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Forgot to send a Valentine's Day card to your sweetheart?

Don't worry, the GOP's got you covered--with snarky cards like this one.

What's your message for them?
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I am sure everyone is happy that the modern state of politics in this country has made it where everything is politicized.....even Valentines Day.
Leave comedy to people that are funny?
Republicans remind me of those junior-high school dweebs - the ones always telling dick jokes trying to impress the girls. Wasn't funny back then, isn't funny now. But they still keep telling dick jokes. . .
Nancy Pelosi resided over one of the productive Congress.  She was able to get things done, she made people work unlike Boehner who has resided over the least productive Congresses EVER 
Good ol' GOP. Gotta live and die by completely and entirely bogus talking points like 'We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem' when revenue is at its lowest levels since the 1940's.
GOP had money to burn for invading iraq, NOT
We have a military industrial complex spending problem. We have to many prisoners. Deal with those two issues and miraculously we have plenty of money for other priorities.
Chris a liberal president ended guaranteed welfare, remember? I'm not old enough to remember and even I know that. You should use facts they might help you have an informed opinion. No offense I'm just saying if were not all coming from a perspective substantiated on facts then we will never learn or adapt.
Yeah I know for example we have more then 2.3 million prisoners and that is more per capita then any nation in the world. I know that we spend more on our industrial military complex then the other super powers put together. I know that most of our debt is an expensive unnecessary war in Iraq as well as the bush tax cuts. Clinton ended guaranteed welfare and no its not back, there are plenty of people that aren't getting anything not even food stamps.
It is not a matter of agree or disagree its simple indisputable fact.
Speculation doesn't advance the discussion either. Oh yeah and it was Bush senior that got elected on calling the notion that tax cuts pay for themselves "Voodoo economics" oh and let's talk about Reagan As president, Reagan raised taxes in seven of his eight years in office, inluding four times in just two years.
Love Nancy Pelosi, for everyone that doesn't live up on bullshit mountain, it is faster for us to block them than for them to make profiles to harass us with crap they heard on talk radio or Fox news
agree s vandebrug, u seem to see this from my perspective so im surprised u attacked the facts I presented earlier. did u miss interpret my comments?
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