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Spent a few days in Oregon and was amazed at the trees and diversity there. This is a tree native to Japan, but I've never seen one like this on my several visits to Japan. Go figure. Will definitely be spending a lot more time shooting in this incredible place! Go Oregon :) !
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That's awesome and beautiful 
Tom Anderson. Visit Ashland, Oregon. Oh. My. Magical. Please.
Happy to see your posts in my feed again Tom! 
That is insanely psychedelic. (and it is beautiful too)
Central Oregon is amazing. Next time check out central Idaho, too. 
Any idea what the name of this tree is? I recall seeing something similar where I live, but we simply call it "Fire Tree".
Wow ! This tree is amazingly beautiful ! The colors are stunning !
Wonderful  photograph !
Splendidly very besutiful;de presence of nature felt!Must be mapples Spreading its gifted shade!Thanx for sharing!?
That's my former home. LOVE
next time your around portland. Let's go out and shoot something.
Shhh, don't tell anyone about Oregon :)
What thus was taken yesterday? Not the Fall season!?
It looks like a fire tree!!! At first, it looks creepy with those branches but when you look deeper to it,you'll see a nice place to meditate and connect with mother earth :)xoxo
Surreal! Excellent artsy shot. Just good to still see you around, Tom: comforting. I spent a lot of years on MySpace in its heyday..met a lot of fine folks..a lot of good memories. But after MySpace I couldn't EVER see myself on Facebook. Google+ is a far better alternative -- eh?
+Lisa Silvey that's uncanny that you found that! Same tree in the photograph from almost the same angle... and a different season evident by the flowers on the bushes. +Tom Anderson was there a "take photo here" mark on the ground? :)
Anyone know what the actual name of this tree is? I really would like to find one for my Japanese garden 
wow!!! what a beautiful seen. thanks
Beautiful~ perfect!
From the looks of it that kind of resembles Lithia Park in Ashland. If not worth a visit. They have a small but nice Japanese garden there. 
I just visited friends in Portland 2 weeks ago. Awesome waterfalls! Mount hood is beautiful! Great beer & lattes! I want moss on my trees!! Agreed! Go Oregon! 
this is so beautiful. Keep on sharing these amazing pics. Thank you!!
thx Selina - do you know the variant? it seems like lots of maples have straight trunks. This "tree," btw, is quite small - not even 6 feet tall... I was crouched on the ground under it when I took the shot.
Oregon is a great place and I'm glad to call the state my home.
+Tom Anderson You REALLY need to do Japan in the fall...Japanese maples are my all time favorite tree and even though it was past peak colors when I was there it was still so amazing. :) This shot is gorgeous!
I wish, i was autumn, wild, passionate and Full of enthusiasm and colorful...
هذا رائع جداااااااا
Wow looks like a fairytale,are there gnomes also in Oregon?
Is it real? So beautiful. Amazing place. Please tell me where it is and what the beautiful tree is.
thực là một bức
 hình đẹp
Stunning image my friend!
Now that is a scene I would love to paint!  and i just might.  Beautiful
I'm sure +Tom Anderson if you go back, one of the staff at the Japanese garden would be more than happy to tell you what cultivar it is.
+Tayoke Gyi it's at the Portland Japanese Garden; you might miss it, since the tree is only about 5 feet tall :-)
bao ke
Thật là tuyệt vời

Đẹp thật! Lá màu đỏ thế này thì hoa sẽ màu gì nhỉ ?
Lisa R
I love it it so beauty ful the moment I can't emaging 
Classic, mature Japanese maple, beautifully pruned, exquisitely photographed!
Oregon keeps popping up and all the Oregon people I have met and who stayed in my cottage are great!
+Tom Anderson checkout my bike ride pics. Oregon is beautiful beyond trees as well :)

Oregon is amazing for a bunch of reasons. We have stunning nature, stunning wildlife, amazing weather during spring, summer, and fall. The people are some of the nicest and most hospitable people I've ever encountered. The entire state has a small town feel to it, especially when you realize everyone drives the speed limit.

Best thing though, you can live in the city and play in nature so easily. Nature is literally in your back yard. 
What is it! On the side I am,a tree steward for thw city I live in but I mostly just study trees indigenous to northeast america.
Gorgeous pic though! This came out incredibly awesome!
Beautiful just beautiful
Looks like a Flamboyan ( in spanish) mostly seen at the Caribbean. Beautiful tree !! 
This is la poinciana its my Island national flower ST. KITTSthey're beautiful around spring time!
Roy K
Your camera capture so many colors that my i couldn't I think so. Very nice  photograph man.
Very Peaceful...I it was like dat all around
tom do you ever put your self in your pictures ? 
Very nice picture like always Tom ,love 
Great photo:)) Amazing coloring.  Makes me
want to take a visit.
Rob Nom
Rain helps things grow.
Very vibrant colors I must say.
wow beautiful I have a love for trees : )
you know what, i'm gonna go there this weekend just because of this photo.
So brilliant color!
Most Beautiful & Extaordinary View & Capture.Fantastic &Fabulous Posting.
We have an amazing state with lots to see.
+Mike Adamczyk nice catch! Also not to rain on the love fest but the Japanese maple is probably one of the most commonly planted trees in suburbia. Portland anyway. 
es hermoso, es como el paraíso 
There's a lot of Japanese trees in that area +Tom Anderson. I went to a park in Seattle with many like this one. 
Hermosisimo, que gran sensibilidad al capturar todos estos lindos colores que nos brinda nuestra naturaleza.... felicitaciones por regalarnos esta belleza!!! 
an du
i love japanese culture!
Different soil produces different colors (?)
I wonder if Oregon was connected to Japan when the world's continents were one (the 2nd Pangaea) ? That would explain the Japanese tree being there
pretty! hey tom! what do you think of the new myspace?
Very beautiful, I visited there one time
cela semble  a un arbre chinois que l'on ne voit habituellement   tres  vert  foncé  superbe  nous rapproche de nos érables 
+Tom Anderson was the very first online friend I ever had from way back when he was the owner and creator of myspace. Its really a great thing to see posts from him on google.. Peace be with you brother
Tom thank you so much for sharing this beautyful place. I've never seen something so amazing like this.
Dem Key
Amazing picture Tom, do you what type of tree it is?
The Great nature. Thanks for God and your for capture. Nice
so perfect picture 
Creativity and nature...loving the sight..wish I could walk around such natural walkways;)..
Kant thanks to Peter Lik
is TOM still working on MySpace? or is it a foregone conclusion?
Is this Tom Anderson from MySpace? 
All those trees have amazing colors best photo of trees ever seen
Надеюсь увидеть это наяву, своими глазами.
Roxie M
Magnificent colors!

Beautiful! Where in Oregon is this? I'm currently in Ashland so might check it out :)
So much goodness in this photo. Magical!
Absolutely breathtaking! I'd visit Oregon for this (and the wineries). 
the color is magnificent. Thanks.
Stunning. I think I may need to visit. Thanks for sharing :)
Tom were have you been. I haven't seen you in a few years.When you worked for My Space. I love you pictures. I was always happy to see you. You are so smart and helped me so much. Several years ago when I moved. From Cincinnati.Ohio to Somerset,ky.
My middle son and daughter in law live in Portland. It is a beautiful city.  Great shot. 
Hermosa, Hermosa, la creacion de una mente inteligente y poderosa.
Very nice!! I live out in Japan, so I'm hoping to see one! What's this tree called?
God is so Wonderful you just can not explain how he does his things.what a mighty God he is . This is just lovely
Hi Tom great pic. enjoy your eye for beauty in this wonderful world of ours.
No Words to express

its Beauty of Nature
Incredible :)
Nice to see you're back to posting beautiful pics. Moar plz 
Local lindo e acolhedor. Obrigada por mostrar.
That is the most wonderful place to see. It bright and color to see and think.
Where in Oregon did you see this? 
Such beauty
                                       Much elegance
Oregon trails, Arizona (4 corners), Washington State has an incredible tree collection that takes talent to photograph from trams.  It's a lot of rope work in some places but awesome views.  This tree looks nestled.
Sublime, il n'y a pas pas d'autre qualificatif, comment obtenez vous ce genre de cliché, avec un appareil photo spécial ? Ou exposition longue avec appareil photo sur trépied ? Bravo Tom; à bientôt pour d'autres belles photographies....
FUJIfied- color saturation to the max. People love that.
Cet arbre ressemble un peu à un bonzai mais en grand format
We have this tree in Michigan as well. Not a native, but hey!
De quelle espèce (essence) s'agit il ? puisque vous avez le même dans le Michigan, avec ses branche tortueuses on croirait voir un bonsaï en grande taille :-)
I want to learn how to take these kids of amazing pictures.
The world was made with ful of amazing, when ye look that trees...waoo! so wonderful, I wish I would be there, Glory be to the creator G-O-D.
wow Tom you take some of the most breath taking pictures i've ever seen reminds me of my favorite saying " Life isn't measured by the number of  breaths we take but, by the moments that take our breath away."
oh that's where my surprise party was supposed to be….
Oregon would be in my top 5 destinations the planet, it's just simply beautiful!
Every photo is heavenly, your taste for beauty is very outstanding. 
I absolutely love this picture.You captured it in it's essence.
+Tom Anderson lol you were my first friend on MySpace :p
Today I was 😳 to see ur picture. Reminded of good old days.
Tom your photos are beautiful !!!!!!!!!
It"s a beautiful photo!!!
what a beautiful picture This is
GOD 's wonders
29/5/2015 / 1:31 am hey Tom Anderson how do you do so sorry about u , I 'm doing ok I thought we no more face any more , looking at the past so terrible I lost control any nice to keep in touch "(^_^)"
a real definition of "Nature's Beauty"...nice one Tom!
4/6/15 at 8:53 pm hello, Tom Anderson I would like to have MySpace website but I couldn't approve the web please help thank you :((( here email -
beautiful place your photo is nice great job my friend
I think this is just beautiful, one of those Wish I was there scenes!
Breathtakingly beautiful! I'll share with my friend that is making plans to move to Portland in a few weeks!

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