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The NRA’s A-rated West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin called for a ban on assault weapons today following the tragic shootings in Newtown, Conn.

Think this is a step in the right direction? Share your thoughts here.
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#NRA bullshit will no longer be tolerated by the American public.
It's a matter of political will now.  We'll soon see who is about sensible legislation and who is merely trying to avoid the ire of the NRA.
Yes, because GUNS are the only weapon of choice. Nevermind the hundreds of thousands who own various types of guns - including assault rifles - who do no harm to anyone. Timothy McVeigh never used a single gun, yet he murdered 19 children. We can still purchase fertilizer, box trucks and fuel. Why aren't THOSE things banned?
+Katherine I guns are made for one purpose; to kill lots of people. And by the way, law enforcement track large purchases of bomb making materials.
I almost forgot..."Now is not the time for us to be discussing gun control legislation."
Another tired one. :-/
So I guess the Second Ammendment means diddly to you, along with most of the other people calling for all kinds of weapons legislation.

Let's take a look at Kennesaw, Georgia. A small town in Georgia where every 'Head of Household' is legally mandated to own and maintain a firearm. There has yet to be a single fatal shooting there in the 30 years since that ordinance went into effect. 30 years. Their crime rate, per the 2005 census, is at the lowest rates since 1981.

Let's talk about hunters in rural Alaska, Montana, and parts of the Dakotas. There are many who use so-called assault rifles, to kill large game animals, such as bear. In those places, Alaska in particular, those people live off of what they hunt. Nothing goes to waste, it is all used; the meat, the skin, all of it. It's how they live. Yes, a non-assault weapon can and is more commonly used, but the reaction time is less. I'd like to see your reaction when face-to-face with a bear. Which weapon would you want?

Gun legislation isn't the answer to this tragedy. How about we start looking more seriously at the state of our Mental Health policies? That is where we should be looking.
The 2nd Amendment applies to a "well regulated militia" not an unregulated populace.
UGH not ANOTHER one of these senseless debates! 

Muting This One Too!
Katherine, your argument sounds like the old,
"Cigarettes aren't poisonous.  I've got a 90 year old grandmother who's been smoking all her life." 
Guns are made to kill, period. 
Their access should be strictly in very strictly.
It certainly shouldn't be easier to buy a gun in this country than it is to vote.
The new "watch the birdie" for the NRA is that it's a mental health issue. 
I would say that if you feel so powerless that you can only compensate by putting a gun in your hand, then yeah, you've got a mental health issue.
This guy killed his own mother.  Shop in the right aisle.
+Katherine I why then do all the other developed nations have nowhere nearly as many gun crimes as we have in the US? It doesn't take a genius to understand what the issue is. Why do people need assault weapons? Does the 2nd amendment also allow us to each have a tank and a nuclear weapon?
+Katherine I the US has 9 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people while the UK has 0.25 per 100,000. Geez, I wonder why... Do you think the fact that the UK has banned or tightly regulated the ownership of all guns and not even regular police officers carry guns has anything to do with it??
You are right +William Frady , crime and punishment has worked so well in our empty prisons. Funny thing is, you are serious. Also, I love your wild west mentality, it reminds me of my 10 year old cousin.
Is anyone collecting statistics regarding illiteracy in posts and gun rights supporters? Beginning to see an interesting correlation. 
+Oliver Style Banning guns has not really stopped all gun crime or violent crime in the UK at all.

Look at the knife related crime statistics.

Lawful firearm use in the United States.
Based on survey data from a 2000 study published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology, U.S. civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crime at least 989,883 times per year.

I don't see that infringing on my second amendment rights, and the rights of all United States citizens has any safety gains.  Other than it will allow more criminals to commits more violent crimes.

Why not deal with the mentally ill, before you want to take away the rights of law abiding citizens.
Well there goes another up your useless rhetoric and another Mall,Shopping center goes to hell over bullet's..Hey maybe this time your Mother or Daddy will be in there..what action are you going take then..THINK before your mouth does..because where you stand on this issue will answer for  
I'll take my chances against a guy with a knife, any day.
Ever heard of the 21st Ammendment? When the country decides an ammendment is no longer necessary, we have ways of shutting it down. 
+Jeremy Tregler Just remember this.  If you are stabbed the surgeon operating on you will have a harder time finding all of the internal bleeding caused by the knife.  If you get shot he has a direct path to follow and repair.  I personally would take my chances getting shot vs getting stabbed. 
+Michael Miller So you're essentially suggesting guns are less effective as a weapon than guns? I'll still take my chances. 
What is funny is the very same people who are against more accessible and cheaper health care are telling us to focus on mental health when they want to defend their right of having military level can't stand on two sides of the wall for the same argument.
+Michael Miller have you ever been shoot to the head? No! Coz you won't be alive to post this kind of non sense.
+Fitsum Tilahun Actually I have died before. An two it's not nonsense to say a bullet wound is much cleaner than a knife wound.  Any first year surgical intern could tell you that.
Its unlikely that any restriction on assault rifles will occur. The GOP is more than one senator and the NRA has a ton of cash
+Michael Miller .actually most people shot by a gun don't make it to the hospital let alone having the privilege of having to choose between a stab injury or a gun shot for the surgeon...only two students reached hospital on Friday but even both were not saved..but an other crazy guy in China stabbed 22 students and all have survived....and gun shot makes two holes, one smaller and one large exit wound,...and plus obviously you need to fight to the person to Stab you can't go around and kill as many as in like not suggesting on control of all guns but there should be a limit and control on Automatic rifles which can go 100's of rounds in one go...and obviously to have a psychiatric check up or sort of a thing before purchasing a gun...
And let's cut the shit about banning guns. We're looking at regulation for assault rifles. 
+Michael Miller it's hilarious that you're using the Daily Mail as your source. Gun related deaths are dramatically lower in the UK. That's a fact.
We are talking about "Guns" again...What about these!!!
- Campus killing spree - with a bow and arrow type weapon (Wyoming)…
- China stabbing spree hurts 22 schoolchildren - World - CBC News…
 A weapon is a weapon!!!...and these sicko's are going to use anything they can get their hands on to hurt people. Terrorist use IED’s and fear!!! That is what is going on right now, and if we don’t characterizes these people as terrorists then shame on us!!!
 So if we concentrate on guns we are doing ourselves an injustice. If we can’t protect ourselves in these places where these people pray on (places where people are vulnerable and more than 99% unarmed) then shame on us again for trying to take away that right.
 We need to reflect on what is going on here…people are “not afraid” to do these atrocities and yet they turn around and “Kill Themselves” because - They "are" AFRAID of the Consequences!!!
If we don't' have the will or the gumption to ban assault rifles now we never will. How many acts of senseless violence is it going to take. There should also be a ban on high capacity magazines. And more regulation of ammunition.
+Daniel Burkenpas the China spree didn't kill anyone. That's the difference. Machine guns kill lots of people before anyone can do anything about it. You make no sense. I'd take a psycho with a bat or knife over a psycho with a weapon designed to obliterate large numbers of people in war.
As Saint Sarah would say, "the NRA aren't retreating, they are reloading, cause that's what patriots do."
Oliver Style... I guess you didn't read my post very well. It was about weapons period. 
politicians = give in for votes, every time
Every time I see the phrase "gun rights advocates", I substitute "murder rights advocates." Try it.
Absolutly not.   Wicked godless loaners will find a way to do their wicked deeds.  It is the introduction of another gun that always puts a stop to this kind of carnage.
This guy's political future just took a sudden turn towards oblivion. There are plenty of others left who have spines.
Because he has some common sense? Fighting violence with violence great idea. This will teach our kids good character. This is a complex problem and we have to do multiplies things to solve this problem and better the future our sons will inherit. Mental health, gun control, educate the masses conflict resolution. This is just the beggining of a new America get with the program were not in 1778 anymore.
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