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“I am the ‘black lady’ to which you are referring. I’m sorry you don’t like my ethnic hair. And no I don’t have cancer. I’m a non-smoking, 5’3, 121 lbs, 25 mile a week running, 37.5 year old woman, and I’m in perfectly healthy physical condition. I am very proud of my African-American ancestry which includes my hair."

This Louisiana meteorologist, quoted above in her response to a viewer's comments, was fired for defending her 'ethnic' hair. More here:
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I can't believe they fired her. Ridiculous. 
She did nothing wrong but stand up to that creepy jerk who insulted her out of absolute racial ignorance,..(must have been a tea bagger)... Shame on the conservatives who bought out MSNBC when they bought NBC. Murdock is trying to buy up the Post too in NY.
How many Networks and Newspapers and radio stations does the FCC allow one backwards jerk to own and control? Once more we have Bush to thank for deregulation of media ownership.
4-6 Corp now own every TV, radio and Newspaper that used to be free and honest....See what stupid can do when it's allowed to have control of the voice in our media..(another example is Fox)... She was a nice lady too..I'd file suit if I were her.. 
What did she say that would merit her being fired??? 
That's all she said?! Damn shame. Absolutely a joke 
She'll find a better place than Shrevesport to work in.
I liked it better when the ignorant were socially shamed, and at least trying to hide their racial stupidity.and it wasn't "socially acceptable" the GOP and Fox have made it..They even complain now if we call them on their racial obvious racist remarks about our President..Look how the GOP treated our President at his first State of the Union Address, with the whole world watching in shock...that idiot will go down in history as shaming a great President...Even that drunken idiot Bush was shown more respects and he allowed 9/11 and broke everything he ever touched, including our good name world wide.(which a new report is coming out now showing torture didn't work and just damaged the US world wide)... Let's go back to shaming racists into rethinking..or 'thinking' period..
Her getting fired is despicable.But this is just a gist of what some african amercan deal with on a day today.but more than this; it speaks volume about the society we live in...This woman had every right to express her dismay to that ignorant unlearned ignoramous..!!
Crazy that you can be fired from your job for respectfully defending yourself against offensive comments made about your natural/physical appearance. 
Read the article. She violated company policy TWICE. That's why she was fired. Geez. 
She got fired? As to violating company procedure, that was so lame.
What does her hair have to do with Job performance? Im guessing what you are saying is that was a black man complaining about a a black woman was a caucasian...Get it right! This attack has everything to do with race...Get real! NOW..You get the facts!
How dare you defend yourself, after opinion has been pronounced!
The article said she violated policy. Did you read it Glen? Where are you getting your "facts" from? Is there another article you are referring to? 
She already asked twice for a copy of company policy they claim was used to fire her.. and was told,"NONE existed, TWICE!!, so IF there is one now they're covering their own butts... She didn't do a thing wrong, but some better place will hire her, she's very well spoken dignified lady.
You know i figured as much..but regardless to all of this...these disparities are more common than people realize. Especially.. those who are on the opposite side of the spectrum...its ashame that the more things change..the more they stay the same..C'mon people.i'm not negating that rules-if they are in place should not be complied by..but neither do i think that the T.v. station she work for should play the actions of this ignoramous down as
nothing...whats next..Acceptance of being called the N- word? Again she should have spoken out!
I applaud This wonderful woman if color lady...This Lady rocks...because she stood up against a
This injustice ...I applaud her...This lady is on fire!
You all get the point..even with my!
Hmm? Didnt expect you to be so original...alrighty then.
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