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We received a new toy today at the office, can some guess what this piece of hardware is all about?
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A Xilinx Virtex FPGA card, probably to be used for mining (although that isn't really cost-effective, IIRC) or for bitcoin transaction processing.
Wouldn't that depend on what chip is on the board?
FPGA mining is just so light on power usage that as long as you have one of the more efficient chips it's much better than GPU mining.
Hmm, but it has a display on it?

My guess is it'll be used for some kind of hardware wallet security.
Well, nope and nope... Think about it as a "Real" computer ;-)
But anyway this is indeed a FPGA Card!
What are you going to use it for; Will you tell? Is it a secret? ;)
Wow so now it takes 3500$ toys and I guess a computer science degree to be a coin miner.

Well that narrow little window of hobbyist availability whizzed past with alarming speed didn't it. :P
Hardware wallet with hard-coded private keys?
Nope : Avnet Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Kit with High-Speed Analog
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