Why gold in present time is a good investment?

At the beginning of last year, the price of gold was at 1,300$/ounce share
In September reached its maximum level of 1923$/ounce share.
At the beginning of 2012 at 1566$/ounce share.
Lowest rate this year was in the middle of January at the price of 1525$/ounce.


Maximum till this moment this year was 1790 $/ounce on 29 February.
A price too high for that time of year. Before Ben Bernanke's speech,Barclays Bank analysts have provided us a sale on this convenience at the price of 1784 $/ounce


1.I have received the 2nd signal which today has touched the last profit target at 1655$/ounce share.A total difference of 135 $/ounce ...
2.In this year worldwide demand for gold rose to record levels, 1 tons at 4.076 ,higher-level after 1997.
3.Central Banks around the world have been major buyers of gold, with acquisitions worth 439.7 tonnes for 2012, comparative to 77 tonnes in 2011.
4.Product demand at spot market rose above 1 million contracts for the first time in the last five months.
5.Deutsche Bank and RST Bank have signed future contracts with maturity date at the end of august month,for the price of 2000$/ounce.
6.PricewaterhouseCoopers in January last year were advocated as the price of gold at the end of 2011 will be at $ 1,600/ounce (had a margin of 34 $), At the beginning of January month 2012,they were advocated as gold in the next 6 months will reach $ 2000/ounce share.

What's next ?

Having a precedent last year, the largest bank in Europe on the purchase of gold, a price target of 2000$/ounce and a very large demand,with a purchase price of $ 1645/uncie.
All you need to do, is to be operational on the market with a good amount of investment and enjoy the profit you can make.

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