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"I’m not going to ask students and seniors and middle-class families to pay down the entire deficit, while people like me, making over $250,000, aren’t asked to pay a dime more in taxes.” - President Obama

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Great response to Boehner's continued hardline nonsense.
Never seen a poor man create a job. Only people with money create jobs. Tax them to death and they will start hiding there money and not invest. Idiot Obama.
Like mitt Romney hide his money 
here in macedonia we say like in turkish time......taxes from all sides....looll
he will take from ppl who make 3-4mil and more - year
those who are rich need to participate in the United States of America and quit being such "TAKERS".  It is time for all of us to invest in our country.  
Obama should stop taking shit from these rascist biggots in the House. Obama you are our Guy stop taking shit from these assholes. 
When oue politician in india think like that.......
Diane Lessard hit the grand slam. Right on hun. You are brilliant and eloquent in presentation of facts. Not the content of the idea is judged but the presenter. We need to buttress our judgement in political terms. Congress is a money hungry bunch of pirates, who are motivated by political realities. Namely the next election!! We must viligently stay on this and zoom in on the culprits in the Republican party up next election and work to eliminate them from office. This is how they want to play with our lives and our system of government so let us turn the tables on them.
The rich will still remaim rich even if they pay thier fair tax and of they want tax cuts they should invest in company that brings jobs back to america and they will get tax breaks...its very simple... let not complicate the issues.. 
So glad Obama won, well deseved
First of all, the tax code has zillions of escape hatches for those of us fortunate enough to hire someone like myself to navigate through and minimize the amount of tax. The raising of a tax rate is not as pressing to the wealthiest of us as it may seem. When they start closing the escape hatches and eliminate write offs and credits that's a whole different kettle if fish.
Obama could up the $250K cap to $500K or $1M and claim compromise.  I've always thought the $250K figure was set artificially low for this very reason.
+Lukas Bernat Just because you are tired of hearing it....hiding your head in the sand will not get rid of the problem.  It is not BS - the Bushes, Reagan, & Cheney are to blame for this mess - as well as an uncaring American people - NOT OBAMA.  He just asks us to care!

Obama has spent $$ in an effort to save our country from a depression. He inherited the ECONOMIC CRASH - with failed car companies, banks, home mortgage infrastructure (a backbone of our government revenue, btw!), two wars with contracting monopolies that Cheney (& maybe Bushes & Kochs) benefited from PERSONALLY - ethical, legal & moral issue to say the least. With only one war & a draw down on manning etc.... It still coasts the American people $250 Billion a year - imagine what it cost for two wars?  Obama inherited almost $11 Trillion in deficit.  Bush inherited a paper surplus....from Clinton's administration.

Our government under Bushes is even bigger than the Federal government reports...because the Bushes & Cheney made the Federal government DEPENDENT on the use of contractors - some reports state that as much as 60% of the Federal government staff is full time Contractors. Contractors were relied on that the Reagan, Bushes & Cheney could say that they were reducing government...while they were in actuality INCREASING IT. lol.

A lack of American citizen oversight & involvement in how government what has caused this mess.  We need to start - & keep - caring about a responsible government for our future generations.
The job "creators" are the consumers who buy products. Our tax system is one that evolved as a progressive system to the mesmerizing capacity to tax those the most who can afford it the most to the amazement of the world. Obama's campaign message was clear and forthright unlike his opponents. His message to end this economic turmoil is drastic and deliberate. Please stop repeating the rhetoric of the idiots that LOST. Their message was rejected by the people. The people want Obama;fuck the so-called job creators.
I wonder how our president feels about union labor?
Woooooohooooo FINALLY!! Someone that really knows how to run for president!!! ♥ Obama
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