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Welcome to the 19th century Mississippi!

(Thanks to "Lincoln" ... the movie!)
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David B
These are the times I'm embarrassed and ashamed to be an American. 
Now they just need to change their racist flag. 
Southern USA... The joke of the developed world. 
Guess they were waiting to see if this whole "integration" thing took hold. Morons. WTF?
Sadly, Georgia was going to go this route a few years ago. Thankfully, the "rebel" yell was not heard.
Greed is the worst but even the best of us fall prey to it. Question is, do
we let it guide us or do we learn from the weakness of greed and grow into
our greater potential?
Is this the reason why Roots was on BET this weekend?
Now that is crazy! Keeping hatered brewing
That sufficient enough demand equity I'm from Ms. But no one teach their kids the importance in Learning their Africa history anymore . This change has not taken place in the minds of everyone. 
Mississippi is one of the poorest states in the union and after all this time they still wanted to hold on to one of histories horrific tale of slavery and terror WTF is wrong with this picture!!! Change is a hell of a drug huh???
It's about time the bigots did the right thing.
What's Up Mississippi you are now and the real world it took you guys over 100 years to wake up you guys still have a long way to go America is for Americans and what I mean is everybody who loves it
Sounds like they have been hanging around the US Congress to much it takes the Congress almost 2 yrs before they agree on anything Aw but when comes granting themselves a pay raise they all agree in 24 Hrs and you know what's funny they ain't worth the money they get now if they were paid according to what they are they would owe the US Treasury money
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