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Is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie too fat to be president?

Not according to him -- he's calling concerns "ridiculous."

(Photo by Charlie Neibergall/AP)
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A good man who has to govern bad people.
One of the many wars that exists here in America is the war on obesity.  Our government loves wars.
Will Hillary be too old? Too ugly? Too many wrinkles?
As a woman, I can see those kinds of statements being leveled at her Krewe (behind closed doors since I don't think ugly is as offensive as fat in America).  I don't think they should disqualify her from running.  Same as Christies weight shouldn't be a deterrent too.
+msnbc Who cares? It's his health. I'm sure he struggles as most overweight people do. Find something else to criticize about the guy. Barbara Walters has swiftly joined the ranks of the irrelavant "journalists" of our time. 
Too fat for anything. Greed is not cute. Nor is obesity so slim fast and shed some ass! 
+Eddie Jr , what about Hillary's age? I heard old people have a 100% mortality rate.
his weight makes him as ineligible to be president as a woman's vagina makes them ineligible.
+Tim Beilfuss your ignorance makes you eligible for induction into the Assclown Hall of Fame.
And on a personal note, you're a douchebag as well.
Haters. He's a decent human w.t. f if he's overweight better that than a teaparty lunatic
Ha, fat. He's fat. I get it. Wait, that's kind of mean msnbc lol next they will be calling people out for being stupid or some other third thing that makes sense.
Being president, is physically and cognitively grueling. Hence, the need for medical records and histories are parts of the vetting process - even for vice presidential candidates.
The correct approach to this issue, is more of a case of semantics. The precarious lines drawn between legitimate concerns and size discrimination can get skewed.
Unfortunately, one's physical appearance dose play a major role in today's society - health concerns not withstanding. I take the music industry as an example:
Before the age of MTV and YouTube, someone like Beyoncé, would've stood a chance, against the voice of an Aretha Franklin. Now, since everything is audio visual - more visual than audio, the Aretha's of today, wouldn't stand a chance against the today's Beyoncés'.
Granted, some will judge Chris Christie solely on his appearance, others on his abilities and some on legitimate health concerns. But fairness and pragmatism should be the role of the day. Who knows, he could turn out to be the political equivalent of an Adele!

Somebody evidently hasn't seen pics and portraits of any previous presidents...
What's weight got to do with it anyway?
It's about as relevant to the job as skin color.
I'd say it makes his vice presidential pick That much more important.
I'd go with too arrogant and self absorbed ...
Honestly yes, if you don't have the self-control to manage your own weight, that reflects poorly on your discpline as president. 
And exactly how does his weight affect his ability to be a leader? 
He should run if he wants to and let the people decide with their vote. 
His ability to lead is not on question. He would need a seriously good running mate to reassure those who'd vote for him.
I think he doesnt come off as appearing fit and in cant see high cholesterol or clogged arteries but many times the appearance of being over weight can be a sign of underlying health risks.
Taft was the heaviest president reaching the 500lb mark. I think Christie can stand to lose a few.
+Eddie Jr and so being fat would prevent him from doing his job? How so?
+Alex Murphy oh you sound just like that genius who called out that anchorwoman for being overweight. I would imagine your ignorance reflects poorly on your overall character. Just sayin'
Yes. If he'd lose about 150 pounds, he would be okay. Right now, he's a walking heart attack waiting to happen.
I've got to get out of here.....before I say something I might truly regret.
he`s my gov and i think he can do what he want and plus he`s a hero (sandy) he have my vote
well it is a direct reflection of self governance. If he cant overcome his own shortcomings, why should he lead us out of ours. Not only that its just gross.  
Santa is fat and we love him! Slow day in news eh? 
The size of a man does not determine the mind of a man. 
Simply put... no, he is not.
nohe is not f u he not r=the same as the tea party he is a hero of sandy
+RONNIE williams my Google Translate is not working for your post. Can I ask what language you are speaking in?
I am simply glad that he is beginning to reevaluate his health. If he does run I would like him to make it across all the finish lines.
When a democrat finds the "worst" thing about Christie to be his weight...that says a lot about Christie...of course there is the NY/NJ brotherhood thing going on also.
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