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What does #SEO have to do with a Community Manager? Find out tomorrow when +Jennifer Sable Lopez, +SEOmoz community manager , joins us for the Community Manager Hangout at 2pm EST.
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Will be there a live stream again like last week?
Yes. From now on, all our hangouts should be HOA so we can have more than 10 view and they will be recorded.
Great as I'm not on Eastern time (I'm on GMT) and would love to watch!
Great news about the recording as I won't be able to attend live but do want to watch the recording asap.

Where will the link be posted? Hopefully here in the comments as well so I'll get notified.

Thanks y'all!
Roy, It shows up on our stream, so if you have us circled and your settings allow for our content to be seen, we should be there. Of course happy to post a link here too. Since it is an hour long recording, last week it took a few hours to process before it was viewable. Just an FYI.
Can't join today. 2pm EST = 9pm in Germany. I have to get up at 4am tomorrow (on a saturday. aargh) Have fun everybody. +Tim McDonald I hope you write down good notes so I can take a look at your blog post soon. :)
I will, plus you'll get to watch the YouTube video.
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