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MSNBC is the premier cable destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful political commentary and informed perspectives. Reaching more than 95 million households nationwide, MSNBC offers a full schedule of live news coverage, political opinions and award-winning documentary programming – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Viewers can find more information on MSNBC’s programming at

MSNBC brings viewers a distinguished list of hosts and anchors including Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz, Rev. Al Sharpton, Chris Hayes, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd and more.




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It's seems Mr. Trump is spelling out a plan on immigration that you crybaby 's have been asking for, and also mainlining with the GOP, and party lifers,
And you race baiters, at msnbc, are an ungodly joke and are detrimental to society and yourselves.
One thing the cross doesn't see race etc.
Noreal Christian will vote for the asinine criminal Hillary Clinton doesn't have the Christian vote,
She like the criminal Obama support the sodomite controlled supreme Court of the Republic of the United States of America, who made sodomy legal with the same sex marriage law and gave birth to the Sodomites new religion.

And both asinine criminals Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, which forced upon innocent children in public schools and other places, the Gender Beligurant or for you the Transgender bathroom issue, by executive order, like a tyrant without the people's voice or vote.

And both asinine criminals Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, supports +Planned Parenthood​ and #OrganTrafficking, of butchered children of the mothers womb, and other such forms #Satanic, #Heathenism.
And the cross will pull votes from all races and ethnicities within this Republic.
And she doesn't have the military vote, either.
Nor the law and order vote, She along with the corupt criminal divisionary democratic administration of #BarackObama ' s haven't supported law and order at all, even within their own administration, which is being commonly referred to as the most corupt administration in modern times.

Have you seen the news documentary on the Clinton's?

Watch #ClintonCash their global gangsters.

That's why the global poor and America's keep getting poorer the money never trickles down.

They stole it.

And Bernie ' s supporters got robbed too.

They want their money back.

Along with their voice.

And they are worse off after 8 years of being under a democrat president, than they were before.

After the elite Democrats has stole and added $ 10 trillion dollars in massive public debt.

Which now stands at $ 19 + trillion dollars, more than any nation on the entire Planet.

Maybe Hillary Clinton can call Putin in Russia and ask him if he remembers the misspelled Russian rest button that she carried around like a jeweled #Faberge #Egg.

Or maybe Barack Obama can go to another baseball game with Castro in Cuba and put in a request, that no more of his past Secretary of State #HillaryClinton emails be released, into the public domain,

Because as Secretary of State #HillaryClinton kept her non - secure illegal ( Civilian ) server in a bathroom closet, receiving and sending National Intelligence.

Under the current Democratic Administration of #BarackObamas, and Hillary Clinton, the greatest loss of intelligence happened when Edward Snowden walked out with the #NSA ' s and landed in #China and now resides comfortably in #Russia,

Also with the email Wiki - leaks by Bradley " Chelsea " Manning ( who changed his name after the sex change in the brig to that of #HillaryClinton's daughter ) so she would never forget him.

The #DNCLEAKS proves the corupt manipulations of the press, by the #DNC, and the democratic party, and Wallstreet elite.

Hence the psy - ops on the masses.

With daily reports of tech giants in social media, the press and beyond, fighting against tending search results and manipulations of the press, by the #DNC, and the democratic party, and Wallstreet elite, and #Hollywood theocrats.

The foreign policy failures of the current Democratic Administration of #BarackObamas, and Hillary Clinton's faded red lines in Syria, the Iranian #Nuclear deal, and pallets of money to pay a ransom, the hijacking of US. Navy ships and personal, the Libyan fiasco, and their constant lies, and deciets.

If Hillary Clinton didn't have anything to hide why did she delete 33,000 emails?
Which many have been recovered almost 15,000 that are soon to be released by court order, for the September surprise.

As "We The People " look forward to the release of more of the so called wiped clean emails from her non - secure illegal ( Civilian ) server that she kept in a bathroom closet, receiving and sending National Intelligence, by Julian Assange and Wiki - leaks for the October surprise.

And We The People, can't wait till 20 January to see the criminal Obama leave the white house, and his office, in shame with his legacies of lies, and deciets.
Then #BarackObamaWontMatter

To all of the Clinton's camel caravan, the corupt media left and liberals, and #Hollywood theocrats, at this point,


Signed, The Ghosts of Benghazi

#MediaAreLiars, #HillarysLiesMatter, #BarackObamaLiesMatter #13 :-)

Law and Order for President Trump
Christians for Trump
, #K9LivesMatter

Thank you for supporting the people's candidate, vote Trump.
Have a nice day, divisionary race baiters, who are the real haters and everyone else.

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If Trump want to start with Jobs in America than he need to stop is Ties. Nd Suit
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She was wanted dead or alive now she's being put on a twenty dollar bill who would have thuck it?
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Hélder  Manhique 's profile photoSuccess and Victory's profile photo
The Governor is guilty as well.
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Secretary Ash Carter has announced that the U.S. is sending 217 additional American forces to Iraq to train, advise and assist. NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reports.
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Boa tard
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"Dr. Song's comment was inappropriate and insensitive. There's no room for language like that in our political discourse."

- Bernie Sanders
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D. 70 year old brought into the ER...incoherent, babbling, ranting and raging. Unable to concentrate. Impossible to have a dialog. Making no sense. Flight of ideas. Cursing and calling all the nurses bitches and whores. Dressed but unkempt. Appears to not have bathed for days.
A. Psychotic breakdown. Projective behavior, displacement, rigidity, denial, rationalizations, delusions developed and dominate behavior, ideas of reference, complete loss of contact with reality.
P. Initial sedation, isolation x24 hours, one on one therapy. Tranqilizers:anti-psychotics, rule out brain infarction, cat scan of brain, CBC, drug screen, CMP, lead titre, suicide watch.

This is what an admission to a psych hospital would read on Patient: Donald Trump
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The court struck down a Texas law that women's groups said would have forced more than three-quarters of the state's clinics to shut down.
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Leslie McCabe's profile photoProud LatinoUSA's profile photo
Really lets be honest both sides lie and cheat but really you believe this lady, everything she said are nothing but lies you are so blind sided the media just spins it so you can believe the bull they want her to be the first female president just like the first black president wake up look at the facts talk to any military person like my self if I did what's she did we would be in jail jail jail think about that not about conspiracy
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Vice President Joe Biden has arrived in Iraq for a visit intended to help resolve a political crisis that's hindering efforts to defeat the Islamic State group.
SEAN PAN's profile photoMichael  Whetstone 's profile photo
It amazes me how forgetful the conservatives or right wing, thinks, they're constantly making shot up. In fact I will go as far as saying flat and out lying, my message is clear to these individuals, and that is you can Kiss my entire American Black Ass, and I will not show you my birth certificate..!! 
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Anothy  Black's profile photoWilliam Rockhill's profile photoIda Pfeffer's profile photo
Today is the first day of the dnc gathering and I heard Andrea Mitchel tell an outright lie about Debbie W. Shultz being escorted out of the meeting which did not happen she lied I would like to see that scene she described. Ida Pfeffer I watch your station every day and hate what I heard
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Kobe Bryant scored 60 points and managed to overshadow the Golden State Warriors as they became the greatest team in NBA history.
angela muguabe's profile photoSamia Soumatia's profile photoAnothy  Black's profile photo
Big deal.
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"I think it's really important we keep the tone where it should be. It is unacceptable for anybody to reference Hillary Clinton as a corporate whore."

- Senator Claire McCaskill
SEAN PAN's profile photoJohn Smith's profile photo
+SEAN PAN yes presidency not vice presidency. the Vice presidents voice and influence is only as much as the president will allow with some exceptions. we could argue whether or not he would have more influence as vp or not but i will be SHOCKED and in awe if she offers him the VP spot. hes not even on her list of Vp picks.
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