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I'm in Oahu right now and took this photo a few nights ago at Yokohama Bay. It's kind of amazing when you visit places like this and consider that no one else is around to witness these sunsets, waves and clouds. I suppose that's because this bay is literally the "end of the road" on the Western side of the island. You can't get anywhere else by driving to Yokohama Bay, because the road stops at the end of the bay. In other words, the only reason you'd be here is to be here, and so, there's usually not many people at the bay, even during a glorious sunset like this one. This photo will serve as a reminder, then, of one of life's lessons that's served me well: there's always great rewards in doing what you love, even if it doesn't seem to lead anywhere...

From an early age, I approached "goals" a little differently than my friends. I found it difficult to do things I didn't enjoy by holding onto the idea that my unpleasant hard work would lead me to something I thought I wanted. You go to high school so you can go to a good college. You go to a good college so you can get a a good job. You get a job so you can ... {fill in the blank}. This never worked for me. In fact, I dropped out of high school. By doing what I loved to do, I was mostly always happy and things tended to work out for me. Instead of doing something unpleasant to get somewhere I thought I might want to be, I tried to find things that were intrinsically rewarding . I didn't focus much on where those fun things may lead. It didn't matter because the journey was more important than the outcome. I guess I'm more of a Yokohama kind of guy :-)
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Nice thought, thanks, I'm in the process of thinking this through, and I think you're right, it's the journey that counts.
Man, look at the colors!! Very impressive, Tom! Keep up the great shots! How's the weather been during your visit? I've heard parts of Hawaii have been really stormy lately.
Alright Yokohama, another great shot!!
Stop showing off :P
thanks +Carlos Balderas yes, it's been raining quite a bit. I've been driving and diving avoiding the rain for the last 10 days or so.. Always trying to find a spot where the sun is peaking through :-)
wow...!!! it was like an edit pic.. but I can't believe it's true....oh,,,, what country is this photo captured.?
Yes but most people who drop out of high school end up living in poverty their whole life
its pic,i have no words about pic beauty. you r such wonderful photographer.
this is gorgeous, Tom - can't I borrow it???
Thx, for sharing Tom Anderson, I've been at a crossroads...and I may be a lot like you...And just needed a little reminder. wow
I like the photo. I love the text that accompanies it much more. You're becoming an established photographer (to me at least), but the text is pure prose; I've felt that same way all my life. My mileage varied from yours, but the trip's been the same reward.
Hi boy, are you crazy? How can you taken these shots?
nice one. could you share the full resolution version please?
I want to build a house where your standing in the picture.
Nice picture! Keep following your dreams... ;)
shock on me !amazing
belki işini bilen birisi fakat oynanamış fotograf şekli olmamalı. bu izlenimi veriyor.
I'll be there in 2 months!! Is that the moon peeking out over the hill on the right side of the photo, or a weather radar?
All your photos are really nice but I don't like how they all look so fake after editing.

When you first started posting photos you put one up that wasn't edited and it looked amazing! Anyone can take a photo and edit it to make it look nice. I'm not being negative, just posting my opinion.

You're a great photographer and take some beautiful photos, just ease up on the editing and they'll be that much nicer.
the power of the natural
Beautiful and breathtaking !! If i could i would use this pic as my wall paper!! 
M Dane
Beautiful photo . . . . but we do need to buy you a compass . . . . that is on the extreme Western side of Oahu. . . not the Windward sided . .
gad thats such a loverly pitcher,
This is amazing! The colors are so soft and the lighting so perfect--you were really in the right place at the right time.
unbelievable... so nice pic.Paradise on Earth...
wow, its very beautiful moment n awesome pic.
Wow!!! Absolutely gorgeous! ! Thanx for sharing it with all of us. 
Wow Tom, that was so inspiring. The photo is absolutely beautiful and amazing, but what captivated me more was your description, your teachings. I find it very relevant to my current position in life right now, so I thank you very much, and your words will stick with me forever.
I've saved this post so I can refer back to it in the future.
I'm glad I stumbled across your Google+ page.
OMG... that's breath taking...
I like it and wanna get this ............
Tim Ans
so exiting ...
photoshop photoshop photoshop photoshop
scheiss bschiesser!!! dasch ned vo der! ich mälde das de ufsechtskontolleinhieit vo google +!
For a long time I thought that materialistic things and money were what counted. It's not at all..... Wonder is a babies laughter, the unconditional love of a beloved pet, the beautiful places that our planet has to offer, love and peace. I wish this for everyone :-)
and jeez man, get the hell off o'ahu! hop a flight to kaua'i if you want to camp and see some beautiful stuff!
Thanks Tom like always FABULOUS !! I want to know how would u feel when u r able to capture such unique moments ! Good 4 u !
Been there many times -- so beautiful!
this looks almost too beautiful to be real..............but awesome pic:)
+Tom Anderson It would be great if you could find a way to post the EXIF data with your photos or a link to it. I admire your work, but I often look at your images and wonder about the exposure, lens length....
Unbeleivable, Allah knows best
Nice pics, but there is a crazy amount of HDR in the picture (har) here, right?
+Tom Anderson it would be nice to see your settings from time to time or explain your thought process. Especially with wonderful pictures like this. I'm not fortunate enough to capture images like this often but if I were, it would be nice to have a guide on how to setup my camera. :) Also , did you use any ND filters? Anywho, thanks for sharing your work, and doing what you do!!!
Thanks Tom for the great pictures. I'm using them for my desktop wallpaper. =)
Is this really real or a simulation. This is a beauty to behold. . . 
Great picture, great place to be
Wow. How much editing did you do? This is stunning Tok

+Tom Anderson I'm so glad you've been in Hawaii a lot lately. Thanks to your new photos as of late, I've added some perfect options to my computer wallpaper collection. I love pretending I'm someplace warm and tropical. Boston just doesn't seem to fit that description.
wow, looks like a painting! also like a place you might never want to leave either!
Wow, you lucked out with the weather. I just spent a week in Honolulu and it drizzled/rained the whole time I was there.
Great work. I didn't know Yokohama got a beautiful site like this.
Well I don't even know where that is!
Wow what an amazing glimpse of a picturesque part of this scenery!! Awesome work my friend...
Could you post a gmaps link to show where did you took the picture, please?
That's an amazing picture
I bet you're using some editing tool to crank up the saturation a little bit! I can't believe anything in nature look so colorful/beautiful.
So Fantastic!!!!!
So very well stated, +Tom Anderson . You like to be in the Flow state :-) Thank you for sharing that story, and Yokohama Bay, with us.
photo shop rules n the HDR effects looks hot..
is it only me or does any one else find the clouds in the image moving :)
Wow another sunset.... no offense but there is already an overabundance of sunset pictures out there. In order to be unique the photo needs to have some other subject in it otherwise its no different from what every tourist to Hawaii snaps pictures of. Other than nice colors this photo doesn't have much going for it.
OMG,. The colors are sepctacular. Nice job.
ya i am on myspace why do u ask??
A very relaxing photo, I wanna place it as my screen saver:)
Hawaii has some amazing photo shots.. Kauai is another great place for desolate shots.
so beautiful and nice pics! thanks for sharing....
I've actually been there - thanks for the memory (and the much needed perspective!) :)
Thats a nice seanery i wish i was there its storming where i am
jo co
omg looks so so...BEATUFUL!!!
Beautiful picture. I always appreciate introspection, good luck on your journey.
Leave the contrast alone.....natural pictures are better 
Tom, its also because, unfortunately people are slaves to their job and are not able to be in Oahu at sunset. That's why I admire people that can do this and want to be one soon
Sorry Tom, the picture i got was not very sharp....
You should come to Puerto Rico. Great for photography enthusiasts...
I never seen any places like this, amazing.
it's like heaven on earth. beautiful and serene.
Thank you for the new desktop background!
You are soooo lucky! I use to live on Oahu, in kaneohe (not sure on the spelling). I loved it! Hopefully one day I will get back there....mmmm....I can smell the plumeria...ahhhh
Dis is a beautiful place one should check out...look so amazing
this pic is really cul i wish i can go there one day
thats amazing where is it taken?x
more than a 100+ indeed Colly this jus awesome how can l get there?
What a lovely sunset, a beautiful location to be!
looks photo shopped. shadows are all wrong with sun in back ground.
Another thoughtful post Tom, thanks for sharing it!
Tom is that photoshopped at all?? Very beautiful
Wow what a wonderful landscape I wish I could be there with you
I guess more people should stop and smell the roses Myrla
Rie Rie
Don't go alone, take someone with you! I'd bee first in line for such a tour! Aren't you happy that God created such beyond words as Beautiful
Cab u send it to me?

Amazing photo. me ask parents to go toYokohama bay
Wow dude we dont have like these amazing view in Iraq .. God bless you
I look forward to your new pictures every day! Thank you and keep it up - You Must Travel for Us!
No one said the place was fake... just the pic looks fake... it's a beautiful pic I do say... looks like a painting...
Not convinced. Shadow on the hill/mountain side gives it away. Its not even a good copy of a fake. Stop wasting your time trying to con the world, there are far more astute people than you.
Wow that is awesome this world is moving so fast and people seem to be so busy nowadays. Witnessing beauty like that puts life in perspective. why r we moving so fast where we going. Money is what we r all fighting for but some things money cabt buy.....idk. I just had this thought
have seen beautiful pictures of sunset and sunrise but nothing like these colors .....both blue. Excellent shot.
So perfectly constructed is it just all perfectly chanced molecules n atoms that generate the energetic flow of energy that creates a masterpiece to the eye

Tom! I remember you from MySpace bro! 
Asai Ku
Maybe your time yet to come. Like to take a great photo you must shoot in a right time, right moment and at right places.. :)
Hey great do manage to take them ?
Gorgeous setting. Inspiring philosophy! 
well looks cool ... feels like a heaven
Beauty of mother nature,very nice pic.(_)
Awesome jobs! Thq 4sharing beautiful pic
wow this look like sketching and is real unbelivable courlor. Mehnn am gonna be there in future it amaze
Beautiful. Makes you think & relax at the same time.
See Wounders of the World..........
i want to build a bamboo house at the end of the road ;) howz the real estate prices over there +Tom Anderson
Awesome pic. Slight correction, Yokohama is on the west side. It is a hidden gem, really the entire west coast there is awesome that most tourist don't see. Locals there aren't particularly friendly to outsiders in that area which is why most people avoid it, which is a shame.
that pic doesn't even look real, how BEAUTIFUL!!
how good you became on Photoshop in such a short time!
You do realize the sun sets in the west, right?
Im sitting right there on the hill there are 5 bussloads of tourist pulling up right behind you
stunning absolutely stunning
the type a single people around there take for granted and people from northern michigan never get to see .
Fantastic, beats anything i`ve seen in a long time.
Hi everybody…………….its superb……….
This photograph is as beautiful as your journey. Its more important to enjoy the journey & fill yourself with happiness .... after all we can only share what we have in us. Keep spreading the happy sunshine with your beautiful work and friendly words :)
Wow... It looks like something you would send back home with a letter, "Hi Mom! I'm having a great time here visiting Earth! The weather is beautiful, and check out this sunset! (Yeah, they only have one sun, but isn't it beautiful!?)
Do what your want ,which is the key to real life .
Beautiful ~ lucky you to have seen it! 
I see this Tom Andersen guy is looking to monopolize second tier social networking websites. Unfortunately, Google+ is not territory he's going to incorporate into this scheme of his. With people like Ian Cobb out there, there is no doubt the Google+ online community remains vibrant and unique, hospitable. Ian Cobb is your defender, Tom Andersen is a threat to Google+ integrity.
Very nice picture! What kind of camera are you using?

Fantastic blue look great,very beautiful i adore..
+Tom Anderson , this is your best shot i've seen of yours followed by a very meaningful quote. Thanks.
cool and amazing i believe u had a gre4t t1me
i think is is two or three pictures put together
accualy i think this picture is real graet job
Tom? Like Myspace Tom? On Google Plus? Nice. XD
+Joshua Harp yup same dude. Facebook dude is on here too... Drawing a blank on his name...
Beautiful! We have been out on that side twice in the last couple of weeks, having originally discovered it out of curiosity about where "the H1 ended". Have you seen the dolphins out there?
This is an incredible photo almost unbeleivable
Its nice but it would be better if it wasn't edited to hell... Its sad that this world photoshops so much in order for it to be beautiful I.e magazines photos etc... The world and people are a beautiful thing without all the editing.
it,s only GOD painting beautiful
Congratulations for the image and the amount of messages.
perfectly captured photo!!good job!
Beautifully captured +Tom Anderson, and I like your view on things. It's hard to be unhappy doing what you love, but it all has to do with where your priorities are in the end.
One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The colors are spectacular. Thanks for posting this.
it is amasing,something you cant explain to somebody,have to see it with your own eyes!!
Nice Post and an amazing picture, GOD's creation will always amaze us... It is to congratulate you for being in the right place in a perfect moment
D Ruiz
HA, my new desktop!
wow!!!amazing God's creation i can say.
Wow, very fantastic. I love it. You should post it more.
All these pics are amazing! It must be wonderful to be you, Tom! May you have a long healthy life and loved ones that love you forever<3
Marta A
me gusta es linda bella me encanta marta.
That sounds very nice.sir
It's just like.
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