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Rubio claims 'working class' he tries to sell his home for $675,000.

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I hear a neighborhood with 675,000 dollar homes is "middle class".
What does it matter? Most politicians try to include themselves with the middle class; it just makes sense. 
I guess that is why he drinks bottle water and his house is worth +675K... Middle Class?
Rubio is a liar and a crook. Stole $100k from GOP, fined $200k by FEC for accepting illegal campaign contributions. Why are we talking about him? Oh, right. He's a media whore, that's it...
I disagree +Michael Durwin. But I guess that's just my opinion. I think class is based on income, because higher income gives you more options and leeway and disposable income, which I feel are the hallmarks of class.
Spencer money has nothing to do with class character does
Growing up on Long Island, that pretty much is middle class.  No story here msnbc, sorry.
am I? Does the former presidential nominee Edwards ring any bells? Maybe Chicago's politics also elude you? Don't be ignorant, scum comes in both Blue and Red....just saying. 
We are discussing a completely different kind of class.
Pay no attention to the bank account behind the token brown mouthpiece. 
+Brian Carrell don't be blind, scum is thickest in red, and the GOP policies are disgusting. Makes my skin itch just to think about what they want to do (and they've done) to those weakest and least able to protect themselves
Sean K
you.... yeah, you at msnbc.... have you ever lived or owned a home in Florida or So Cal for that matter?   That is the average price...
not surprised at all by this. , normal tactic for the gop bag of tricks.the lies and deceptive moves by this senator just shows us that he is no different than the rest of his ilk period. they all still drink the same koolaid, no matter where he comes from..this is the next candidate for 2016 pres ,sad to the max .his reaction speech post state of the union showed that he did even look at the prepared copy of the speech at all. his bipolar response was funny and the hit of the night was the awkward reach for the bottle of water as he was dying on camera ..his response also was a repeat of prior election campaign talks that romney/ryan used in 2012 period...get real and change or the democrats will take 2016 as they have the country's support,. and not just the radical rt and the one percent...rubio's  vote prior to the response on the violence against women sealed his fate for future support. remember women are 53 percent of the electorate and vote according to who supports their major issues . gop platform does nothing for women except to push them farther away period . as to those crazy candidates in 2012 their views matched the platform 100 percent.they got burned for saying it while campaigning..they truly were the honest ones for the gop poster candidates. 
Housing may cost more in some areas, but that is why people of greater means locate there.....  I like to think I have one foot in the "middle class" category but I could never dream of affording a $675,000 home.
Though I find Rubio hypocritical, I don't think he is an "Uncle Tom" +Joel Carlson  and +Brent Alexander yes your are right the racism is going to come loud and proud because this is the internet and we are allowed to stay anonymous.  
All houses in the greater DC area are about that much... 
lol. He said his mom is on Medicare in that speech after Obama's. If you are that rich why are you letting your Mom get supported by the government?
Really?  It's a nice house, but $675k isn't some outrageous number, especially for south Florida   The President's home (the one he actually owns) cost him $1,400,000 - and he paid for it in cash!
675K is a mere 15 times the median wage of a US worker. Hardly anything. Why, his yearly payment on a 3% 30 year is only about 21K. Practically chump change. >.>
+Aaron Berlin  one thing I have to give Obama credit for is he does not discount his wealth (although by standards he is not  super rich by any means)  like others seem to be trying to do.  Like he comes right out when he was talking about raising taxes on the wealthy, and specifically says "people like me" etc...
The value of someone's home when they're in middle age does not mean that person could not have been raised in a middle class family, with middle class values, and an understanding of what it is to be middle class.
+Matt Spencer   yes, half a median salary in P&I, add escrow, and about a $135K down payment.....
Middle income is around $50k Rubio is in the upper income bracket which there is nothing wrong with that .  It is perfectly okay for him to have wealth.  By compared to the other Senators who are mostly millionaires, so by comparison he probably feels like  middle class. 
+jeanne whitlark Rubio's is reported to have a net worth of about $1M and reports seem to say he lived off GOP expense accounts for the last 10 years, and appears there was some improprieties in using their funds that he had to resolve....
Republicans are working very hard to keep minorities, including Hispanics, from voting yet they put up a token minority person like Rubio to show they are inclusive. We all want everyone to get ahead and be successful the right way but taking bribes to be a token minority is not the right way.
I grew up poor, then went in the USAF as a young man.  Now I'm knee deep in debt as I'm getting my doctorates.  WIll +msnbc attack me for working hard for the expensive home that I will someday own?
+Mike Mac Well you learn something every day!  Though I must admit that I am not surprised that he would lie (imply) about he wealth because every time he opens his mouth he 'implies' something.
+Kyle Swartz No MSNBC is not going to attack you for your hard work and wealth, unless you become a public figure and hypocritically talk about how you are living in the 'middle class' while trying to put in policies to destroy the middle class and the poor.
+Kyle Swartz Maybe, but they would certainly look down their nose at you and seek to credit any success you have to a govt program, or road, or bridge....anything but attributing it to your initiative.  Good for you, BTW.  Best of luck to you.
One of the things that I love about President Obama's 2.0 is that his emphasis on citizenry.  That we should pull together to get things done.  That we should look out for each other and build each other up.  That we are all Americans.  
Why do they insist on lieing and tryn to act like something their not how about tell the truth and actually care about the middle class!
+jeanne whitlark The transition from "These United States" to "The United States" wasn't insignificant. 
some how these guys that make it up with the help of government turn around and try to kick the government  in the  teeth.. and make a BIG profit  n selling the house.  turn coat.. bad karma..
Yeah, except Bill Clinton oversaw the greatest period of economic growth in decades.
Unity is power we depend each other even though we discount the fact government is the nation.
No doubt he overpaid. Everybody did. And if he takes a loss, guess what, welcome to the party.
Rubio drinking water or Roker making a dirty diaper....the difference between parties is clear.
+tareem heath Your president does'nt care what people say as long as he get's a free flight to Hawaii four times a year
I know thats why i'd run two campaigns worth over three billion total. to avoid paying the four grand every year for a plane ride to Hawaii.
Kyle Swartz, between MSNBC and FOX, I will choose MSNBC 100% of the time over FOX for a real news.
You must work time for MSNBC. My cousin Tim is a Texas State Trooper stationed out of Waco, the Bush's would arrive after 2200 on
Friday's and depart around 1200 on Sunday's. Nice try.
+Rick Box  Bush used to fly his entire staff to Tx for days at a time, he did not call it "vacation", he held "meetings" there.
Those "excursions" were not called "vacation"..  Bush spent millions upon millions putting his staff in Crawford at his convenience.
So what you're saying Mike, is the American taxpayer not only paid for bush to spend a quarter of his presidency in texas rather than Washington, but we also paid for his entire staff to stay there too? Cool story, bro. Fiscal responsibility ahoy!
+Matt Spencer  according to reports he spent they say almost 500 days at Camp David and roughly 500 days at Crawford across his two terms.... that's closer to 1/3 of his presidency.....  many visits included "current and former staff"
Oh, sorry, we only paid to send a fraction of his staff so he could work in Texas instead. Well good. I'd hate to think we inconvenienced the Leader of the Free world by making him show up at the office.
I say keep him as the GOP star. I'm sure he will go far and prove to be the one that pulls the votes from the Hispanic community to set this country straight again. 
+NIRAV PATEL -Sir, Are you suggesting that all it takes to be the"Star" of the "Fragmented Party" aka the GOP is to be Hispanic? Granted that is a viable voting block! I need to remind you that his is not your Father's GOP! The Tea Party, The Religious Zealots and The Ultra Conservatives have taken over! It is going to take a Super Star to hone in these groups to a Moderate position again! I am just not sure that Senator Rubio or anyone else has the credentials to be "The Chosen One"!
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