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Tom Anderson

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I've been to Iceland twice now, first in the Winter and now in the Summer. The place is truly wonderful... I learned to love the ice and snow on the first visit, which was a big surprise. On the second visit, this summer I was also surprised how green, and non-icy Iceland is. The climate is quite moderate. People were camping outdoors all over the island. This shot is from Dettifoss, a waterfall which is reputed to be the most powerful in Europe. It was an awesome scene even without the great sunset we saw. Enjoy :) 
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Tom Anderson

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Notes from Iceland: I've been here about two weeks. What an amazing place. Ice caves (captured in a photo I took here a few days ago), Northern Lights over snow-capped mountains,, shockingly blue glacier chunks on black sand beaches, waterfalls everywhere you turn, quaint houses, hip cities (Reykjavik / Akureyri), and endless fields of snow -- so much snow I feel like I'm looking at Hoth from the Empire Strikes Back. I love this place. 

When I arrived in the airport, all the rental car offices were closed. I finally found a way to call the place I'd made a reservation with and they came and picked me up... They drove me out to this warehouse filled with strange mechanical devices, lumber and a small desk. The rental car employee apologized saying they were just getting up and running. I thought I'd entered some crazy outpost at the end of the world with no facilities... In fact, I soon learned that Iceland's main towns are as cosmopolitan and convenient as anyplace I've been. 

The weather has been insane. The day I arrived, 20 meters per second winds (we also experienced 30 mps, technically they call this a Hurricane) are knocking me around as I try to get in my car. Snow and rain is blowing everywhere. On the first night the road to the hotel I'd booked in Vik had been closed, so I drove to Reykjavik instead.. at first I'm terrified of driving in the snow and worried about snow tires and the chains they're also demanding you put on your car in America. Within a few days, I'm doing 80KM an hour during near blizzard conditions. You get used to it!

It's so different than anything I've experienced growing up in California, I'm in awe of this place. I'm truly smitten, and decided to stay through Christmas and New Years Eve. I never had any appreciation for snow or cold weather places, but with my (relatively) new love for photography, I find the opportunities here overwhelming. I've been happily shooting away each day (all 4 hours of them- the sun rises at 11 and sets at 3 during this time of year!) and on many nights when the skies are clear.

Strange Iceland Facts:

* I've had the best hamburger I've had in years at an N1 gas station. 
* Skalmold, "folk-metal" based on ancient Icelandic sagas is on sale everywhere like it's Miley Cyrus
* You can get your car unstuck from the snow with a children's toy shovel and a car mat
* You don't really need to take tours to see things, except the ice caves 
* Lots of guys are named "Thor" (even my ice cave guide pictured here was named Thor)
* You will see some of the biggest monster truck wheels you've ever seen in your life
* It's hard to find anything open in the rural towns after 6:00pm
* Hotel desks in rural areas are unstaffed at night (Eek! Car sleeping is no fun)
* The ring road is awesome, you can get to almost all the big sites by following this one road
* There is no entry fee for all the natural wonders, parks, etc. 
* People seem helpful and not trying to rip you off 

I have not learned a word of Icelandic, or I'd say Farewell, thank you in Icelandic. Everyone speaks English... So Farewell for now,  thank you :) 
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Tom Anderson

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I'm headed back to Beijing in a few weeks. I can't believe its been a year since I was last there. On our last trip we stopped by this crazy restaurant and took some photos. It was gigantic and empty, and I began wondering how the restaurant sustains itself... I'd actually been to the restaurant before and it was fairly empty too. I'm guessing if you rent one of the many rooms for your private party, they charge enough to keep the lights on from that single meal. Anyway, having it devoid of people really helps to set the mood. This place is just crazy inside. The interior was designed by non-other than Phillippe Starck. 
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Tom Anderson

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Trying to stir things up a bit. Despite the number of films and TV shows that have been shot here, I couldn't find a composition that was interesting on its own in this beautiful spot (Alabama Hills / Lone Pine, CA). The sky was looking like it was gonna be good for sunset, so we decided to stir things up a bit. You Star Trek geeks might appreciate this location. Can any trekkies say what's been filmed here? Btw, for those who use 500px, please follow me there
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I Meridian Las imegenes
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Tom Anderson

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Spent a few days in Oregon and was amazed at the trees and diversity there. This is a tree native to Japan, but I've never seen one like this on my several visits to Japan. Go figure. Will definitely be spending a lot more time shooting in this incredible place! Go Oregon :) !
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Saludos desde Bolivia
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Tom Anderson

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I've spent a nice few weeks in Thailand, going all over the country... from the beaches in the south to the country's highest mountain in the north. Once you leave Bangkok, it's a very relaxed, laid back place. I've not been able to get many photos I'm happy with, but here's one. This shot is from Ko Phi Phi Leh, a small, uninhabited island with a few pristine beaches. It might look familiar to you from the movie "The Beach" which was filmed very close to here.
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Tom Anderson

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Poll for single people: Do you plan to get married?
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hell no, I'll never be another person's property, my freedom is valuable. See how many married couples kill their spouse
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Tom Anderson

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I'm thinking of heading to Europe at the end of October and staying through January. Can anyone recommend the best places to photograph during these months (i.e. spectacular fall color displays (or am I too late)). Have I missed the best time for Croatia's fall colors, for example? Or how about the most likely places to capture some nice snowfall? I'm flexible and will go just about anywhere from Iceland to Russia. +Max Huijgen I figured your network might have some suggestions :)
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+Tom Anderson , just an FYI, there is a phony profile on FB that's using your name and photos:
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Tom Anderson

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Manhattan Beach Pier, in California. I've been out here several times trying to get a good sky and photograph of the place. The sunsets are usually good in this location, but I'd never quite seen the "wow" moment I was looking for until a few days ago. Thank you mother nature :-) 

The funny thing is I was not out there planning to shoot. I just happened to be in the neighborhood picking up my "new" (its from 1984) "classic" (I'm not sure everyone would agree) Vanagon. To me its a very beachy car, and I happened to have the Beach Boys on the stereo driving right past the pier. Luckily I had my tripod and camera with me... All in all, it was a very summer-sy moment. :-) 
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Tom Anderson

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A storybook moment out in Canyonlands, Utah. I gave this photo more of a painting-quality, it felt like such a timeless moment that day. This was my first visit to the park. It's an incredible place and I've returned once since then. I know I'll go again and again... so much to see here. Utah has some amazing scenery!
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Fhugjoyffb di f hghfo i h UHF g g
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Tom Anderson

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Back in Las Vegas and finally got up for an early morning sunrise view of Red Rock Canyon out here.  It's a beautiful place, and, I know, not what most people think of when they think Vegas, but you can drive out here in just 20 minutes... A good break from the Casinos. I recommend you visit next time you're in Vegas. 
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Tom Anderson

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I'm in Cambodia now. Last night I may have witnessed (and photographed) something never before seen in the storied history of the 900 year old temple of Angkor Wat!  I'm being dramatic, yes :-) 
It began with my desire to take a sunrise photo. Its my first time in Cambodia, and I'd yet to visit the famous temple at dawn. I got up at 4:30am to be in place for the  sunrise. I was up so early, there were still stars in the sky. My trusty Tuk Tuk man Heng greeted me and we began the 30 minute drive out to the temple through the old town of Siem Reap. 

As we drew closer, we both noticed strange lights shooting up from the general direction of the temple and into the starry night sky. Heng has lived here since he was 11 years old and told me he'd never seen these lights. I speculated that they must be practice/preparation for some kind of show they're planning at the temple.

When we arrived outside the temple itself, the number of people there took me by surprise. Loads of tourists were walking across the bridge that crosses the moat, their flashlights and headlamps looking like tiny fireflies off in the distance.  Instead of following everyone in. I stopped at the exterior moat and began to take long exposure photos for several minutes.  Here's one of them.  

To the naked eye, the lights looked white and not terribly interesting, so I was quite surprised to see what showed up in my camera after leaving the shutter open for awhile. (Over on the left you can barely make out the tourists walking across the bridge.)

I've yet to see any other photos like this of the ancient temple, but as of last night, there must be a bunch in existence. I wonder if anyone got photos like this up close to the temple itself? (In my photo, the temple is that tiny structure in the middle that looks like a Disney castle...)

Anyway, hope you get a chance to visit someday. I'm loving the people and place. Cambodia has been an unexpected delight.
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