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"I didn't do anything wrong." - Susan Rice

(Photo by Michael Bonfigli/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images)
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waa waa waa somebody call the waaa-ambulance. 
Conservatives are just bitter that they lost the election and their "ideas" have been rejected by a majority of Americans. Plus, they want a "do-over" in the MA Senate race, and think they can sneak Brown back in if Kerry is nominated.
+Mike Cosmi I am a firm believer in calling things what they really are. For the last 30 years, fiscal conservative has become synonymous with borrow and spend economics (as well as Trickle Down). Fiscal liberals have a far better track record at being responsible with budgets. 
+Ole Olson what does fiscal conservatism or liberalism have anything to do with Susan Rice? Off topic, dude. 
I don't blame her for backing out. But if Kerry becomes Secretary of State, then Scott Brown gets another chance to be Senator of Massachusetts. Damn. 
+Eunice Coughlin I was just responding to another post on here, but I agree, we should keep this conversation on topic.
i didn't do anything wrong to (the americans, questionable). as to the rest of the world, where do we begin with, ms. rice? 
This is a power play to sneak Brown back in. It's already been pointed out, but I thought it bore repeating. 
Sorry +Ole Olson Olson I guess my stream hadn't updated. Carry on, I am out of this conversation. 
The way she was targeted by McCain and Graham was completely disgusting.  She didn't do anything wrong.  This is just politics at its ugliest.
Well... I'm not sure she didn't do anything wrong. And you can't play politics at that level. 
This was nothing but the GOP wanting to clear Kerry form MA to put Scott back in the senate seat they want..NO WAY MA will elect him, he lost by a ton of votes in the election..He's done, MA won't elect another republican and be fooled again..GOP outrageous plan will not work.Rice should have been confirmed McCain should step should that jerk Norquist who said Yesterday he wanted to "Put a leash on Obama and control him"..Made me FURIOUS!!! Then he also denigrated Obama's language?? Bush couldn't do more then butcher the english language..It';s time that whole party was taken out finally.All they do is harm. PS,,Obama said nothing about taking out guns..Asked for 'Meaningful action"??? We can only hope.
SoS will be Tom Donilon or William Burns.  Not Kerry.
Of course you did something wrong. You were born a woman and black. You are a staunch supporter of Obama. You dissed McCain for his Bomb, bomb bomb Iran comment. Tsk tsk! You are a bad girl. She's too classy to put up with this trashy talk about her.
Dont look angry Ms.Rice they love to lable those of color angry black people.Stay strong keep up the good work ignor the HATERS. 
It had more to do with the GOP jocking positions to get Scot back in the MA senate seat, We've had a woman in that spot for sometime, and they've done a great job of keeping peace for US. I hope Kennedy runs in MA.. If she does she stands a good chance of getting the family chair..We don't need another GOP in the House. They gum up the works now.
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