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The Accountability Review Board released an unclassified version of its report on the September Benghazi attacks late last night.

Among its findings: U.S. security in Benghazi was "grossly inadequate." #benghazi   #hillaryclinton  
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They know they are guilty of treason.  Of giving aid and comfort to an enemy.   And MSNBC is covering for them. 
Filthy bastards...
As a revelation of what really happened and who knew what when this report does nothing. The way that I read the reporting of the results was that some of the suggested fixes were classified, not who was to blame. It still doesn't answer why the government played down the terrorist threat angle of what happened, but I'll bet that the media will let that slide and not ask that question. 
 Jimmy Carter as president in 1979, when Ambassador Adolph Dubs was killed in Afghanistan.
I haven't red the report yet... but embassies in volatile places are always a risk. We'd gone too long without an incident... and got complacent. 
It happens. 
Stupidity is not treason... yet. However, trying to maintain a 'light footprint' so's not to piss anybody off is also a set up...
There are dreadful games being played with our security... we have to take off our shoes in the airport, but there is NO security around other transportation lines.
You won't hear this from anyone in government because it is classified. Benghazi was underprotected because the CIA was conducting covert operations out of the consulate facility and didn't want to bring attention to it. At least that's my theory.
+Glen Cauthon , increased security would have brought attention to the fact that spooks had taken over the building. They wanted to maintain a low profile.
+Jeff Brailey the CIA had a compound a few streets over, I don't think they needed to operate covert actions out of the consulate office
+Glen Cauthon what I see is circular GOP, they deny a request for more fund to strengthen security at the consulate and now they come asking why this happened..the same thing they say about gun right and mental health...they shut the mental health facilities and when this kind of massacre happens they tell us its not the issue of assault weapons but its about mental health care..what a vicious circle....
Maybe someone should be asking why congress cut the budget for consulate/state dept. security?
+David Carroll , the CIA was in fact using the consulate. Those who were killed, with the exception of the ambassador, were spooks.
I am tired of complaints about the media it's just possible that there are reporters who are the expert in there FiOS in 2 20 no more than most if not all of us
You tell 'em Scott! [What'd he SaY?]
It's clear that the media is a propaganda arm ot our gorernment.    They can't stand the alternative media.  internet, talk radio and whatever else that gets the truith out.
Many years ago, (like 45 or so,) I was assigned as a Army Public  Information Specialist ("Spec.4") to escort Roger Peterson, a combat wounded ABC News reporter just in from Viet Nam, to sites along the Korean DMZ.  I was nervous and scared. He was GOOD and well known for taking risks of all kinds to get at facts.

I knew a few things I knew he wouldn't believe. I knew American soldiers were sometimes under fire and shooting back in Korea but knowledge of it never really got out. I was an official U S Army journalist. Every recorded interview or article I did was either killed without being released at all or changed so much for "national security" it was untrue in the end. And on this morning I was having a cup of coffee with a network reporter and making small talk. What to do?

Well I asked if it was true, a good reporter would not reveal a source if it would harm that source. He said? "No."

What to do?

Well, I asked "..... Oh? Oh really, Mr Peterson?" He took a long 
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