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Word of Boehner waving the white flag on tax hikes has provoked a #FireBoehner campaign, complete with its own Twitter hashtag -- so you know it’s serious.

Should Boehner get the boot?

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Boehner first & foremost is an obstructionist. So the answer would be ... yes!
If BONER had any balls he would quit the Leadership, resign today. Who in their right mind would want to lead a body of complete fucking idiots and sociopaths?
Keep him!  I can't think of a bigger buffoon.
There's work to be done and as they say, if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem. Boehner's Choice!
Its about time he got his head out of bia rear end 
Like the Monty Python argument clinic! 
The house of representatives needs a makeover immediately. Out of hate them tea party people got elected in now everything has gone the hell with compromise and do what good for the country.
There are not enough complete, grammatically correct sentences in this thread for one coherent thought. Nice job, folks. Go back to watching reality TV and stuffing mega-meals down your gullets.
It's just like Congress! Honestly. 
Getting rid of Boehner isn't enough. It's time for all the wingnuts and obstructionist to be voted out. Their main objective is to make government dysfunctional and point the finger at the president when things don't get done. People that don't like government (conservatives) simply shouldn't be a part of it. 
If Boehner can prove he can be reasoned with, there's no need to fire him. Firing him would only replace him with one who can't be reasoned with.
Cliff only affects rich people on both sides.after this year us 98 % go's to our lives,miserable lives.
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