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Remembering Olivia Engel: a little girl who loved to dance.

Read Olivia's story and share your support for her family here. #newtown   #sandyhookshooting  
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Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and children affected by this senseless and horrific tragedy in Connecticut. We will never FORGET!
Sad, such bright young faces.  Full of innosince, and wonder.   I hope Adam Levine is in a dark dark place.
Why can't you give it a rest a let the families morn in peace. This is going way too far. 
I rest in the fact that God is just.   He will have the last word. 
How am I interfearing with the famlie's grief?  
If god had the last word these children would be a live and the shooter would have been hit by a bus on the way over
She's alive, just like Michael Jackson. "I just crawled out of the grave."
such a sad story.. my heart goes out to her family and her loved ones
I won't remember her, though. That's the problem! She'll become another statistic. So depressing...
I agree.  the Media is and always will be blood sucking vampires.  was I the only one who had a serious problem with them interviewing kids who survived just so they could get a scoop??  They are all a bunch of low lifes.  
So cute and so sad.  Did not read the article, cannot, it is too much and too painful.  Maybe next week but not today.
hope fully she can find a good dance class in heaven. rest in peace little girl rest in peace because you didnt deserve to die that early.
This is so sad and horrible
my prayers go out to all of the families may god bless and be with u
Precious little angel in heaven with Jesus!
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