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"Our hearts are broken today." - President Barack Obama #newtown
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Our President is a Father and so compassionate.May all the Families find solace.
Theres a time and a place for everything. Insensitive prick.
Never mind. There's a reason why only one person has circled you! 
27 people are dead and you want to take a political shot at president? Grow the fuck up.
yes so our all americans..get back to work all around..
+Mark Geiger you really need to get a grip dude...there were lives lost and you are being a such a douchebag 
Google Plus needs a -1 button for trolls. Anyway, I don't know how anyone with an ounce of compassion could not be upset on hearing about this horrible event.
There is always one ignorant loser who just has to post something ugly. This is not the time or place. Shut up.
+JOE Goose flaxman sounds like my mentally challenged uncle at Thanksgiving.. "The dadgum gubment gunna tak are guns"
It may be time to require Firearm Insurance as a prerequisite for gun ownership. It should include liability, and legal coverage. The insurance companies can then bear the cost of background checks, and pass the cost on to those that need to own firearms.
bull shit I saved ur ass fighting for the country asshole while you were sucking on your momas tit
Breaks my heart! Those little babies had to go through something that would terrorize us :'(
Notice how haters seize the opportunity to spew their grotesque bile at times like this. Google should let us block this garbage. I don't want to see it.
+JOE Goose flaxman Don't people like you have something else better to do, like checking the expiration dates on the cans of Spam, in your fallout shelters?
And when you come back up, it's my prayer, that you'll realize that the rest of society is walking upright! 
Poor kids! But I hope people do not act out of fear. I offer this scenario. The gun grab passes, now only the police and criminals have guns.. OK follow me now, the criminal comes and robs you and the police are 25 min away because they can't be everywhere. Your dead because you banned guns out of fear! 
+JOE Goose flaxman  you fought for this country and you show disrespect? Now that you are back (if you are back) be an American and not an angry prick. People and little children lost their lives because of a mentally disturbed man who used a GUN to kill innocent lives.
Tragedy strikes America's children once again.  God help us.
Wath you all expect from a leberal corrupted culture my sympathy goes to the kids
My condolences go out to all the families who lost a child today. They deserve our prayers and support as a nation. Let's leave the political rhetoric out of it for a night.
This is another tragedy in American history to have compassion is too understand what's we have lost
We NEED the NRA to stop avoiding the problem, period. More Gun Control! I'm 100% for it!
fred P
just pray for those ppl ... and respect.
The solution is somewhere between better gun control legislation and better services for mental patient services. Gun violence is a problem. It is our bitrhright to have the right to bear arms but we must value humans lives more than our rights sometimes. It doesn't have to be a complete extreme but cant we just start the conversation.
Getting rid of guns isn't the answer. It over simplifies a complex issue. And the proponents of the 2nd amendment would shit a brick sideways anyway.

There's a place for guns in our society - I can't believe I just admitted that! However, as a gun owner, there's a caveat to this liberty:

If I shoot at a deer - and I miss, chances are, it'll run away. If someone invades my home, and I empty the clip and still miss, maybe, it just my time to go! I'll chalk my poor aim up to 'Darwinism' at it's best!

However, when some nut can get his/her hands on unlimited weapons and ammunition, easier than someone can become a school teacher, their lies the disconnect!

A pragmatic point of logic, is where the discussion of guns, and their controls needs to begin.
Guns are designed for one kill people. why own them unless you are in law enforcement or required by profession to own one?
+Paul Jacobs  From what? Thats what the police are for. They are the only ones that should be licensed to carry and that means the person you suspect you need to be protected from has less chance of using a gun, much less family member taking yours and killing you with it right? Lets be sure to follow that logic thread a bit deeper....
This issue is not about taking the guns away from Hunters, Gun Collectors, Gun Owners for personal protection or any other NRA member! The issue here is to once again put a ban on assault weapons for the common citizen who is not in the Military, or any other job that demands a special license to have an assault weapon in there possession! No Politics can stand in the way of doing what is right for those victims of this latest tragedy or the parents across this tragedy stricken country who now is very afraid to send their loving children to a Theater,to a Shopping Mall, to play in the neighborhood, and now are Deathly Afraid to send their child to school! When is this Madness  going to end! Just think Long and Hard NRA Supporters, Hunters and Collectors! The next victim maybe a relative or it may be your Child!
The right like to say that gun control doesn't work because the criminals will still get guns. I think that is a stupid argument because I would bet that most of these mass shootings that have taken place have been done by people who legally obtained the guns and who did not have much of a criminal history..
Annnnd the award for actor of the year gos to...
Ya know, The reason Obama said waht he did isn't just because he actually feltt that way. Democrats (and some Republicans) have been pushing for more gun controll for a long time, regardless of the fact that the US Constitution give US citizens the right to bear arms.
+Thomas Jackewicz  Yet Republicans try and amend that Constitution to get budgets locked down? sorry, I dont believe Republicans care about protecting the Constitution after what Boehner has tried to do....
A friend of mine gets to hug his grandchildren tonight b/c they made it out of that school alive! The problem is keeping guns out of the hands of mentally unstable ppl !! Most ppl that own guns don't commit crimes or murder but lately these ppl that r committing these crimes have been using legal guns !!! Anyone that wants to buy a gun should have to have a mental evaluation and if they r deemed unstable then gun ownership should be denied but that would not of have helped here b/c his mother bought him the guns. I truly believe this is a mental health issue not a gun issue a man recently in china killed 20+ ppl w/ a knife so crazy ppl will still find a way w/o guns 
+David Anderson You need to check your facts; none of the 20 children "killed" in China today actually died. They were attacked with a knife, and all of them but 4 received treatment at the scene. The remainder were taken to the hospital. There were 0 fatalities.
Yea, the GOP Radical Right Misinformation Train keeps rolling post election.....
+William Katz damn those "facts" it felt good knowing that Chinese republicans where pro-gun and  anti-poor people
I didn't realize that there was an attack in china today the story I read was a while back!! +William Katz
+Noah Willson exactly, about 11,000 people a year get shot by handguns. hardly enough to worry about.
Mar V
guns control now!
Once you take away the guns from people like this it will be very very rare to see someone doing these types of acts because there will be too many barriers and means to hurt others.
Lets not forget people... PEOPLE kill ....not guns...look at stadistics wer theres freedom to carry...less insecurity and less crime look it up.
We need more gun controls
I truly feel for the families. I hope they make through this terrible tradgety.
You Santiago more gnu control!!!! Go to europe or beatería yet MÉXICO up perplejo!
U want moré gnu control!,, just go to México if u think its better
sebaiknya pemerintahan Barrack Obama segera untuk membuat UUD  ttg pelucutan semua jenis senjata api bagi sipil,,,,btw pasti peristiwa tragis krn orang gila Amerika bersenjata...sungguh prihatin !
Gun control would be fine if we could control the criminals that carry them regarrdles of the laws. But we cant. Even if guns were banned completely it would only be the law abiding citizens that will suffer. That thought scares me. Alot! 
Maybe a medical evaluation before purchasing a gun would be worth looking at.
These people need prayer. So many people have lost their lives and this happening right here 11 days before Christmas is so sad!
+JOE Goose flaxman C'mon dude, give it a break for at least a day, if even out of respect for the folks - especially children - that died.

We don't always have to be political, negative, vile, mean spirited and assume the worst of others all the time do we?!

Give the man the benefit of the doubt that he is saddened like myself, most people and I hope yourself! 
How many kids has Obama killed during his drone war? 
same with me Mr Presiden ....I hope you to Revision your Rules of GUNs.......We are waiting about it......very Importan please!!!!!!!!
Obama murders kids in the Middle East and Africa by perpetuating wars we dont need to be in. He has involved us in multiple new wars, increased the size of the Afghan war, and followed the Bush timeline in Iraq (even after he campained of ending that war as the "first thing he would do as president) leaving over 30 thousand defense contractors there. He is a war monger and a corporate puppet... And should be ashamed to pretend sympathy towards victime when he murders every day.
Psst. Obama. When you get up to speak make sure you tear up and wipe you eyes several times so they get plenty of photos for the press. Geez. What happened is very sad and I was very upset and moved to pray today, but I didn't tear up. Sometimes I think politicians take things too far.
Obama's/bush's enemies are not Americas enemies. These wars are only fought for the defense contractors and the corporations who benefit from them. Our safety is an illusion but the liberty taken is very real. Obama doesnt mind hand writting kill list which include children... But this tradgedy means abolishing the second amendment. He doesnt mind assasinating AMERICAN CITIZENS... and now he wants to take citizens guns...
911 was only carried out by a hand full of people... Why are we at war with so many countries? Not to mention it was our intervention in the middle east in the first place that caused them to attack. 
What the world has come to /:
Even if some people don't agree with the President, it takes a strong person to tear up like that! He has two daughters, so if course it's going to get to him!
I've always admired the man! He tries to please everybody, but heaven forbid if he can't! He has a good heart... 
Poor kids! But I hope people do not act out of fear. I offer this scenario. The gun grab passes, now only the police and criminals have guns.. OK follow me now, the criminal comes and robs you and the police are 25 min away because they can't be everywhere. Your dead because you banned guns out of fear! 
Poor +Mitch Stokely - your dead because the police can't be everywhere at once and you had no gun... you will be missed. Did you even read my post? 
+Paul Jacobs 
The chance of that scaneario you describe is about like winning Powerball. Its does not happen. You are more likely to have your child find and take your guns than some stranger break in with an intention to kill you. Get real dude.....where do you guys get these fantasy scenarios?
+Owen David - people kill people, guns do not kill people... get it straight people.
Noah Wilson we give those countries billions of dollars of aid to buy the weapons they use to repress their people. look at Egypt... Mubarak was Obama... So they burn flags... Research this people¡!
FYI...there was a very sad story of a little boy that died in his Dads car because his Dad put a loaded gun next to his son. When he jumped in it went off and he dies. Another father shot his son at a neighbors because he thought he was a burglar. List goes on and on..... So, there is nothing more dangerous and reckless than todays gun owners. Guns are  designed to kill people.....and it keeps doing just that. Its why we need more gun control laws.
Ne'ce I do have a three month old baby boy.. And i am in the military... And if China bombed my house and killed my son I would become a terrorist to kill the occupiers... I see the relation between a masacre caused by a crazed man and a masacre caused by Obama...
+Mitch Stokely - yes there are stupid people everywhere that make it harder for the smart ones. If you leave a loaded weapon in a car with a kid.. well a kid will be curious... 
+Paul Jacobs +Noah Willson  Again, what is the probability of the scenario of a crazed gunman breaking into your house and you dying because you didnt have a gun and the police were 25 miles away? Thats the most lunatic argument....even if thats true you have a risk or chance of it being a family member and you killing them and if its not a 50% they pull the trigger faster. Ludicrous arguments based on pure paranoia. I trust a trained law enforcement office before I trust some fanatic like you blazing away into crowds of people.
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the 1 for the few star trek - Mr Spock lol 
+Mitch Stokely - in today's economy no 1 needs every reason to rob you they just want your stuff and if you get in the way bang. Go live in California where they have a gun law that says you have to cower in your corner and wait for the police if you get shot oh well
LOL! Like to see one of you two in a dark theatre aiming at James Holmes with your night scoped Glock hidden in a bag of popcorn locked and loaded waiting for that one in a million chance of taking the bad guy down.....then after piercing his tactical armor plated vest with your preplanned hollow points, bullets wizzing by the heads of 4 year olds and innocent bystanders, while police drive around 30 miles away from the scene in a daze, you walk out with the body a hero to the world. The Holy Gun Laws Prevailed at Last in the favor of the gun owner!  LOL!
James Holmes did. He bought it without a background check on so much for laws and regulation keeping ammo and vests out of the hands of crazy people.
+Mitch Stokely - well like I said have a nice short life. Unless you live under a rock that is.. 
+Paul Jacobs  My life will be long as will yours, with or without guns. But the next elementary school might not have that chance if we dont act.
Now Obama has the power and support to transform the US from a militarized police state into a civilization.
Im not sure.....lets Google it.

My point is the fantasy that gun owners have that their gun provides some sort of security against some once in a million home invasion and will tip the scales in some imaginary gun fight where they shoot the invader and save their family is exceedingly rare. So rare Ive read maybe 2 news stories my whole life where that came out with the home owner the victor and the assailants dead or injured. In one of those two, the injured criminal sued the shooter or home owner! Lol!
america can fight with others but can't fight itself . they are the godfather of crime
Mitch, the guns are to protect us from indefinete detention wich is what Obama signed into law. to protect us from some once in a trillion chance of some terrorist attack.
It's surprising to know there are so many modern-time Samurais in there!!!
Wow so many different opinions I too Am A parents and to go through are experience what these families are going through is hard to phantom and for some folks we should all bear arms except for the criminals of course and yeah people die every day when you send your kids to school just the average Joe believe that the child will come home we can revamp all the laws we want but when are we going to look at ourselves society we're turning on self we need to address a lot of different things not just gun laws what what's on TV was at the movie theaters good games for kids play the majority of this is supposed to be Entertainment but it seems that we have A lots of the role players maybe your neighbor maybe your husband maybe your wife are even your child someone said something about mental illness just just think about it
sad he reads instead of speaking from the hart
If you are not happy with your own circumstances, and want to give up, Give Up. Don't make that decision for others! COWARDS.....
America will implode before anything else. Morality just doesnt exist anymore. Its not something you can pin point, the values this country was founded on are slowly fading. Everyone has this vision of entitlement, no one is entitled to anything you have to form a way of life for yourself and family. Government just gives us boundaries to work within, can't depend on them because as you can see majority of them are corrupt and dont have your best interest or the countries for that matter at heart. Look at the past decade, everyone wants glame and fame and will do anything to obtain it (if it makes money sale, sale, sale). Just turn on your televisions........what goes in, comes out. How can we live in a world of self proclaimed geniuses and not figure out that simple formula. What we eat dictates are health etc, etc. One day we will figure it blessed people. 
+Noah Willson "10 or so violent shootings" are you refering to "mass" shootings per year? Isn't that enough? Or what about the thousands of "onsie twosies" to add to that number. Please ... give me a god reason why one should own an assault rifle? Hell, its purpose is in its name itself. You wouldn't even hunt with an assault rifle because it would mame your kill. The sole purpose is for destroying human flesh while going on the offensive. Please, justify that. 
If you look at all the shooters, they have a singular profile. They are: Loners, as well as alienated and emasculated by their peers and the family. They are also tend to be teased and taunted while at school and at home. They usually tend to hide their feelings and keep their anger on the inside, and usually they are male students.
i feel like that whoever kills people or is a rapist should be killed there self then there will be no more deaths who is ready to stop this i know i am thats ashame that people get killed especially little ones sorry for all the family that have to deal with this ..........
I work with kids so I really do feel the pain and I reach my heart out to those who are suffering. 
It's a terrible thing.  All those little lives, stopped before they even got to live life.
But even killing the killer, doesn't fill the void.  And to kill them after the fact, means nothing is gained.
It seems there is no way to tell friend from foe.  Our nature mostly, is to be friendly.
So, how do we tell, when a person is a friend, passing by, or a wolf on the prowl for a kill?
It is just messed up someone would do such a thing
Now he needs to take action on gun control. So sad - how many more must we mourn?
It-shirts terrific news very sad 
We need to stop selling guns its causing chaos
Guns shouldn't be allowed. I could understand if police officers has a gun
but other than that guns should be band too much chaos
+Mikal Jackson Take action on gun control? Do you realize that, according to the FBI, the majority of violent crimes are commited using a baseball bat? Should we crack down on that? More kids per year die of pool accidents than gun accidents... Should we penalize the pool industry? 
Yes I realize other things can be used as a weapon but guns are a major
problem soon we will get to the bottom of other things that can be used as
weapons but banding guns can be an improvement
Yes president barrack Obama needs to take action on gun control
+Udesh Mangar That argument is equivalent to reducing lung cancer by banning the paper cigars are rolled in. Government cannot control peoples behavior... Making drugs illegal will not reduce drug use... Banning contraception will not reduce premarital sex... And banning guns will not reduce crime or murder. 
The thing is we should reinforce security
There is CNN story were people are starting to be able to print gun parts and undectiable weapons I am against that

We never have president emetionel worry to his people lack yu
,!/ –!!
Can't believe people want to pick apart whether or not our President was really upset about this and faked his tears. For God's sake, the man has two children. Who can fake tears for children murdered?
+Sissy Thompson perhaps I wouldnt doubt him if he wasnt killing children in Iraq, afghanistain, pakistain, syria, libya, somalia, and sudan...
Realy bhahut bura hai
The president is a responsible caring man
U be quiet president barrack Obama is a good man he's doing the best he can
Not really a man can do anything she or he can set there mind to
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