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We are experiencing a stronger than usual DDoS. We are working in it.
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Yep! One of the things I've noticed about SOME hackers is they seem to hate prosperity. They loathe profit.
+Stephen Slaughter Did you not hear what Damon just said? You DO understand the divisibility feature of BTC don't you?

IF hackers are behind the MtGox DoDDs Attacks at all, they are most likely against voluntary markets, and hate the profit factor.
Hmmm, whom would "they" possibly be connected to should they exist?
and about mtgox live graph it takes long time for me to load and i see it partly may you please make a lighter and faster mtgox live ticker.
Why I left Facebook seems to be slowly haunting me here now...

Your lack of information makes me tempted to get impolite which does not mean that a confirmation of certain gossip would not have the same effect.
As someone with minor investments with them, their response to higher volume trading leaves me not just with cold feet, but worry for heavy investors and how dangerous their platform truly is. 

Mt. Gox's exchange rates have always been the victim to third-party manipulation, which has been going on for as long as I've been actively following it. I've seen true random fluctuation within the 30-50% range, but when we're talking about trades at $12.50:1BTC, it goes by mostly unnoticed. Now, what do we see? A 70% decline after a huge boom which leaves Mt. Gox accountable, and now they're suffering denial of service attacks at only the most opportune times. "Maintenance, cooldowns, and DDoSes" are words they're only using to bide themselves time. 

People are reporting a loss of faith in this system, and if your system truly isn't working and people don't believe in this market, what do you have left? I predict bitcoin to be actively traded, within the next month, at another 50-55% reduced price on top of the already 70% reduction.
Hey everyone just wanted to say that MtGox is most likely BURIED in work right now actually getting their system situated. So answering every email and dealing with Facebook, G+, Twitter, and Tumbler are most likely not necessarily going to be constructive right now.
This will be a great thing to those who show patience while a real voluntary market money comes into fruition against a myriad of nebulous attacks from varying angles.

Also remember that states HATE free markets, this is most likely NOT going to be an easy ride, so hang on! These are growing pains in a world generally very confused about just what voluntary markets actually mean! Better to hope it works out, because the options are not pretty! You know, war, famine, regression, compulsion, theft in the form of taxation and expropriation, individual strangulation through a plethora of  authoritarian regulatory social taxidermy! 

Be patient, it's a show of maturity.
I think people are underestimating what mt gox is going through in the past few days. Attacks against them have increased combined with an all out media attention blitz that has driven droves of people to them. The combined effect is unfortunate but bitcoin is strong. Decentralization is strong..... where bitcoin is centralized are it's weakest points. Now we see how important exchanges are to the price at least.
I saw that link in the chat in btc-e too. Luckily I don't click those links.

A classic attack that is also used against online banking.

User has java enabled in browser and is logged into online banking site, evil java app executes and obtains online banking session cookie.

If the bank doesn't authenticate a logged in user when they do transfers your account could be emptied.

For those who have yubikeys, mtgox could use them for withdrawal authorisation / account admin.
I don't mind. Now the motivation to produce a decentralized exchange is much higher, so it might happen sooner rather than later.
+Jordan Phillips , this only influences the traders(who, ironically, are the cause of all this) but normal users don't really care about exchange this exchange rates. Any closed community is independent of this rates.
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