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We know.....It took a while but it's worth the waiting !

Say hello to the beautiful 4.0. new #musixmatch   #player   #newUI  

# Completely redesigned Player
# Completely redesigned UI/UX
# Chromcast Support (Your Living Room will change LOL)
# FloatingLyrics(TM) Unique and awesome Control Viewer 
# New widget Set (you're going to love them) see video
(Supports Spotify, Play Music, Rdio, Napster, external players)

As usual we hear you here for any bugs. 

For accessing the beta be sure to be whitelisted here 


Big Kudos to the Android Team.

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+musiXmatch When clicking on the musixmatch widget, there is no way to get to the main menu of the app (to change artists or playlists). We need to click on the app itself (not the widget) in order to get there. Not an issue, but it would make the UI much easier to navigate through if there was someway to make this possible. Thanks! Awesome job btw!
First bug appeared. When I first opened the application, it has stopped working. I already have sent a feedback.
Even this bug appeared, MusiXmatch still remains my favorite music player. 
Will be plagued by a few bugs in the short term, but love the update. Thanks, I am finally deserting the default music app on my phone for good :D
Keep it up musixmatch .. love your app :)
Is "awsomer" a real word? Oh well.... It's "awesomer"! 
Thanks guys we're getting all feedback and already bug fixing! Stay tuned and thanks for the love
This is what I've waited for!!! Well worth the wait 
Thank you guys for your feedback, we are working hard to fix all the problems. Keep testing!! ;)
Por favor mejorar el gestión de bateria, en la versión anterior consumia bastante.
Esperemos que esta mejore.

Sí sigue mejorando será mi reproductor de música por defecto.!!

Thanxx a Lot!!!! :-D
Another fix to make +musiXmatch
For third party apps like Poweramp, when using widget to play music, it shows floating lyrics. It gets a little bit annoying, so if it could set the floating lyrics only with app opened, that could be great.
For musics that does not have lyrics for copypright (example: Rage Against The Machine), it shows the last lyric before the running music. It could have a message "This music has no lyrics saved because of copyrights" or something.
Maybe floating window could disappear when music player is detected that is not running anymore.
For now I think this is it.
Keep up the great work! 👏👏 
Thank you for providing your valuable feedback +Adriano Almeida.

And as far as display of floating lyrics is concerned, you may minimize it by either tapping on the arrow on the top right or simply dragging the lyrics to extreme left or right side of the screen. Tap the minimized circle again to maximize.

To close the lyrics for the current song, simply drag extreme down.

In case you want to permanently disable the Floating Lyrics for sometime, it's possible under settings! 
Way too buggy! Freezes and closes approximately every 30 second. The Ui redesign is certainly amazing and exiciting, but the standard music playing function require fix.
Having a few peaks around, the UI peak is very modern and will contribute in attracting more users. The instability however gets really frustrating. Overall well done on the UI!! But obviously this is the beta version and more fixes will be implemented. Well done Musixmatch, keep up the good work!!
I'm having battery issues :S. with poweramp and the MusicXmatch via plugin.
+許洧誌 we are trying to reproduce these instability issues (they do not happen on our devices), so we will release some more updates to figure out what's wrong. thanks for your patience, we really want you guys to have the best possible experience with this new musiXmatch version ;)
+Emanuel Avalos keep in mind that you are keeping your screen on because you're reading the lyrics, so the battery is used a bit more, there's nothing we can do about it!
I love the UI. But now when I search a song lyrics, I found it but I have no idea how to favourite it. Unless I have the mp3 song in my media files. How to go about it?
Hey guys, you really did a great new version, I loved it!, but the bug I've seen is when I press the button to synchronize the lyrics of some songs, it just stop working, even when I restart the app, it happens again, I will continue giving my feedback. Nice job!!! 
I cannot view the now playing screen on my device. I have already tried clearing the data and re-installing the app. I use an intel device (If it is of any help).
I select the song to play and then select the bottom bar that takes me to the now playing screen. But instead it crashes and when I restart it tells me to send a bug report. I did that but I hope it gets fixed. I still don't how awesome the floating lyrics feature is :)
It's very helpfull but diappears by its self after a minute !!!
In my phone it dissapears when i touch it..
and in poweramp, it doesn't show....
Keeps foreclosing every so often! I'm just nit picking
When I try to sync the lyrics of a song, the screen closes as if I had pressed to go back.
Whooohh!its really worth the waiting!!love it so much!!
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