I'm in Oahu right now and took this photo a few nights ago at Yokohama Bay. It's kind of amazing when you visit places like this and consider that no one else is around to witness these sunsets, waves and clouds. I suppose that's because this bay is literally the "end of the road" on the Western side of the island. You can't get anywhere else by driving to Yokohama Bay, because the road stops at the end of the bay. In other words, the only reason you'd be here is to be here, and so, there's usually not many people at the bay, even during a glorious sunset like this one. This photo will serve as a reminder, then, of one of life's lessons that's served me well: there's always great rewards in doing what you love, even if it doesn't seem to lead anywhere...

From an early age, I approached "goals" a little differently than my friends. I found it difficult to do things I didn't enjoy by holding onto the idea that my unpleasant hard work would lead me to something I thought I wanted. You go to high school so you can go to a good college. You go to a good college so you can get a a good job. You get a job so you can ... {fill in the blank}. This never worked for me. In fact, I dropped out of high school. By doing what I loved to do, I was mostly always happy and things tended to work out for me. Instead of doing something unpleasant to get somewhere I thought I might want to be, I tried to find things that were intrinsically rewarding . I didn't focus much on where those fun things may lead. It didn't matter because the journey was more important than the outcome. I guess I'm more of a Yokohama kind of guy :-)
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