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Susan Rice has withdrawn herself from consideration to be the next Secretary of State.

In her letter to President Obama (below), Rice writes that the process to confirm her as Secy. of State would be "lengthy, disruptive and costly," and ultimately "not worth it to our nation."

The latest here:
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Ambassador Rice has made a believer in her, for the country & the work ahead this is what one strong person to accomplish. I look forward to following her career, what a Woman!
Will Kerry bow out as well, to sympathize with Rice?
In the Hunger Games of politics, some of the best people get eliminated first. It's incumbent upon those remaining teammates to acquire more and better weapons! 
The consequence for misleading the American people.
The lies of Benganzi will not go away.  She was a good soldier who lied for Obama and got caught.  Good riddance.
Funny that you cats say she was misleading and lying when 1. she told nothing but what the intelligence services told HER, and 2. YOU don't know what the truth is so how can you pass judgement on the veracity of her statements?  You can't.  You're just spewing partisan vitriol. 
You loons wouldn't recognize the best and brightest when they're looking you in the face.  Must be why you people put up that goon Romney for president.
Banganzi was (1)  a cordenated AlQeada attack.   It was an ambusy. (2) Obama himself was in the situation room watching it happon in real time. (3) Airborn troops were in the helichopopers waitng for the word.  Which never came. 
Those are facts.   Which has come out in the alternative media.
This spin over the youtube film was a lie.  They knew it was a lie at the time.   Obama knew, the intelligence services AND Susan Rice.  
"The alternative media"...well there you go.  No link to your tin-foil hat site. 

So by your take, Obama watched a live feed of a coordinated attack from the situation room, munching on popcorn while special forces sat in helicopters mere moments away. 
"Sir, they're dying out there!  Give the order!"
"No, no...I'm enjoying just watching this."

There were no protests about the youtube video? Oookay...

I'm guessing Obama also blessed every AQ's AK47 while they were all doing morning prayers at the mosque too, right?

Get off the Glenn Beck dude.  He just makes you look bonkers.
That's right.  if it wern't for talk rado, the internet & alternative sources, the truth would never get out.  The lies and spin of the mainstream media are getting exposed.   They can't stand it.
I belive Obama sides with Islamo jihad.  weather it's the Muslim brotherhood, in America, Egypt, North Africa.    He refuses to call the Ft Hood attack what it was: jihad.   He refuses to recognize this as an act of war.     He's to busy killing Islamo terrorists ass.  He only pretends to fight AlQeada,
While his foreign policy is completly sharia complyant.
Glenn Beck is better than any of the liars on the left.
So then you're a self-admitted loony it!  It's one thing if you've interpreted things differently because of a differing world view or maybe you have a different understanding of the effects of various policies etc. 
I can honestly say though, that you may be the single most confused individual I've had the honor of debating on G+.  And that is really saying a lot. 
At least I know not to take what you say seriously.
It's you libs who are spoon fed lies and you swall them. 
Maybe but we use math and verifiable sources to come to our conclusions.  Those "alternative" sources you're turning to has just made you scared and xenophobic.
Anyone who espouses that our sitting president is a Muslim obviously is watching Fox News.  Fox News=dooshery.  Learn to think for yourselves instead of letting Roger Ailes tell you what to think.
There's a reason why somebody in this thread, hasn't been circled by anyone! Guess who it is!

I'll take my comments off the air... 
+Dereck Jones okay I don't know what you are stating.Namaste.  I will atch her career proudly,this is a fine person,I admire.
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