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Looks like Allen West is in denial:
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from the article:

West rode a wave of Tea Party anger to the House of Representatives in 2010. In his time in office, he has accused Congressional Progressive Caucus members of being members of the Communist party, called DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D.Fla.) “vile” and “not a lady,” and referred to President Obama as a “low-level Socialist agitator.”

YUP...he sounds like the typical wing-nut who would whine about losing to a better man (or woman)
The "last Drop" does'st taste that good
+Rod Wagner do you know a "fascist" is a socialist and that Keys is against socialism?
Maybe he can get a gig on Broadway. He is one hell of an actor. And always in character 
His denial seems like a confirmation that he was already out of touch with reality and his constituents, thus the loss of his job.
Did you even read that list +Rod Wagner obama fits all of those.  Even this one "4. Supremacy of the Military", his own private military, when he stated that we been a "national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded", sounds like 'brown shirts' to me but with just a new name.

"7. Obsession with National Security" it is true obama is not this, just his own though, but what about us, 'who cares' is his attatude, the Fort Hood terriorist for example.

Obama fits the rest of them also.
I haven't attacked any of you and yet you call me "closed mind" and muted me.  So much for the debate thing that I hear liberals always calling for.
to the right of their name is a pull down menu...far's invisible until you hover your mouse over it.
Allen West is an opportunistic nut case! But there's a niche market for those like him and Herman Cain.

It's a market for those that feels their association with his views, automatically vindicates them from being incognito racists!

From a marketing standpoint, it's an excellent business plan! All he has to do now, is run the circuit of conservative talk shows - complaining about his stolen election - and have a ghost writer, pin him a book! 
Unfortunately, such is the GOP that controls Congress.  May Boehner   and sanity over-power them.
Why should he embrace reality just when it's become even more unappealing than usual?
Have class when you win and also when you lose. This is not classy!
Cling on it, Allen.  The more you are in the news, the more your tea party group of akin/bachmann/stein/mourdock/cantor and paul ryan are highlighted ...
Who actually won the election in 2000?
Poor guy he can't help it. He's just stuck like others in his party.
These are Tea Party nuts!  Gee!, I guess we all should be thankful that they are not as influential as they used to be but don't underestimate them yet.  They still have the powers-may-be in Ryan, Cantor and this (more) nutty McConnell...
+mel lozano, cantor and mcconnell aren't Tea Party, they are liberals, they are republicans.
They are worse than the regular Tea Party because they have high positions in the Republican Party.  McConnell is the husband of the former labor secretary in the Bush adm. and is the Senate Minority leader while Eric Cantor is the House Majority Leader from Virginia.  FYI, Mr. Heywood...
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