Today's Community Manager Hangout will be only 45 minutes. Light with questions and heavy on Social CRM!

Here's the schedue:

2:00pm EST Introductions

2:03pm EST Q1) What and who so you see as a community manager in a company and how do you describe their role?

2:09pm EST Q2) How would Nimble make a community manager’s life easier?

2:15pm EST Q3) What is a social CRM as opposed to a more traditional CRM?

2:21pm EST Q4) How does social CRM help with customer retention & relationship building?

2:27pm EST Q5) What does Nimble have to offer that no other vendor/competitor could offer?

2:34pm EST Q6) Does nimble support email campaigns?

2:37pm EST Q7) This business is updating and changing by the day…what are some of the updates (maybe new products) that Nimble has in the pipeline?

2:42pm EST Q8) Nimber offer for community managers

2:45pm EST Finish
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