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BREAKING: CIA Director David Petraeus resigns

"I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours."
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He should of had an exit strategy. That sucks.
As the CIA director you should be entitled to a few of those. Bill Clinton had a good time in the White House and everything worked out great for him. I think that Petraeus is perfectly capable of multitasking-no need to resign.
Just like on Covert affairs, Peter Gallagher as Arthur Campbell
Fox news comments already talking about a conspiracy cover up. Good lord.
Very sad situation. Such a well decorated veteran....Where are mi rals these days?
He remain respected and admired..... no body is perfect some people know how to hide theirs more than others 
+Lukas Bernat You WISH you were a rat like this. This is a national hero. He dedicated his life to serving America. One mistake does NOT erase a life of selfless dedication of liberties, family time & even financial inequality (if you are not aware military are poorly paid compared to their counterparts) in SERVICE to the US.  Until you give even a portion of your life to America....don't speak derogatorily.

We know him, & he is an exceptional person - intelligent, honorable, & measured in his manner of leadership.  It is VERY hard to become a HAVE to have demonstrated exceptional leadership.  

Not like the private sector 2% who just need to know how to feed off the lower masses, without giving back - buying companies, crippling them with debt, bankrupt them, receive government funding to help rebuild & then ship them overseas. LOL. Focus your judgments on that populace.

I think you can still make up for life lacking service to your country, where you forget to appreciate those who actually choose to, by volunteering for the National Guard - they take older recruits. With this option, your life heretofore focused on uninformed judgments & expectations - or rhetoric attempting to incite anger in others - can actually have grounding in sense.
I honor his service & his leadership. He ensured that we were able to make a honorable exit from Iraq by maintaining a high level of effectiveness in his leadership; & so far in Afghanistan we have not incurred the world's wrath - but rather are acting responsibly in empowering the people to solve their own problems.

Few can ever understand the greatness of a person who can lead two wars in such an effective - highly reputable manner.

This hero chose to dedicate his life to a career that gives back to America, rather than to seek to accumulate more wealth & fame. I wish more of the idolized 2% would seek such a giving manner of living - rather than fight giving back to their country at every turn.  By not doing so....they seem to want to improve their opportunities to take, rather than give.

To erase a lifetime of this man's (& his family's) selfless dedication to honorable service by one mistake is irrational & ill-conceived.  We all make mistakes - the honorable thing is to own up to it & suffer the penalty - loss of job & some respect - which he has done.  

GOP should not seek a scapegoat in retribution for Obama's success in Iraq, getting Osama bin Laden, & Afghanistan.
Why did ERIC CANTOR know this before the President? LOL?  It shows this is a GOP witch hunt.

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