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Look out, Wall Street!

Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren will sit on the Senate Banking Committee, Majority Leader Harry Reid announced today.

(Photo by REUTERS/Gretchen Ertl)
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Not a surprise. Wall Street better look out.
+Mike Cosmi She's not lying.  You're just reading the wrong websites and watching the wrong television shows.
She will be the smartest person in the room, but can she be a force of change ?
I'll just bet they are shivering in their limo's....
1 person is not going to make a difference in a Congress and White House controlled by the lap dogs of big business.
+Mike Cosmi She's not lying.  She has Native American blood. She's not denying that she does.  There's no lie there.
Not only do I believe in her American Indian Heritage, I believe she is going to make sweeping changes as she continues to fight for "the little guy"!
Get them banks in line kid booyahh
This is great news. She is a woman of integrity and honesty. She knows their tricks and won't be bullied.

An american hero.
we certainly traded someone who tried for bipartisanship with someone who will not.  She will just be another shrill voice rather then someone who can be pivotal in actually producing change.  It's a shame.
+John Griffith Nudist Scott Brown was only bipartisan when his re-election was threatened. He was a teaparty know nothing and the senate is better for him getting the boot.

Nice use of sexism to describe Warren as shrill rather than competent, informed, and not part of the old boys banker club.
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