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President Petraeus?

FOX Chairman Roger Ailes urged the former CIA director to run against President Obama.

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Wow! Ailes knows how to pick 'em.
not surprised in a country that praises and honors war criminals....
In the bat-shit crazy FOX parallel universe I'm sure it makes all the sense in the world. 
Is the left now critical of guys who have affairs? You gotta be kidding me...
So you pro-lifers are upset because a child was brought into this world while Betrayus has directed drone attacks that have killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Pakistani innocent Civilians. Excellent set of values you have to compare Edwards to Petraeus. Disgusting observations at best.
one has absolutely nothing to do with the other
+Bobby Dedman please explain how opposing abortion and not opposing the deaths of women, kids and old people have absolutely nothing to do with each other? Atrocities are atrocities.
How did abortion enter this conversation? I dont get the connection. Most of the posts are about how stupid it was to suggest Petraeus run for office. You know, Fox is so stupid. Anyone should have known a man held in high regard by Obama was about to stop thinking with his big head.
no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, so why can't we forgive and move on to something positive
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