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L.Y. Marlow, award winning author and founder of Saving Promise, has a message for lawmakers standing in the way of VAWA.

Read her story, a history of domestic violence that has affected four generations: via +MHPShow 
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They just want a Get Out of Jail Card for white men who Rape Native American Women. They don't want Tribal Courts having the audacity to try and convict.
I hate that it's a representative from my state that's always popping up for voting against this kind of stuff. ...
Misogynistic Pro -Rape Goose Steppin Fascist

Republican Chuck Winder said "I would hope that when a women goes in to a physician with a rape issue,that a physician will indeed ask her about perhaps her marriage,was this pregnancy caused by normal relations in a marriage or was it truly caused by rape.I assume that's part of the counseling that goes on.

Republican Clay Williams said "If rape is inevitable just lay back and enjoy it.

Republican Richard Mourdock said "Even pregnancy from rape is something God intended

Republican Rick Santorum and former Presidential Candidate said "When Pregnancy is caused by rape the right approach is to accepted what God has given you

 Republican Todd Akin said "If its a legitimate rape,the female body has ways of shutting the whole thing down

Republican Ken Buck said "A jury very well could conclude that this is a case of buyers appears to invite him over the appearance is of consent".

Republican former VP candidate and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan said "Rape is just another method of conception".

Republican Steve King said "I have never heard of a child becoming pregnant from rape or incest"
Oh lookey there. Republican Savior Marco Rubio is on that list. So moderate and reasonable, isn't he? Looks like +TIME has some explaining to do...
Keep a list and send funds and resources to make sure these "gentlemen" don't get reelected. How can they face the women in their lives after proving them not to be of anything of value worth protecting. 
What a beautiful world we live in, No Violence against Women or Men or Animals, There is no Unemployed people, everyone has a decent Job to support a family. People are kind, generous and polite. There is no race issues or Male/Female issues. There is no corruption, crime or back stabbing to get to the top because everyone makes it just fine. Children are going to quality Schools and going on to Collage and paying there Student loans. Because there is jobs and the minimum wage is $10 an hour. I woke up rubbed my eyes and thought, what a shame, because it is possible.. America can be great again. People can act like loving humans with a heart. I want to live in that place.
+Wes Cam They are Tea-Nuts.The GOP Republicans had their throat slit by the Tea-Nut Nation,I watched the GOP bleed out on the floor of the RNC...Corporate Fascist replaced by insane uneducated Theocratic Fascist...Deluded delusions promoted by the demented...
What is so striking and unforgivable about these"Gentlemen's" stand against VAWA, is that most of them claim to be "Christ Like"aka Christian and seemingly are against the right of an Indian American female or male to legally have the Right For Justice if they are raped or even killed by their Offender just because he or she is of a different race! Not only does that have discriminatory and racial overtones,it goes against Christian ethics! "If you do it unto the least of these,you do it unto me"! Let me qualify my statement and say that I don't believe that American Indians are or should be classified as the least individuals to be considered! But isn't that the message these predominantly White "Gentleman" are portraying! Don't they realize in essence that an American Indian still is being targeted as a race of people who does not deserve equal treatment in the Twenty First Century! That is disgraceful and should not be forgotten when these "Gentlemen are up for reelection!
+Tina Vigilante I am curious what part of my comments do you disagree? The hypocrisy or the "discriminatory and racial overtones" comment? Maybe it is the treatment of the Native American? I can't for the life of me think how you could disagree with any of these conclusions! You don't have to be religious to see how despicable the logic behind the notion that everyone does not deserve Justice when they are violated! To me it seems that the Victims are violated twice!
First by the original rape and then by "our Senate"! 
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