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+The Rachel Maddow Show  will be hosting a documentary tonight at 9 p.m. EST based on the book "Hubris" with new evidence showing how the Bush administration scammed the U.S. into war with Iraq.

Sneak peek:
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tee dee
my god there still on this bullshit bush was so 8-9 years ago had nothing to do with what's happen now when 9-11 happen if we didn't go to war it would have been an out cry just as we did its an out cry .... I'm sure there's more to a lot of shit up on capital hill the big Boys don't come in tell us.... I'm sure a lot of things that was an now doing benefits ones ego an pocket hell this administration playing the ego pocket game now....well hell lets ask Colin Powell he should no what was happen don't cha think....
You remember that casserole that your crazy aunt made 9 years ago that nobody wanted to eat?  Well, she froze it, and she's thawing it out for tonight's dinner!  To quote Hillary:  What difference does it make at this point?
Short memories guys?  Hussein would not allow UN inspectors into suspected biological and nuclear weapons factories.  That was motive enough in that time period, nevermind the bad intel the CIA was getting.  There were only a handful of Senators that voted against the war, so careful who you point fingers at.  It wasn't just a Bush/Cheney thing.
When will the BO administration's "truth" finally come out?  Are we going to have to wait 8-9 years after he is out of office?  Anyone seeing a trend here as to how DC works?  Wake up sheeple!!
Guess who profited on the war in Iraq? Everyone who has connection on the oil business and killing machine.
tee dee, as far as I can tell, those thousands of innocent people,  men , women and children who died as a result of this war of choice are not coming back to life. This should never be forgotten. We Americans were complicit in this invasion and many of us live in denial of that fact.
Jason Kella, when your wrong your wrong. Bush and Cheney knew beyond any reason of a doubt that Hussien had no current WMDS. This invasion of Iraq was never about WMDs. 

The fact is this is what we were being told at the time.  Hindsight says we were duped into going to war.  Regardless of the WMD claims,  Saddam Hussein was a war criminal and was convicted of killing 180,000 Kurds.  There are cries for the US to get involved in the Syrian revolution because tens of thousands of civilians are being killed.  Damned if you do damned if you don't I guess.
+Jason Kalka so the thousands the Alexander Killed American lives have to answer for
+Gordon Hitt could you clear that up please?  I think autocorrect messed up your reply.
I've been dying to see this since I 1st heard about it!
He should be brought up on war crimes...senseless unneccessary killing
They didn't need to plant any as they've gotten away with it!
They weren't smart enough, or able enough, or didn't think it was necessary
because no 1 would find out, or just plain arrogance. Take your pick!
Hate to sound like a broken record, but they have been using shock capitalism since WWII. Disaster and war make the people poised to act rich off tax payer money and lives. Things get slow, one is manufactured. 
one word "HALLIBURTON"
I find it absolutely amazing that was the Republican obsession over been gone the Libya today there has not been 1 not 1 prosecution on the False narrative that let us to lose 5000 American Lives
You Tube the Naiomi Klein's version of Shock Doctrine , then you 'll feel like a clairvoyant , at least you'll have better insight into shit. You won't have wait years for over educated news analyst to blow it up for you.
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