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Statement Regarding Dwolla:

Like many who have contacted us, MtGox has read on the Internet that the United States Department of Homeland Security had a court order and/or warrant issued from the United States District Court in Maryland which it served upon the Dwolla mobile payment service with respect to accounts used for trading with MtGox. We take this information seriously. However, as of this time we have not been provided with a copy of the court order and/or warrant, and do not know its scope and/or the reasons for its issuance. MtGox is investigating and will provide further reports when additional information becomes known.
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+Mt.Gox again you make this mistake.. Why would you want to do business in a county where they destroy everything for profit..

Wouldn't China be a better investment. Their culture is built on sustainable cooperation..
Yayyy, 'Merika, pew pew pew pew. You should of known better, try doing business in the USA and you gotta pay 110% taxes, naughty naughty mtgox in dwolla you tried to be innovative.
At this point anyone still using dwolla for anything needed the wake up call anyway. 
Jon Dye
haha, "should of"
"MtGox has read on the Internet" :D
That's rather pathetic. No warrant?
Honestly, what is wrong with you? Warrants weren't created to obstruct justice, they were made to protect civilians against random searches, to protect their privacy and legal rights.

Oh, and stay away from China. Things in USA are worse today than they were, say, 10 years ago, but they're nowhere near as bad like China's.
Can't screw with the banks they want all the control!
Coinlab investors are the wall street type, wall street types contol US policies...Mt Gox pissed the wrong people off.
Why can't I do withdrawals any more +Mt.Gox ?
You really think it's a good idea to fuck with your customer's money? 
Jon Dye
+Alan Burns Are you serious? Have you NOT been following the news?
Jon Dye
then again, you're "anonymous"

must be 12 years old. does your daddy know you're in the internet little boy?
Jon Dye
What are you talking about? I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with anything. So you're 11, then.

My mistake.
Jon Dye

You're a nutball.
This really hurts me.  Us U.S. users need a better way to withdraw now.  Wire transfer fees are crazy...
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