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#TuesdayTip | Free Blues Piano Lesson & Sheet Music from Jazz Marvel Jonny May

Learning to play the blues can be somewhat intimating for beginning or casual pianists. But, familiarizing yourself with the chord progressions, phrasing and rhythms/grooves that characterize blues music can open a whole new world of musical possibilities.

That’s why our great friend (and Musicnotes Signature Artist) Jonny May/Piano With Jonny recorded a free piano lesson on blues basics, complete with FREE #sheetmusic!

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You’ve arranged/written the songs, practiced performing, and feel ready to share your musical brilliance with the world. But how exactly do you take the leap from creating for personal enjoyment to getting ready to book your first gig?

We lay out 10 dos and don’ts to help you book your first gig, with anecdotal support provided by a few of our Musicnotes sheet music friends.

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#TipTuesday | Learn How to Read Lead Sheets: The Theory Behind Music’s Most Versatile Pages

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#FridayReads | Musicnotes Signature Artist Series

Collectively, they’ve amassed millions upon millions of YouTube views. Individually, they’re known as some of the most dazzling up-and-coming stars in their respective genres.

With ground-breaking arrangements, imaginative production and virtuoso-level skills to boot, our Signature Artist series represents sheet music’s brightest stars of today and tomorrow.

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Handy Transposition Chart from the #Musicnotes Blog

Read the full article at

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10 Signs You’re Absolutely In Love with Piano ❤️️🎹

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#FridayReads | Q&A with Jennifer Stirling: Transcriber and Assistant to Sister Lindsey, Trumpeter, and ‘Jen’ of all Trades

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#TuesdayTip | Musical Instrument Care 🎸🎹🎷❤️

Did you or someone you know receive a new instrument for Christmas? We've put together some tips on basic musical instrument care and maintenance.

Do you have any additional tips?

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#TuesdayTip | How to Read Sheet Music 🎼

Did someone you know receive their first instrument this holiday season? Help them get started on the path to musical greatness by sharing this handy guide!

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‘Twer the weeks before Christmas and all though the air, adverts were clamoring for increased market share.

A new electronic here, a big red bow there, truly moving displays of affection were rare.

But what to our cynical hearts did we see? A bouncing boxer, not-so-scary monster and thoughtful giving set to Einaudi.

For wonderful music transcends selling and branding, to help us all feel love, joy and understanding.

Take a look at a few of the holiday commercials of 2016 whose message and music melted our cold little hearts.
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