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"The experience of same-sex attraction is a complex reality for many people. The attraction itself is not a sin, but acting on it is." - The Mormon Church

For gay Mormons, support is increasing--but there's still no clear path to heaven.

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Why do LGBT activists insist on trying to force their religions to change and accept something that is AGAINST the religion? Why can't they just understand that a religion is just that and if you arent following it, in this case by being gay, than you must leave the religion. 

I cant wait for 20 years to come to see what happens when the LGBT community tells Muslims they MUST accept homosexuality. That will go over well......
I think there is a value in saying, I believe in everything but X-Y-Z because there comes a tipping point where if enough people agree it spins off to become a unique interpretation.  It happened with the Protestant Church and later Unitarian Universalism. 
+Tim Beilfuss Because, your religion, from the bible, says to love your neighbor as yourself...this includes insisting that they leave the religion, you practice discrimination, which is directly against the teaching of loving your neighbor....therefore, YOU are left with being a hypocritical mormon, or an inclusive mormon.....So, which are you?
+Neil Dewey , That same argument could be used to discount ANYTHING that ANY religion stands for then. I guess then, child molesters(using the extreme) could argue that their religion(of their choice) must accept them or they are discriminating against them.

Religions of any kind have beliefs. If a religion changes for a single issue......then you have a different religion. 
+Tim Beilfuss  it becomes self regulating.  If you use your example, chances are there will never be enough supporters to create a tipping point.

Keep in mind this is a particularly interesting conversation when it comes to Latter Day Saints because it has gone through several changes over time.

For example:  From 1852 to 1978, the LDS Church had a policy against ordaining men of African descent to the priesthood.

And there is the more widely known Polygamy which had been quite popular in the church in the mid 1800s.  In September 1890, church president Wilford Woodruff issued a Manifesto that officially suspended the practice of polygamy.

If people shouldn't try and change the religion would you say that The Later Day Saints should have kept these values?
After the whole Romney thing this election cycle i'm wondering about the Mormon religion. Mr. Romney did everything he was told, used all the racist, misogynistic and hateful code words he was told to use. He claimed to be a Christian but, he didn't show it.  
It seems silly to me that any gay person would believe in any religion that would damn them to hell.. I guess that's where self confidence is needed, to leave it all behind.
+Matthew Bannock , I appreciate an adult response to my comments. Seeing the way you put it, I can see some value in trying to make a religion change. I just wonder where the line is then. Where  is the line that a religion can't cross and still stay true to the original beliefs as a whole. 

And I agree with +Jack Dubs , I dont see why anyone would want to be somewhere they arent wanted. I've never understood that.
I can't imagine joining any group that refuses to put stories into context, or thinks that because they have read a story that they are somehow superior to any other person. Organized religion is grotesque, hateful, murderous, spiteful, manipulative, and so on and so on...
+Leah Noe Some organized religion, not all.  I think its the actions and interpretations of humans, that could be discribed as you discribe religion.  People are the corruption, not the doctrine.
Thanks +Tim Beilfuss and yes +Jack Dubs brings up a great question, I think self confidence is one part of the answer but I suspect another is family and social pressure.

I am going out a little on a limb here because I haven't studied this extensively, but I have heard of a lot of easily relate-able stories on the topic.  I have a few friends who are in the LGBT community and several of them were born to very devout religious families.  Often a person is brought into religion before they even understand what sexuality is.  Abandoning a religion sometimes forces people to abandon their family, some friends, and the aspects and beliefs of their religion that they do enjoy.  Some people will stay in the religion to not face the risk of that rejection.

This is an excelent example, this is the young woman who rejected the Westboro Baptist Church, and the family did disown her. 
Interview of Disowned and Estranged Westboro Kid - I Felt Like God Hated Me

Personally I can relate to this to a small extent, I was a Catholic, but I am not any more.  I had become interested in other religions, and later in life I became an agnostic and a skeptic,  I hadn't been able to keep in touch with any of my Catholic school friends, and I don't know how much I would relate to them now even if I had.  My family is accepting of my choice to leave the church, but in some cases clearly disappointed.
The reason why LGBT people want to be welcomed and embraced by any church or any Christian faith, is because it's consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ. +Tim Beilfuss mentioned child molesters. Child molestors are predominantly heterosexual, and would be welcomed with open arms into any church, while that's not true of LGBT Christians.

+Jack Dubs thinks it's silly for anyone who is LGBT to believe in a religion that damns them to hell - and he's right. But you have to remember that it's a belief in God - not a belief in "religion" - that drives this issue.

The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, LDS (Mormons), and the Southern Baptist Convention, is staggering. Religious leaders and politicians always justify their bigotry by hiding behind their religious beliefs, or by claiming that God and scripture supports their personal views, and it "says so in the Bible." The problem with these statements is the fact that scripture says no such thing.

Catholic theologians couldn't find one verse of scripture that supported the notion that homosexuality was a sin and forbidden. So they inserted language into the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the document that governs the religion, and declared homosexuality was a sin.

LDS is a religion that was "invented" by Joseph Smith and is governed by the Book of Mormon. Accordingly, the Garden of Eden is in Missouri, and it was the men in the church who decided that homosexuality would not be accepted by the church.

The Southern Baptist Convention was different from many religions, because they believed that the Bible was inerrant, and their religion was based entirely on the Holy Bible. [Remember that the Bible does not condemn LGBT people] So in the year 2000, they adopted a resolution to add to the Baptist Faith and Message that said “In the spirit of Christ, Christians should oppose … all forms of sexual immorality, including adultery, homosexuality and pornography.”

These 3 Christian faiths couldn't justify discrimination based on scripture, so the male leaders of each religion inserted language into church documents, in order to justify disenfranchising LGBT believers.

Do you have any idea how many millions of Americans base their discomfort and dislike of anyone or anything LGBT - because "that's what it says in the Bible?"

+Matthew Bannock I don't think self confidence has anything to do with this, and the Westboro situation isn't applicable.

No one should be forced choose between their faith or being true to themselves. For people raised in a faith community, they are often told that they have to choose between coming out, or being ex-communicated. People lose their family over this stuff. Utah has the highest suicide rate in the nation over this stuff. These 3 religions treat women terribly, and feel that their "religious liberty" is threatened by birth control.

LGBT people work so hard on changing the views and policies of religion and churches, because these views are wrong and they destroy families and people's lives.

I know I just wrote a novel - and I apologize for that. This is the condensed version - as this subject is much more complex than I could even go into here.
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