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Free modem? Check. Free setup? Check. 2 months free? Check. Super-fast ADSL2+ broadband? Check. This won't last long, so get in while you can!
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Geoff K
My internet with Mynetfone is down and I can't reach anyone as it is after hours! I haven't got a clue what's going on but I do suspect Telstra has done a number ( or is that a port) on us. It's been running well until this evening but has dropped off tonight. 
Hi Geoff, Can you please provide your MNF account details so we can look into this for you? Or give us a call on 1300 731 048 and we would be happy to help!
Geoff K
I've contacted support today but I was only told to call back should the problem reoccur tonight without any clue as to what caused the outage? Strange indeed.
Hi Geoff,  If you can send me your details I can have a deeper look for you?
Geoff K
Netcomm NB16WV modem . Lost connectivity to the internet between 9.30 and 11pm last night ( Monday). Tech support verified today that it was down for that time.
Ok sounds like you've spoken to our support team already then, if the issue persists please give us a call.
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