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NBC sports anchor Bob Costas joined MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell in his first TV interview since his controversial comments about the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide. Costas said he could cite dozens of cases "where by virtue of having a gun, a professional athlete wound up in a tragic situation."

What do you think of Costas' comments?
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Bob's premise still suggests that the gun caused the tragic situation. Even a nuclear bomb is just an inanimate object until placed in the wrong hands. 
Very interesting to hear Bob Costas' opinion on something other than sports.  I've always enjoyed his commentary, he should try it more often.  
This "opinion" is based on lies and felsehoods that have been disproven. 
How many times do we have to  argue the facts?  
LIbearls insist that the bubble of fiction they live in, is reality.  If they don't want a gun.  that's fine.
But don't tell the rest of us, who have them, what we can have
He's a self righteous twerp who wants to be Al Michaels _so much_. 
Replace the phrase "having a gun" with any of the following:
doing blow
cheating on a spouse
blowing all his money

How about we focus on behaviors rather than the tools of idiocy?
I was watching that game when he said that and I literally chucked the remote at the TV for crying out loud these liberals use tragic moments to promote their ideals its sad 
If u read the last paragraph of this article he says he was trying to spur.on talk.about "this dangerous influence" on society so stupid im sry but it is 
Yuck yuck.  I havn't tried to, or had the need to kill anybody, yet.
Anyone else remember Rwanda and the mass genocide there? Villager attacked villager with machetes. If someone wants to kill another person, they only need to go into the kitchen or shed to find a weapon.  
+Brian Carrell True. And wars used to be fought with rocks tied to sticks. Is a machete a weapon of mass destruction because they have killed more than biological and chemical weapons combined?

Or is something a weapon of mass destruction because the method of delivery represents a horrific paradigm shift in the delivery of death?
+Mike Schroepfer he doesn't say anything about taking away guns, in fact, he says he has no problem with the 2nd amendment in general.

His argument is that you take a bunch of aggressive, rich, 20-somethings and give them handguns and bad things happen.  He asks for a simple example, can anyone state a single instance in which a professional athlete, through virtue of having a gun, has diffused some situation that would otherwise have turned violent?  I can't think of one, neither could Bob.  But there are tons of examples of just the opposite.
It isn't much of a point.  Professional athletes don't have the market cornered on youthful violence and sundry foolishness. Just check your local police blotter.  
except the ratio of professional athletes than have guns is huge.  Bob spoke about the Colts in which 60% of the team has a gun.  I'm not sure about the statistics nationwide, but I doubt 60% of Americans have guns.

The point he makes is valid.  Can you name one example of an athlete using his gun to diffuse violence?  Even one?

he also brought the movie theater shooting in Colorado.  People claim that if more theater goers had guns the event could have been diverted, but police acknowledge that more guns would have probably made it even worse.

I understand that violence can happen anywhere, with or without guns, but the United States has a particular problem with gun violence.  Poisoning someone or chasing them down with a machete takes more effort, thought, and consideration than pushing a button as soon as you get the urge.
Look at what happened in Australia since there guns were taken recently. Murders up 75 home invasions up 60 percent. Armed robbery though the roof. And to boot the police are quitting they cannot and don't want to risk there lives. 
The question is WHY? were his comments so controversial? HELLO he is entitled to an opinion on and off the air, right? The only controversy stems from those who do not agree with him.
Your odds of having a tragic accident involving a gun are raised dramatically by keeping a gun in your home. Do what you want, but you can't argue against facts. 
By that logic, all cars need to be demolished now. 
No, that's not the same at all. Cars serve another purpose, a critical purpose of transportation and most people use them. Guns are for killing things and that's all.
WE need to retro-fit all rocks with trigger locks.  Crowbars, axes, and chain saws. as well.
But what happons if ithey get pushed out of windows?
Crowbars, axes, chainsaws, and windows all serve a function beyond killing. Guns don't.

And Bob didn't say anything about trigger locks, you are just arguing with what you think he thinks instead of actually reading or listening to him.
Excuse me, but guns have a positive function.  They can SAVE lives. 
In WWII,  Japan didn't invade the mainline United States, when they could, because of American's wide spread gun ownership.   The media blocks stories of incidents where a citizen, with a gun has stopped a crime in progress. 
Often just brandishing the gun is enough. 
Countless other times, a car jack was halted when the driver brandished his gun. 
No.  a gun is just a tool.  It can be used for good or for evil.  
Travis Cobb guns have a purpose defense and law enforcement. when used properly they can stop a criminal from commiting a crime most gun owners have permits and are trained in gun safety and use.when a police officer fires his weapon it is as a last resort he uses the threat of violence to convince the criminal to change. 99% of the time the officer never fires a shot. but the liberal press highlights the 1% when deadly force is used and try to smear cops.a criminal will NOT mess with you if  they are afraid.guns in the hands of a law enforcement officer or properly  trained citizen does that all the time do you think law enforcement officers spend time at gun ranges just for fun? no. they must train to do there job right.
So who dose the regulating?   Who issues these CCW?   The government.   It just gives them a data base from which to go, when it's conficateing time.  That's what Hitler did.  What Stalin did. Mao, Pol Pot, Castro & others.  They were to able to murder 6,000,000 jews by Nazi Germany,  Ottoman Turks murdered 1,5 million Armeanans.
The biggest mass murderers of the 20th century have been the government.
So when Sen Feinstine wants my guns,  what dose she have in mind?
The police are not obligated to defend the public with their firearms.   They just arrive after the fact, to make a report.  So when seconds count, and a bad guy needs to be stopped.  The police are nowhere to be seen.
If a gun is a deterrent its only because it can kill you so easily, so that is still just one function. Killing and threatening to kill.

I would go find some stats on united states gun violence and compare it to a similar sized country with strong gun laws, but I won't because it won't matter to you anyway.
Go ahead.   But you will need courage to face the truth.  You will find that cities like Chicago, Washington DC have strict gun laws and rampent crime.  Including gun violence.
While places like Arizona, Texas, Utah & other places where guns are permitted, the level of crime is much less.
What matters to me, is weather or not you face the truth or insist on perpuateing a lie.
What you'll find is that large cities with diverse populations and income disparity have violence problems. States with low population densities and homogeneous societies have less confrontation overall. But yeah, keep right on believing it's the sidearm you carry under your riding jacket. Whatever gets you through the night, guy.
I get my infotainment from American media. If I want the real news, I watch BBC and Al Jazeera. Thankfully, we have the internet.
Yeah, internet. talk radio, history books, supplements the spin and lies of the mainstream media.
Freethinkers came from the Germanys in the 1840s.  
But I concur that the generation of 1776 was better informed than we.   It came about without any public schools or modern tecknology.
Go to the US/Mexico border.  and listen.  You will hear plenty of gun fire.  even though Mexico has some strict gun laws. 
The Cartel War has killed tens of thousands of people and it spills over here.   It ought to be our greatest secutiry concern.
I would like to see us legalize and tax marijuana and take a big chunk out of the Cartel's profits. Nothing will clean up the border faster than destroying their business opportunities.
I was all set.  had my bags packed, pickup loaded to go down to the Buneas Aries game preserve with the intention of taking it back.   It was July and the heat didn't deter me.   But at the last minunite, the op was called off.
I love Arizona, support sherrif Joe Arpile. 
thank you bob costas!  keep gunfucks away from civilized society!
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