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Anton Mukhin
Gamer, Programmer, 3D artist, Musician and Sysadmin
Gamer, Programmer, 3D artist, Musician and Sysadmin


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Буду гриндить в Mad Max. Пойду дальше по сюжету, выполняя побочные миссии.
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Got android wear update yesterday on my sony smartwatch 3. And there is something terribly wrong. I have about 18% of battery drained per hour if watchmaker face selected :(

There are only round faces in featured list at the main screen of the app. Even if you have selected square watch in settings. Why? :)

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I made this denim-themed watch face beeing inspired by DigiRoll face (
Added a bunch of features and graphics.
Tap actions:
- Tap the moon to cycle colors;
- Tap the battery info to cycle between watch battery and phone battery;
- Tap weather info to open 3-day forecast on a pocket with update and back buttons;
- Tap step counter to open Watch's Google Fit 

This watch face has a black text on white background in dim mode which is the best visible thing on Sony's Smartwatch 3 transflective display.
Also, there are some animations.

Month and weekday names are forced to be in english bacuse some fonts doesn't support non-english letters


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Hey everyone!
Another lua question. I can't find full list of api names for wm_action(). There are only couple at wiki page. Looking for the one to launch watch: Google Fit. Something like wm_action('w_google_fit'). Any1 know?

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Hello again. Continueing to learn the details of watchmaker and making some improvements to the face I've posted earlier.

- Now you can tap the moon to change a color with a transition effect
- Dimmed face now has black objects on a white (gray) background which is much more visible on transflective Sony Smartwatch 3 display
- Tapping the step counter opens Google Fit
- Tap the weather to update it

Google drive link:

Also, I found the original face, posted at facerepo.com
Great thanks to the author
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Hello again. I'm new to wear devices so I have another dumb question.

I have Sony Smartwatch 3. It has transflective display which in dim mode behaves more like e-ink one with no backlight. Any one know what color is the best for this display in terms of battery life? Because black objects on white background is much better to see than white text on black background - that I know. But how about the battery?

Can anyone help me with some lua thing? I am trying to change image tint based on watch dimmed or not. I found {abright} tag in lua wiki and using '{abright} and "ffffff" or "000000"' as a color value for tint but looks like image tint is not getting updated when state changes. In code inspector I can see the right value, but it stops beeing changed after 1ts dim state change...

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Found this watch face here earlier and made some changes here and there, removed some unnecessary scripts, added step counter and couple tap actions

Or at google drive:
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