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Two years ago, Wall Street chased Elizabeth Warren off the Consumer Financial Protect Bureau that she’d proposed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

Guess who's back:
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+Mike Cosmi It could be. But, given the ass-kicking shes going to give on Senate Banking, it might be a tactical nuke.
Welcome back Senator Warren we are glad you are there! (can't call her professor any more.)
No, she wasn't kept from being in what's now Cordray's position by Wall Street.  She was kept from directing the CFPD because of the faux-progressive in the White House.  Of course I'm not Warren's biggest fan either, but...
+George Ito What's fake about my profile?  I don't like Elizabeth Warren because she generally promotes an interventionist foreign policy, and I think she's considered a lot more left-wing that she actually is on economic issues.

Surely we can stay away from ad hominem?
+George Ito posted, just so everyone knows, "+Harry Bagenstos We aren't the biggest fan of you and your fake profile".  He then deleted it, but I still want to know what is fake about my profile.
Has anyone read Dodd Frank? Not good people, poorly written 
Scott Brown took the Volcker Rule out of Dodd-Frank.  Rove's personal background check found nonsense.  The drones were fed the indian story, watch them all go hoop hoop hoop like chickens in a barnyard.
+Hudson Child Yes, the Volker Rule is badly needed. But, there is a lot in Dodd-Frank that is garbage (closing and consolidating smaller banks) and part of the too-big-to-fail protection racket.
Here's what I want out of a banking reform bill:
 - Reinstatement of Glass-Steagall OR the SAFE Banking Act
 - Serious derivatives regulation
 - End oil speculation
 - Make banking boring; decrease risk
 - Repeal Gramm-Leach-Bliley; repeal CFMA
Now, there's other stuff I supported doing in the wake of the recovery, namely temporary bank nationalization and a foreclosure moratorium (which I still support), but those five points are what I'd really want in a bill like Dodd-Frank.  So how'd Dodd-Frank do?  0 for 5.
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