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Karl Rove has a theory as to why President Obama won a second term in office: It was by “suppressing the vote.”

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Oh boy, anything to point the finger. Karl Rove, grow up! 

+Daniel Panichelli The Black Panthers stood outside of voting locations...I doubt very much they we're there to vote for Romney.
Now that's the funniest thing I've heard all day.  I literally laughed out loud.  Thank you MSNBC.  With all those voter ID laws Republican law makers passed.  He blames Obama?  ROFL!!!!
I understand Karl, I hate it too when I spend a lot of money and don't get what i paid for either. Someone should have told him, the American voter wasn't for sale, and we will rise up to prove it when huge voter turn out! Just ask our Governor, Rick Scott, he was surprised too! But the President did not suppress the vote, but did bring out the expression of vote!
I don't know if Karl is stupid, deluded or just lying AGAIN!
You have to understand. For the GOP, the truth is offensive.
you don't have to cry over a split milk, do u?
To the GOP why your out of touch and why never ever vote gop again
In the video, Karl Rove throws out the word "suppressing" then goes on to describe how Obama marketed himself and nailed Romney in ads. 

That's a Rovian lie for you. Total gaslighting and misdirection.
because more people voted for I am for me..wtfover..
Grow Up Karl. Obama won because he wasn't all over
Well, Obama Played Tit-For-Tat!
David B
Pure comedy!!
Karl, these kind of statements are why more people are voting democratic - Republicans are completely out of touch.  Their mouths and brains have become disconnected.
Still in denial.  Some people recover faster than others.  Let him simmer for another week or so.
Karl Rove continues to bark so the dumb old guys he got money from won't feel bad. The guy has been a joke for well over a decade, it's funny how idiotic people like him and Donald Trump continue to get in the news. "Their Non Fuckin' Factors".
Real Conservatives can't stand him.
To be fair, when Bush won Democrats accused Rove of doing the exact same thing.
Rove with some classic Rovian projection
Don P
+Paul Chinn that's some quality false equivalence right there. Running ads against the other guy is not exactly the same as denying them the vote.
That's the pot calling the kettle black!! This is the same asshole that wanted FOX NEWS to reverse the election results in OHIO.
It looks like all of you rigid, selfish, childish republicans are having temper tantrums. Are any of you adults?
He is an Idiot. Fox news caters to idiots, so there you go!
Maybe this is Karl's swan song.  It's over when the fat lady pudgy guy sings whines like a mosquito with a toothache.
Negative Ads. This man was the master of them. In Nebraska they run 5 to one against Obama
You are looking at a very desperate man. Got to answer for wasted $ 400,000,000.00 dollars and nothing to show for . I am not surprised if suddenly he have an accident. The least, this is his last cries before walking to the political wasteland where no politicians want to touch him, ever. 
Well he is partially right. Obama said he would cut the deficit in half yet he added 6 trillion to the national debt. So Obama had two options, preach about the hope and change he will bring if he gets a retry or bash Romney. He put out ads for both subjects. So Karl Rove is right about the ads bashing Romney. No one can deny that they weren't there. 
Brent should have been here in Nebraska it was nothing but bashing Obama ad after ad. There would be one for him and ten against him one after another  It got to point that when they came on the Radio I shut that radio off. On TV I turn the channel
Georgia Is there statistical proof that I can see that Romney ran 10x more hateful ads than Obama. (The actual campaign ads, not some run by organizations independent of the two campaigns) 
+georgeia Lowell Also, I never said Romney didn't run any, I am just saying that Obama wasn't some innocent, Karl has a point. 
depends on what part of the country you live in
Man if they don't get ova it Obama won people wasn't on Romney's fake 5 point plan 
Rosemary I wish they would get over it but they are not
Ham Rove needs to shut up forever.
Karl Rove should be held accountable for the disservice he provided to those persons who entrusted their monies to him promising that he (Karl Rove) could defeat Obama.
Karl Rove is a leech. The Republican establishment didn't want him to run the Romney campaign for a reason, so he went rogue and made some horrible ads about the wrong things. He would rather spend his time creating ads to attack Axelrod's ideas, than the actual issues, like the economy, debt, etc.
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