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A couple embraces after receiving the first same-sex marriage license ever awarded in Washington state on Wednesday.

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^ Homophobic Ass hats ^ –  God bless that loving couple. 
God does not and will not bless same sex marriages!'s their human right to marry if the please, but this falls well below God'S STANDARD for marriage!
A wonderful feat. Everyone has an innate right to choose whom to love and marry.
Your God and my God aren't one and the same.  My God isn't judgmental and damns a person simply for loving another.  Sounds like you warship something wicked, tricky and false. 
Wait, God has a standard for marriages? Where do marriages that last months if not weeks fall in his standards?
he pronounced on the first marriage, between Adam and Eve, not adam and steve!
Would you respect a friend who would want you to (and try to cause you to) suffer eternally for marrying the person you love? I sure wouldn't. I'd say that person needs to find better things to do than stick their nose in my business, too. This god fellow is rather petty, jealous, and sadistic.
No, The serious God has SET STANDARDS which we must live by or face the consequences!
+Christopher Russell +Jeumayne Dummett the only difference between your god and religion and Greek Mythology is that people still practice yours. Sometime in the not to distance future people will look bad at the quaint practices of the Abrahamic religions and chuckle that we could be so primitive and fearful to worship such a beast.
If there is a god, I'm sure he would respect love over the hate and homophobia the religitards spew.
You don't marry everything you "love"....did you marry your smartphone?...or your dog?....
I wonder why these "same sex couple" can't procreate"?....hmmmmmmmmmm
People who cannot procreate should not marry?
There's hetrosexual couples that can't procreate... again, logic error.
+Jeumayne Dummett My wife and I can't procreate due to a physical disability - does that mean my heterosexual marriage is wrong in your eyes as well?
Wow, the crazies are coming out on Google+ in force. Get over it, It's 2012. Just do what the rest of us do, let people love who they want and let us all prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. 
+Jeumayne Dummett if you can't tell the difference between loving a phone and loving a person you have no business telling anyone who they should marry, no matter where you think you got your ideas about marriage from.
Christianity co-opted the marriage ritual from the Romans and then, in the early Middle Ages, twisted it into some sort of "religious" experience. The ritual of marriage has been, for longer than the Christians have been around, a means of securing lands and wealth for a family's heritage. It was also used to transfer power amongst the ruling classes, where procreation was important for dynastic continuation.
If you don't want to marry someone of the same sex, then don't. Its pretty simple actually. 
My only concern on whom sleeps with whom is in trying to encourage my daughter to refrain from sex for as long as possible and then to make sure that she does it in a responsible and safe way. 
Todos os dias mais pessoas gozam de liberdade para a tirania da religião. que maravilha
This law is biased towards the four legged animals.just 1 more step,1 more fight,1 more law and four legged animals should also be included  in this fold.why the four legged should feel themselves different from the the two legged animals.
+Nain Tara How does bestiality factor in ton this? Oh that's right you get your morality from a book that promotes rape, incest and slavery as virtues
 Pete-e Petersen and her partner, Jane Abbott Lighty, are obviously in love and together probably longer than many heterosexual marriages last. How can anyone begrudge their marriage? If the conservative Christians consider sex between two people of the same gender a sin, that has absolutely nothing to do with the act of marriage. Congratulations Pete and Jane!
Man...I'm glad I'm not gay. It must be pretty offensive and painful to hear your relationship with the person you love compared to bestiality. I'm pretty sure the last time people were being compared to animals, things ended with institutions like slavery and gas chambers. Nice to see we've all learned from human history...
+Jeumayne Dummett your deity's standards are pretty weird for today: no braided hair, gold, pearls, or expensive clothing; children should be killed for talking back; priests must wear linen, not wool or any garment that makes them sweat; those who commit adultery should be killed; disciples should hate their father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters; kill people who break the sabbath... what makes this 'standard' worth paying attention to vs. all these other ones that are in here?
"priests must wear linen, not wool or any garment that makes them sweat"...Well, this one kind of makes sense. I'm not sure Christians would have survived the early days, being small in numbers and actually persecuted, if they had to smell their sermons too. When hiding from Roman sentries in close quarters, you gotta minimize the sweating...
I think I'll stop reading this thread because the sanctimonious, pious, unloving so-called-christians have made me sick to  my stomach. Why not let two people who demonstrably love each other be free to do whatever they want with their personal relationship. Are you sicko religians so insecure that you can't bite your freaking tongues and keep your stupid supposedly biblical ideas about marriage to yourselves?
+Mike Schroepfer So you just got married too, eh? Well, let me be the first to congratulate you on finding another pervert to marry.
+Kevin McFerren, ignore +Mike Schroepfer. He has openly advocated for murdering medical professionals. He's not a decent enough human being to dignify his frothing, lunatic comments with a response.
tee dee
I wish the beginning was 2men are 2women , maybe we wouldn't be on this thread having a conversation we wouldn't exist, life's a puzzle an there pieces that fit certain areas an unfortunate it's has men an women that fit a certain demographic in the puzzle..............

I'm not one to judge just as well as one shouldn't Judge me on how I feel about this so double standard... just because you agree with it doesn't mean I have to are any one else for that matter , your saying what you feel an your views are right an the hell with mine I think not.......... just as well as some say it's ok an there a huge number feel its not ok........

we all don't no how it feels to be in ones position but I do no this it is hard for some to except .. I have a few ppl in my family an I see the pain on the parents face... I had talks with my family member to assure everything well be ok but who am I to say because I'm not the one dealing with my son in this situation an I can only imaging that mothers pain..... so for the ones in agreements had you are have you gone trough something like this an if so would you like to share....,.
Speaking of drugs, +David Chace , did you know that newer antipsychotics have dramatically improved the treatment outcomes of people like yourself?
+Michael Cohen I'm not trying to conduct anything; I just like mocking the cognitively vulnerable. BTW, you do realize that +David Chace is going to think that "ad hominem" is a lifestyle choice?
"What's next, we let the  ad hominems marry each other in the name of equality?"

-+David Chace, some guy who's against gay marriage because something, something, something, something.
+Stephen Holt I'm pretty sure one of the people I was referring to in my previous comment would marry ad hominems if he could :P
+Michael Cohen You do realize that, in discourse, 'ad hominem' refers to attempts to argue by disparaging the other arguer?  
   You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.
+Stephen Lowe I was trying to make a joke: I know people who love to argue against their opponent, rather than against their opponent's argument.  Some of them use and re-use the same ad hominems so frequently that, if it were possible, I bet they'd try to marry one of them!
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