you. G+ has brought the social media into the next level. Smart interaction.
My addiction to G+, from my PC to phone and even my tablet in bed. Life is great without Facebook :)
Sparks really do need a work over. The rest I really like.
Sly T
So far!
hmmm, i seem to use more sparks as a personalised reader..from which i can then share on G+..that's the great thing about Google products, flexibility and choice.
Hey tell us who you're following lol! the only cool stuff I see in my stream is from you!
They should kill sparks and bring in in place of sparks - and allow for your sparks to be the reader groups of content you already have.
My god I'm beginning to exhibit the signs, go into 10 step progie tomorrow
I'm fairly addicted. I just wonder how long this addiction will last.
Hi Tom!! I am glad I found you.. I am very new to Google+ I think I need help. I love it so far but all I seem to see is just my profile and the 4 people that found me from FB. I don't know how to see or find all the cool stuff you are talking about or what more G+ has to offer. I think it is going to be Awesome but I don't know what to do??? Can you help or anyone have anything to offer??? You can feel free to post on here or message me. Thank You!!
Wait, Tom... You're addicted to G+? I had NO idea! ;D
I kind of went kicking and screaming into MySpace (no offense). All my friends and I used LiveJournal at the time and people were slowly migrating over to MS. But even back then LiveJournal had friends groups where you could target your posts to groups and a friends page that listed all the new entries your friends made. Kind of like the G+ stream. MySpace blogging didn't really have either, Neither did facebook until a couple years ago. But it's too complicated and nobody reads anything longer than two sentences on facebook. Which is annoying. So I'm enjoying G+. It's sort of like an updated version of what LiveJournal was back in 2002.

That said, MySpace had some nice features. Like the ability to meet people you didn't know by searching criteria similar to a dating site. I met my current girlfriend on MySpace over three and a half years ago. This capability is missing from both G+ and facebook, but will not be missing from socialmore when it goes beta.
I pretty much only use sparks for very specialized interests that I want to know more about, but am not connected to a community that shares the interest. The search works well as a diving off point, and I have more sparks than circles at this point. It's a killer feature in my mind. These are articles that I can bring to the conversation. That said, I would like better reader integration.
Oh yeah> Majorly addicted!
Too busy getting my fix to even bother with Sparks!
+1 for the few clicks on sparks
Similar here -- I've only clicked on sparks a few times too to setup specific topics, and promptly not read any of them. I probably will explore now I've been reminded, but for me it's primarily about the content of those actively engaged in this space
I believe that Sparks will need some improvements before it becomes really useful. I only have a few sparks added, but they don't seem to be providing me with a whole lot of value at the moment.
tl;dr: Make Spark topics similar to Circles by allowing commenting, +1'ing, and sharing. Then it would be win.

I believe that the "Sparks" feature in G+ is incomplete, but the sentiment Google had for it is in the name itself. As it is right now, it is a springboard for people who don't have RSS readers and aren't actively perusing blogs to glean information that they could then share with their circles at large. From a spark, a fire of conversation.

That being said, I think the system could be revamped. Perhaps treating the Spark topics as a sort of "pseudo-circle" would be the way to go; let each topic within the Spark subject act as a single post, to be +1'ed and commented on by the people who have seen it. That way, it's almost like a mini-blog in and of itself, and gets people talking with those outside of their typical "filter bubble."

I think making the Stream the "person-generated hub" for content, and Sparks as a "topically-generated hub" for content could dissolve some of the redundancy people are feeling from GReader, and put that much-loved G+ social spin on their Sparks.
I'm finding that I'm more & more addicted. As more people get on I am finding the post to become more interesting. I'm not big on Facebook, Twitter was alway's my preference...when this develop's a big enough platform to maintain the relationship's I have through FB I will delete that account.
I think there is some fine tuning to be done on Sparks before it becomes really useful, but I have set up some searches and found useful articles from which I have made useful connections.
+Tom Anderson "I'm just having fun looking at what people are sharing" - I dont understand how this is done yet...could you help me out with this? thank you +Tom Anderson
I am thankful to Google+, since I was able to follow a lot of interesting people! And know a lot of things! :)
Why not replace Sparks with a Google Reader section? That would skyrocket Google + popularity.
I was wondering if you ever clicked your incoming stream.
feel the same, had so much interesting/inspiring input the last days ...
I use Google Reader where I get RSS feeds. If they can integrate that to Spark, it will serve my purpose
I would totaly say no. But god, who cares ? G+ is awesome and we should all be addicted to it !
I use sparks pretty often, it's a neat way of checking about all the stuff i care about in one place instead of checking multiple websites.
I can say the same, but I would like people write more, not only words as "yes" or "me too" , I think this is new and good way for thinking in community. I hope you returns to books and the Giants ;)
I'm starting to addict to G+, too. Because of the people I follow, every time I get in G+ I see an interesting post, that's amazing.
The user experience in G+ is on higher level than Twitter or Facebook.
However, I think sparks have to include the posts from the G+ users in the current topic. Otherwise, I don't see why to use Sparks, as I have access to Google's search engine. Someone said that he's using sparks for the breaking news. Okay, but wouldn't be better if a user shares this news? I mean the really interesting and breaking news are being re-shared hundreds of time, aren't they? Why don't G+ display this posts which are most popular in the current topic/Spark/?
I use FB the same way as you do. It's a way of staying in touch with my past (friends and family) Google+, for me, is all about exploration and seeking out the new - reading lots of new concepts, ideas and just interesting stuff. I don't necessarily agree with everything I read but the vast majority is thoughtfully written. Very little trolling.

I hope Sparks now just contains a placeholder and it will be developed into something a bit more. I used it once, thinking it would connect me with other people who shared the same interests. For example, I'm into rock climbing - I though Sparks would not only give news reports about climbing (not much) but also other Google+ users who had climbing in their profile. Instead, it gave me...not much.
Wasn't Tom the creator of MySpace? If so, you have a lot of good comments on here and wonder if you think Google + will stick?
I use the sparks for my beer news! I have gotten some good articles from there that I have shared in my stream. Needs work but I like the feature.
I want sparks to be integrated better with Google Reader. That would make it interesting and worth using. Sparks is just the search results of Googling a word and looking at the news search results.
I find Sparks pretty useless in its current state. I may be amongst the minority here but I'm still a HUGE fan of RSS and use Google Reader heavily daily. Its where most of my sharing starts. I would like to see Sparks and Reader rolled together as one product and weaved into G+. Only then would I find it useful.
just wait until google allows business pages and unleashes the waves of ads and spam
Again Tom well said, Exactly what I'm thinking. I haven't been intrigued by anything like I have g+ and it's ALL about the amazing content everyone's sharing!
you should look up SF Giants on Sparks so that you never have to leave G+ and you can stay up to date on all the happes.
If my Windows 7 phone could show me Google+ then yes I would be addicted. lol.
Like people have mentioned previously, integrate Reader into Sparks... or at least allow us to add specific sources for content.
Once time I was hitch hiking I-80 and the sun went down while I was in Sparks. It's the next town east of Reno. I slept in a ditch by the side of the road and no one bothered me. Next morning I got a good early ride. I think it took me all the way to Boulder! Early morning is the best time to hitch a ride...
RJ Basa
i'm definitely addicted to google+. i use sparks for movie trailers and updates ;)
lol...I'd like this image.. yes we addicted
G+ is great. Sparks is worthless - and it absolutely should NOT be driven solely by the algorithm.
I think it would be more interesting if sparks was based meticulously off of the content of posts and webpages which you +1 alongside some user input (where you can rate the suggested articles). That would be a lot more interesting and useful than just crapping out every article that falls under a vague header.
Not really a fan of sparks, and hell I'm not a big fan of social networking sites in general, but G+ does have a ton of potential. I'll be pissed if none of my friends jump ship to here once G+ goes public because Facebook has so many flaws it's ridiculous.
I don't like Sparks... I tried a few of the interests, and most of what I got was poorly-written blog posts about news articles. I'll just go to and get my news links there.
It is interesting that all the google + posts are much more intelligent and thought provoking than those on facebook. Probably because there are only an elite group of us using google+ so far.
I use sparks for things that I am currently looking for (i.e. still waiting on Gingerbread for my Thunderbolt so one of my sparks is "Thunderbolt Gingerbread") it seems to list articles recent almost always in the top 5 so it makes it much easier if i ever miss a press release.
This is why I want to see search within Google+ content - similar to how Twitter search works.
Sparks should be an RSS reader, that sports a 'popular' sidebar based on that user's networks' popular content. The user would have the option to add that feed to their reader. Ultimately, it would be an easy way to share content that a user keeps up with regularly.
Not Yet To get Addicted Google Plus Drug....Still a Facebook Addict !! lol...
Jay Kim
It's good for old school rss feed reader junkies like me, but yeah reading my circles has been way more interesting and informative than a digest of articles based on a google search on a specific topic full of false positives. For instance I don't care for an article on a Doctor who operated on a walrus, I was looking for any information on Series 6 of Doctor Who.
Diz Me
Only 2 people here on mine Mr Fredericksen but I am definitively catching the disease!
So what do you think about Beltran going to your beloved Giants???

Overall rating
totally, Google (all products) was always my first choice:) simple,productive,time-saving,very user-friendly,just love Google Stuff.
The thing about Sparks... is that I think it is going to evolve into what which would be very cool.
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