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Muraudio receives The Absolute Sound's 2016 Editor’s Choice Award.

This prestigious award comes right on the heels of Robert E. Greene’s detailed and spectacular review of the Domain Omni PX1 in The Absolute Sound’s Dec 2015 issue where Dr. Greene writes “This is really a landmark in speakers, a huge step in a new direction that previously hardly figured in anyone else's imagination, much less reality”.

This endorsement speaks volumes about Muraudio's state-of-the-art patented technology in the world's first and only point source omni-directional electrostatic loudspeaker. Download the complete review at


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A Breakthrough In Speaker Design
(The Absolute Sound Dec 2015)

"The PX1 is one of the all-time triumphs of speaker design"
- Robert E. Greene

"The PX1 belongs right up there with a small handful of the finest loudspeakers ever made."
- Paul Seydor

These words were spoken by two of our industry's most respected writers as they respond to their extensive review of the Domain Omni PX1 Electrostatic Loudspeaker in the latest issue of The Absolute Sound.

Review Highlights

“I had not realized that music could be so beautiful … not realized that music reproduced in the home could be quite like this.”

“The PX1’s are not just a slightly different version of something else, are not just another variation on themes already stated and varied by others.”

“One could move almost anywhere and the tonal character of the sound would remain effectively constant. This is, of course, what happens at a concert ... one could sink into the music and forget all about audio and its categories.”

“The in-room smoothness is all but incomparable, the bass is superb, the midrange and treble are not only neutral but pure and clear in true electrostatic style, and the desired radiation pattern is realized to perfection.”

“I can sit well out of the so-called sweet spot—in fact, practically across from one or the other speaker—and hear an essentially perfect soundstage that does not collapse into one or the other speaker or compromise the tonal balance. In this specific sense, the PX1 is a rare and absolute triumph.”

"This is really a landmark in speakers, a huge step in a new direction that previously hardly figured in anyone else's imagination, much less in reality."

Read the full review at

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“The sweet spot is a place where a combination of factors result in a maximum response for a given amount of effort.” - Wikipedia
At Muraudio, we love this definition and how it relates to high-end audio. The “combination of factors” can be equated to our electronics, cables, speakers and music selection for our personalized listening room. And no doubt we are all looking for “maximum response” from our efforts, time and money for the system we have passionately and painstakingly put together.
At all the audio events, there is the ubiquitous “sweet spot” in every suite, those few chairs right in the center of the room that everyone jockeys in position for; that place where you the solitary listener can experience the artist’s music come to life as a beautiful image right before your ears. Catering to this coveted center position has been the norm for decades with the exception of a few innovative and progressive manufacturers like Muraudio who have boldly ventured outside traditional designs and blazoned the trail with an omni-directional listening experience. An experience for you to share with family and friends.  Social audio, so to speak.
It’s definitely a serious mind-shift – much like the adoption of computers, microwaves and electric automobiles. At first you think “really?” but then logic, experience and credibility lead you to realize there is a better way. Why wouldn’t I want my music to fill the room just like at the studio or concert hall?
Muraudio’s “Sound Is Everywhere” experience is different than anything you will have experienced before.  The illustrations help to explain why.
After well over a decade of research and development, the Muraudio team has launched the world’s first point source 360° monopole omni-directional electrostatic loudspeaker. Murray Harman, Muraudio’s founder and Chief Designer had the vision and passion to create an electrostatic loudspeaker with an image that would follow you around the room – much like eyes in a picture do. A speaker where if you were off-axis the quality of music would not be diminished.  A speaker where the “sweet-spot” was the room, not a chair.  
The response has been overwhelming, so I guess you could say we’ve hit the “Sweet Spot”.
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Want to know what inspired the world's first omnidirectional electrostatic loudspeakers? Check out our interview in the December issue of SOUND & VISION magazine.

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The New York Audio Show is only 3 weeks away.  Come hear the exquisite sound of Muraudio's Domain Omni ESL in the Robinson Room of the Legends Ballroom!

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Come hear the Domain Omni ESL in the Robinson room of the Legends Ballroom!

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Checkout our video illustrating what sets Muraudio's Domain Omni ESLs apart from other high end audio solutions.

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A fantastic weekend at Salon, Son & Image in Montreal!

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We know we have created something special but don't take our word for it - check out the reviews so far!
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