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Your personal Profit / Loss Portfolio Monitor for all Digital Coins
Your personal Profit / Loss Portfolio Monitor for all Digital Coins


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Finally on Android
Get the NEW CoinTracking App from Google Play
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It's import time on CoinTracking:
- API Import
- Yobit Exchange API Import
- Binance API Import
- Gatecoin API Import
- Cryptopia Exchange API Import
- Coinbase API Import (beta)
- New BTC Transaction Import incl. Tx fees
- New BTC Markets CSV Import
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Finally for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Get your CoinTracking App & Today Widget for iOS
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New features:
- Tax Report Update for mined coins & margin trades
- New Kraken API Import for trades, margins, deposits and withdrawals
- CoinTracking Android App & Widget (iOS will follow soon)
- Percentage coin & account value per exchange (
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- New GDAX API import
- New +CEX.IO import
- New import
- New Altcoin Wallet import for more than 200 Currencies
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- New +Bitfinex API import
- New Bittrex API import
More will follow soon
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New Imports:
- New +Cryptopia Ltd Import
- New European Bitcoin Exchange Import
- New +Coinbase Import
- New Import
- GDAX Import (formerly Coinbase-Exchange)
- Improvement of the Bitstamp API Import

New Reporting:
- Trade Analysis

New Features:
- Trading Timeline
- New calculation of the cost basis for unrealized gains
- Set custom Prices for Coins and Currencies
- 24h performance added to the Dashboard and the Current Balance page
- Coin value percentage history chart added to the Trade Statistics page
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New on CoinTracking:

- Poloniex API Import:
Use our new Poloniex API to import all your trades, margins, lendings, deposits and withdrawals.

- Automatically ETH Import:
CoinTracking can now automatically import all your Ethereum transaction into your CoinTracking account.

- Public Portfolio:
Create a Public Portfolio and share it with your friends.

- New Reporting: Trading Fees
- New Kraken Ledgers import
- Grouping in the Capital Gains Report
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New Reporting:
Current Balance for all currencies you own.
Including: total amount, current value in FIAT and BTC, market price & trend charts.
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We have lots of new features!
- New Coin Trends
- New import
- New Coinbase import
- New Reporting for tax-free coins (Short & Long Calculation)
- Import of margin trades and regular trades at Poloniex
- Themes for CoinTracking
- New importer for almost all exchanges
- And many more...
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