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Any community managers ready to hangout today? We have +brandie mccallum, +Suzanne Marlatt, +Ryan Olsen, +Rosemary O'Neill, +Lesley Lykins and +Courtney Seiter will all be on our panel with +Tim McDonald. +Sherrie Rohde and +Cate Crandell will be following along on Twitter watching the #cmgrhangout hashtag.
Today's hangout is all about what you want to know. Ask away on Twitter or here and we'll have the panel answer! #cmgr
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A grand mixed-media experiment. :) Can't wait!
Sounds intriguing, I'd like to check it out.
just waiting for the join hangout button to appear :)
Me too - or rather, "view hangout" - this is a relatively new feature, isn't it? Where users can watch in real time without actually joining?
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