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VPN Service with a Smile!


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Sadly, many Xbox 360 owners are locked out of some #GamesWithGold freebies due to regional lock outs used by #Microsoft.

Fortunately, My Private Network allows you to bypass these restrictions and download the game(s)!

psst.. #Witcher2 is currently available for #FREE on Xbox 360 and is even Xbox One compatible! Visit the link below while connected to our USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France or Germany VPN to claim it!

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Problems like this are easily prevented by hiding your IP address with My Private Network ;)

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Encrypt your Internet connection with MPN and provide an extra level of security. #ProtectYourPrivacy  

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If you haven't already done so, we highly recommend that you turn on two-step verification on #Amazon

Even more so as #BlackFriday is right around the corner.
Best to keep your personal details safe :)

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#Chrome  support for older versions of #Windows  and #OSX  will cease by April 2016.
The affected Windows and OSX versions are:
Windows: XP & Vista
OSX: 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8

If you're still using these versions of the respective operating systems, it is highly recommend that you upgrade to a more recent version.

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Always be #aware  of the links you're clicking, you'll never know when one might lead to  #malware .

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Dodgy files and computers, a recipe for disaster.
Always ensure you #download  files and apps from #verified  sources and never from unknown or dubious sites.

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If you happen to use #Office  2016 on Mac, upgrading to #ElCapitan  may cause some incompatibility issues with the software.

(psstt...Why not use LibreOffice or Google Docs instead? ;)

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How has your experience been with #Windows  10?
Have you given the #Edge  browser a try?
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